John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy Hearts Day!

This past week was Valentine's Day and with it being Winter Break here on campus I was lucky enough to get Thursday, Friday, and Monday off from work! 

I decided to stay up late on Wednesday night and decorate the house with little homemade banners. Some I made and some I printed off of the Internet. I placed banners above all the doorways inside our home, decorated our front porch swing, decorated around the dining room (replaced pictures with Valentine-y pictures), and set the table for a surprise Valentine's Day breakfast.

Normally, my kids get up, get dressed, and we head on out the door fairly quickly. The two oldest boys eat breakfast at school (which they love!) and Samuel normally eats something easy in the car on the commute to his school. I wish I had the time to get up leisurely every single morning and cook a BIG breakfast for my kids, but let's just face it: I have three kids at three different schools in two different cities. That means three different school traffic zones plus I have to go through campus traffic and fight find a parking place. SO, it is just easier for us this way. BUT on Valentine's Day morning they woke up and found that I had decorated with hearts and flowers and placed little heart shaped bits of encouragement around the house! I made heart shaped pancakes with heart shaped sprinkles baked inside, bacon, and strawberries. 

While we were eating we heard a knock at the door and it was my dad. My dad ALWAYS has flowers delivered to me at work each year for Valentines Day but since I wasn't at work this year, he hand delivered them to my door! I always look forward to getting those flowers from my daddy. He has done this for as long as I can remember and it is always a special treat to get something from him. He also came bearing jerky for the boys. Not just any jerky...deer jerky. Deer jerky made from the deer they killed themselves...they thought they were so manly to be eating jerky for breakfast...especially jerky made from something they killed with their own hands!

After breakfast was finished I got the boys off to school and I went grocery shopping and to pick up some last minute little surprises for my guys! I ate lunch with Kobe and then went to party with Samuel at his school. My mom decided to join in on all the fun at Sam's Kindergarten Valentine's party. They exchanged Valentine's day cards, decorated their own heart shaped cookies, made cards for their sixth grade buddy, and ate heart shaped pizza. They had such a sweet time!

I decided that this year I wasn't going to cook a big meal. I decided on curbside takeaway from Outback. We all enjoyed our steaks while our favorite Pandora station played in the background. I set the table and used the boys' candy and cards as their name card for their "seat" at the table. I gave each boy a gift card (iTunes and Chuck E Cheese) and a couple of boxes of their favorite candy and picked out a sweet card to go with it. I ended up having to leave Callum's on his entertainment center in his bedroom because he had to work that night. I bought John all of his favorite snacks and just gave him a goody bag. 

I decided to make dessert and it was DELICIOUS! It was a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreo cookies, and then a layer of brownies on top...served with a side of vanilla ice cream! YUMMY! Let's just say this was our "cheat day" for the week.

Samuel was out of school on Friday so we had a little mommy/Sam date. We went to Chuck E. Cheese where he PROUDLY paid with his gift cards. We ate pizza, drank Pepsi, and played all the games our hearts desired! I had such a fun time just getting to spend time with him alone. I am really trying to do that more often. Last week I took Kobe to buy some things he wanted/needed and then we had a Sonic date and got Reese cup blasts and just chatted. I did learn something while at Chuck E. competitive nature can't be tamed...even when I am playing a child's game against the cutest five year old on the planet!

Friday night and Saturday were filled with just family time. Just hanging out and being together! Kobe had his last two basketball games for the season and Samuel decided he is ready to get signed up for wrestling. Sunday we had a great time at church and decided to take the kids to Rice Box for lunch. Sunday night Kobe started "An Army for The One". It is a discipleship class that our children's minister has put together for the fifth graders. I am so proud of our church and what all they offer. This is a six week discipleship that ends in a graduation ceremony and that is when they will be promoted to the "youth group". OH MY! I am not ready for all of that just yet! Kobe will move up to the youth group and Samuel will move upstairs to Faith Kids from Kidztown. Boy oh Boy are my babies growing up on me. 

Heart banners! The one on the table has pictures of cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, and things like that. It says "We Go Together Like..." in between the pictures.


Those little pictures say "BEE MINE" and the other says just cute little things about sweeties.


Sam's Valentines he gave out to his class: You're O-fish-ally the best Valentine!

I "Mustache" you a question!  I bought little mustaches to go on our straws and of course they ended up getting stuck on our faces instead! Fun, FUN times!

He was supposed to be separating the cards from the candy and I caught him unwrapping and "testing" each piece of candy! He says I scared him! and my Valentine!!


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