John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Of all the thing in my life, my children make me feel the most accomplished. 

Just seeing them makes my heart soar.

I am that mom that cries when my child gets up to sing a song at school. I cry when they walk across the gym at honor day. I choke back tears and swallow hard when they do something extra special. I cry when they get the "big win" that season and cry if they lose. I just love my kids. I didn't grow up fantasizing about having children...but I KNOW that this is one of my life's purposes. They make me happy. They make me feel complete. They make my eyes water and my heart soar.

No matter how big they get, where they go in life, what they accomplish...they will always be my babies.

Mother's Day morning always gets started by breakfast cooked by John and the boys. Yesterday I got up and showered while the guys were hustling and bustling in the kitchen. I opened the door to go back to my bedroom to relax until they came to get me for breakfast and I heard them reading direction off of the back of the pancake mix to each other. That got me so tickled for some reason.

I was asked a half dozen questions about things to do with ingredients and where things were and that just tickled me... I got to laughing just sitting there all by myself when it occurred to me: Mother's Day breakfast is proof that Moms are needed!!

Sam found his way into my room. I helped him pick out an outfit and got him dressed. He wasn't happy with my choice and told me that even though it was Mother's Day that didn't mean I had to be so bossy!

He decided that since it was Mother's Day to LET me help him put his new airplane together. We did. I really had fun doing that simple little task with him. He hugged me tight and told me thanks, that's what moms are for.

Finally I got to be escorted into the dining room for breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, strawberries, bananas, eggs. YUMMY! They even got my favorite coffee creamer!

Then they had me open up my gifts. They got me flowers and the cutest light up, flashy, singing card, all of my favorite candy, two of my favorite candles, a little cash for shopping, and then my favorite part: homemade gifts from school!

Sam made me the CUTEST card. He designed the front on the computers at school. He designed two boys playing basketball and me in the middle. I have to hand it to him...he did a great job! He also put a picture of himself on the front. In true Samuel style, he made one of his faces that he is known for and I LOVE it. He wrote all sorts of information in this book about me. My name (Beth Sara Beth--yes, two Beth's), My age (31), His favorite place I take him (Subway), and then drew a picture of us. He drew me screaming because he had played a joke on me and put a fake spider in my hair. Typical Sam.

Kobe made me a piece of wood with an owl on it. I love it! He cut everything out and made it himself. When I saw it I loved it but when I found out that they were allowed to make whatever they wanted and he chose an owl...I adored it! He knows how much I love owls! On the back he wrote "Owl always love you forever". I put it on an easel in my living room because my throw pillows have owls on them. SO sweet and perfect.

We went to church and my parents joined us. We had a great service and afterwards our church had photographers waiting to take our pictures with our children. When we go back next week they will give them to us, framed. I got one made with my mom since she was there and one with the boys. I thought that was such a special treat.

After church we decided against standing in line for hours waiting to eat and went home and had leftovers! Best.Idea.Ever. We bought everything we needed for a delicious grilled dinner at home for that evening. John grilled the best chicken EVER, squash and zucchini, made baked potatoes, mac and cheese, rolls, and I made  chocolate chip cookie crust brownies for dessert! We shared our meal with my parents and it was SUCH a fun evening. 

We had to put the boys straight to bed after that because it was getting so late. I have to say, of all the Mother's Days, yesterday was my MOST favorite. 

Last night I made myself a note that I needed to get a different shirt out for Sam for Monday morning because they are celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week at his school this week. They are to wear red to show that they love their teacher. So I wrote RED SHIRT on a piece of note paper and left it on the counter. John asked me what it was for and I told him. He said, "Well, I am glad you are alive to know that because it isn't written on the calendar". I smiled. Yes, it is good to be needed and be the one who keeps our home running and in order. I count it as such an honor. Such a privilege. I couldn't imagine anyone else I would want to share my life with.

I am so incredibly grateful that the Lord specifically chose me to be their mom. I know that they are on loan to me from Him to take care of while we are here on this Earth. I thank Him daily. I know how much love I feel inside of my heart for those two boys. Then I remember that He loves them even more...hard to believe...but I know it is true. Then I think about how that is the same love He has for me...and for you. Such a unconditional love.

To Kobe and Sam, it is my complete honor to by your mom. Thank you for being the ones who call me "Mom".

Card from Kobe

Flowers from all  and Colored Page from Sam

Front of the card that Sam designed at school. His picture of himself in the top right cracks me up! He said he was concentrating on making the card!

Owl made by Kobe

Picture my mom got for me

My sweet goodies minus the Lemon candle. It was already burning in my bedroom.

I failed to mention that we went to a fun Mother's Day Soiree that my sweet friend, Lauren of Capes and Crowns hosted for local moms. It was such a sweet and fun event. She did not let a detail go unnoticed. She also had another sweet friend, Danielle, of Danielle McCann Photography there to take a picture of all the moms with their kids. I have to say, this picture is by far my MOST favorite picture EVER of me and my two boys! It couldn't portray us better!!

So, I have to say, this has been an amazing time with my family. One that I will cherish the memories of ...always!

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  1. Please forgive me for falling off of my reading wagon and getting so behind! I couldn't help but wish you a Happy Belated Mother's Day! You are a GREAT mom, and I'm so thankful to know you. So glad you had a super special day.


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