John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Playing a Little Game of Catch Up

The second semester of school is in FULL swing. I am back to work and the kids are all back in school. 

Callum has entered his second semester of tenth grade! He is taking Driver's Ed this semester. This makes me excited and sad all at the same time. I am excited for him! This is a BIG milestone in his life but it makes me sad because it is true... time goes by way too quickly. I am praying NOW for protection over him as he drives. Maybe I can get a little "reserve" prayer in now! HA! Callum is also starting to work TODAY. He has been wanting to find a job to have some spending money. At first, I was very hesitant but I think it will be a good experience for him and I am proud for him and very happy that he can start saving and have a little left over too.

Kobe is now coming up on the 6th grade. He will leave elementary school and go to the middle school. I am SO not ready for this. I still see him as a 3 year old when I look at him. It can't be possible! He is on the Math Olympiad at school (which he LOVES), in the H.O.P. club (Helping Other People), and has remained on the honor roll ever since he started school. I have watched him open his mind up to reading (for fun) this year. He still is required to read the books for test grades but he is actually picking out books that he thinks he will like instead of a book based on "points" or the first one he came across in the library! He has a love (and is quite good) for math and science. I really hope to nurture this love and keep it alive. I know that those two combined can take him places in life. He is currently playing basketball with the local Recreation Center and is loving every minute of it! Last year, we played travel ball. Kobe seemed to learn a lot but the situation just didn't mesh well with our family and so this year I was so relieved to hear him say he wanted to play rec ball! He killed his first deer this season. He took it to be now I have a whole "basket" in my freezer full of venison. I am cooking the first round of it tonight. He will be so pleased. He and John were in the shooting house together so they got to experience Kobe's "first kill" together and I think that made it special, too. Kobe also HOUNDED me until I said yes to him having a smart phone. I took him a couple of weeks ago to get an iPhone after he got his report card. He is really growing up on me!

Samuel is on the homestretch of Kindergarten. My little baby will go to the first grade soon. That is something I am REALLY not ready for or looking forward to. I want to keep this one little! He is such a little sweetie sometimes! He is learning more and more every single day. He is learning to read, to write, and do math. I am very proud of him.  Samuel also "killed" a deer this year. He didn't actually shoot it, but he was in the shooting house when my dad shot it and he went with him to track it. He was so happy! He told me right before he left to go that he was going to kill a deer so he was super thrilled! This week he had his first school project. He had to make a calendar for the 100th day of school. We got a blue poster board and he put 100 Robot stickers on it... his idea! Tomorrow at school they will have a "100 Day Parade" and they will dress up like 100 year olds and walk around with their posters. How cute! Friday night they are having movie night at his school and he wants to go. PLANS? ALREADY? He loves his little friends that he has made this year. I couldn't be happier...well, maybe if he would get up and get dressed without fussing in the mornings!

Last weekend, John and I ended up having not one but TWO nights to ourselves. Friday night after Kobe's basketball game, Callum went to a friend's house, Kobe went to a birthday party (his first girl/boy party...another first!), and Sam wanted to go with my mom for a little while. John and I did what any grown up married couple would do: We went to Panera Bread and to Publix! After that we just went by and picked up Samuel and went on home. Callum and Kobe both ended up spending the night with friends so it was just the three of us. Saturday Kobe and Samuel ended up spending the night with my mom and Callum was off with a friend for the night so we got ANOTHER date night. This time, we just went and rented a movie, bought some ice cream, and hung out in our pajamas. It was a fun, fun time and I am so thankful I got that little time with him to just be US. 

It looks like this weekend is going to be the same deal. Callum will be working, Kobe will be hunting, and Sam wants to go to his school's movie night. Looks like we just might have a dinner date again! I could definitely get used to that!

We are all doing well and I am about to start the planning of all of their birthdays. Callum on May 29, Kobe on April 25, and my little Sam Man on May 30. I love planning their little parties. This year, I think we are doing something a little different though. I would like to throw Callum a surprise party since he is turning 16 but I don't know how well he would really like that so I am still thinking! Kobe has a couple of options he is throwing around but not any BIG parties like in the years past. Just a couple of friends doing something a little "bigger" instead of 30 kids running around acting like crazy kids! Samuel wants to have a cowboy birthday and ride a horse. 

So, there you have it, my life right now. Full of busy schedules, activities, obligations, but most of all LOVE.

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