John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, March 18, 2013

52 Home---Week 11

Sam's Report Card! I love the categories he got an "O" for Outstanding in! Kobe got All A's this time too! So proud of these boys!

Weekend Fun and St. Patrick's Day

Friday night kicked off our weekend with a birthday party for one of Samuel's favorite friends at school, Piers. 
They had the party at our local YMCA in the Kid Zone area. Samuel had such a fun time! They played on the indoor jungle gym and climbed and tumbled and just played together for a couple of hours. Not many of the parents stuck around so I stayed for about twenty minutes and then excused myself and went and got my week's grocery shopping done! That was such a blessing because my weekend was packed full and I was seriously wondering when on Earth I would get that task completed.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early because we were taking family portraits. I was so pleased with our pictures and the ladies at Captured Studios were so sweet and patient and an absolute joy to work with for that little slice of time. I can't wait to see our pictures and how they all turned out.

That afternoon John and I had volunteered to help set up the gym at church for a luncheon fundraiser for the kids going to camp this summer. 
Kobe decided that he would like to go to camp this summer. I am really looking forward to this for him but at the same time I have never been away from him like this so I am kind of sad because he is definitely growing up. We went straight home after pictures and we changed into our "weekend clothes" (jeans and comfortable shirts) and John and I headed to our local flea market.
 I had ordered some wooden cut outs from a lady and was picking them up there from her. After that we ran to pick up a few things for the house when we got a call from my dad saying that his truck wouldn't crank and they were at the hunting club and my mom (who is diabetic) was in need of a snack.
 So, we bought snacks, jumped in the car and headed to the hunting club. I called and let the children's pastor know we likely weren't going to make it to the church in time because it is about a 40 or 45 minute drive. By the time we got there  a few people had come by and noticed they needed help and got the truck started. They waited for us at the entrance to the "camping" area and we got there and delivered my mom's snacks. We had already missed half of the "set up" at church so we decided to stick around for a little while. 

We rushed back to our house to get Callum picked up and off to work for the evening. We ended up skipping out on lunch since we drove out to the hunting club. The boys basically had cool ranch Doritos and juice boxes for lunch (I know, I know terrible!). So when we dropped Callum off at work we decided to just go in and eat an early dinner. We had a great time just hanging out and seeing him in action. 

Once home I began hiding out in my kitchen and laundry room so that I could make some little banners and goodies for St. Patrick's Day to surprise the kids the next morning. We had a very relaxing evening and once the kids went to bed I started decorating the house a little.

I put up banners and signs and decorated the table with golden coins and Leprechaun hats (Rolos). I made them each their own personal rainbow in a jar and left it out for them to find at breakfast. We had lucky charms and green milk for breakfast! I told Sam that on St. Patrick's Day when you poured milk from the carton it would turn green. I put a couple of little drops of green food coloring in the bottom of the glass and poured milk in so as I was pouring it looked white but as it filled the glass it was green. They all loved that! When Sam saw all the golden coins on the table he asked, "Mom! Did Dad find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?!". He is so funny! 

We all put on our green attire and headed to church. We had a great time during church and enjoyed the luncheon that the kids had to support them for camp. John and I volunteered for clean up duty so we helped get everything cleaned, washed, put away, and swept afterwards. 

Our good friend, Kyle, was having a surprise party at Logan's so we stopped by to let him know we loved him and wish him a happy birthday! Sam ended up sitting with Kyle in church that morning and Kobe really likes him too! We all do! He and his wife Rachel are just super sweet friends!

Once home we decided on a relaxing time until it was time for Kobe to be back at church for Army of the One. He is really enjoying that discipleship class! 

John offered to take him for me so I could stay home and cook dinner and get some things done. What a blessing! I cooked a big dinner and when they got home we ate and chatted and listened to Celtic music in honor of St. Patrick's Day. 

We closed the night off by watching some Lord of the Dance videos. John and I had our "Sunday night date" and watched The Walking Dead. 

We had a very busy weekend but it was such a fun one. I really do cherish these times with my family.

Next week is Spring Break. Callum is going to go visit his mom for a few days  and we have a little surprise road trip in store for the boys!

"Lucky" Banner for entry into our kitchen


Golden Coins and Leprechaun Hats

Place Setting. Their own personal rainbows. There glasses said "You're My Lucky Charm!"

"You're My Pot O' Gold at the End of the Rainbow" personal rainbows

Pot of Gold (Rolos), Rainbow (Skittles), Clouds (Mini Marshmallows)

Our Green Milk!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

52 Home --- Week 10

Kobe...5th grade picture day

Friday, March 8, 2013

52 Home--Week 9

Groovy Day for Read Across America