John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Camp Outs and War

This past weekend we celebrated Kobe's birthday by having his birthday party a week early. 
After much deliberation, he finally settled in on a "theme".
He decided he wanted an Air Soft Gun War and to camp out.

Easy enough.

We have camp out gear. We have air soft guns. Fun memories were definitely on their way!

I told him he could invite a few friends to come and celebrate with him.

We decided to go to Poppa's hunting camp to make a bonfire and roast hot dogs and make Smores.  After the bonfire was going good we roasted hot dogs and just let the boys enjoy being in the woods. 

The boys then got started on the first of MANY battles of the air soft gun war that would take place that evening. They all took off with backpacks on their backs like real soldiers down a winding gravel road shooting at the "bad men" lurking in the woods and behind trees. Then they came back towards the camp area and played more Black Ops style hiding behind anything stationary. They trekked up towards the beginning of the gravel road and had a little battle up there. Eventually all that fun was KILLING John so he joined the bad guy! He chased those boys all over that hunting camp. They ran and screamed and shot and fell down trying to get away from him. It was hilarious! At one point they ran and hid inside the camper and John turned the electricity off and that was really funny! 

After a few more battles we all came together to make Smores. That was a fun treat. We sat around the fire talking and telling jokes. After the Smores were all done...back to war they went. This carried on until well after midnight. They just didn't want to stop having battles.

We had planned on spending the night there in the camper BUT with all the sugar and hyper boys (and the freezing temperature) we decided to pack them up and take them home. 

We ended up sleeping at our home that evening. The boys went in full force ready for more party time. We let them pick out a movie and settle into their sleeping bags. They were all out within 30 minutes. I think all the running around must have gotten to them.

The next morning they woke up EXTRA early. They immediately headed to the back to play basketball. 

Around lunch time we loaded them up and took them to the park and had a picnic lunch for the last of Kobe's party. We had Subway sandwiches, chips, and of course...cake!

The boys all played on the playground for a little while but ultimately ended up on the empty baseball practice field hitting base balls and playing football.

It was such a fun time with Kobe and his friends. I know that these type parties will be few and far between shortly so I really tried to enjoy that time with him and make it special.

All the boys were sad to go and seemed to have a great time.

Their "this means war" faces

Good Buddies! 

I just can't believe my little baby is almost 11 years old!

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