John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

52 Home---Week 50

Looks like someone named Sam was doing more than playing video games on my phone on the way to church last week!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hand Picked

Last Wednesday night, Pastor Steve talked about adoption. 
Sure, he talked about being adopted into God's family. He reminded us of how he chose us and welcomes us into His royal family and makes us sons and daughters. He talked about how in the Bible when you were adopted you were treated as if you had always been in that family. You were given equal rights and equal responsibility. There were NO step-children...just children. They were immediately treated as if they had always been there. We listened as he talked about how special it is to be adopted. 

When you are born into a family, you are just kind of placed there. BUT when you are adopted you are chosen, hand picked

That got me to thinking about Kobe's "official" Rainey day. Of how I have always prayed against a root of rejection being set up inside of him. I have prayed that he would never feel abandoned or not wanted. I knew that the odds were that he would.  I have read articles and stories and books. I have heard women share of how they felt abandoned by one parent or the other and it  left them searching. Searching for love. Love in a bottle of pills... of alcohol. Love in a man. Love in addiction. I have seen friends try even in their adult age to make that parent that they didn't have a relationship with proud and happy. I have prayed so hard against all of these things for all of these years. I have cried over statements that I would hear from Kobe's own mouth. My heart has shattered when I witness him with hurt feelings. 

After that sermon, after watching a video about adoption and how it changed these kids lives... I have decided that instead of praying against all of these negative things... I am going to begin to pray FOR something. I am going to begin to pray that he feels...hand picked. Because, he was. Sure, he was born into my family, but John picked him...out of all the little boys in the whole world... John chose to make official what he was already been practicing through his actions everyday and became his "official" dad and gave him his new last name {Have I ever mentioned how much I really, really love this man?}. That name meant so much to me...but to gave him a sense of belonging

What an ultimate expression of God's love ... adoption. I know how my heart feels when I think of God accepting me, as I am, into His family and so I know that is how these children must feel. Pastor Steve ended it with a line from the video we watched: Unconditional love transforms lives. Yes, it does. It gives us a sense of belonging. That we are needed. That it just wouldn't be the same without us. We are vital to the everyday functions of the family (be it home or church). We are a part of something. 
Unconditional love. What a beautiful thing.
It transforms lives.


This morning on the way to school Samuel noticed frost on the ground. He began singing Frosty the Snowman. He asked if he could please get out and build a snowman. I told him that we couldn't because there wasn't any snow. He said, "Well, if they wanted me to use snow to build a snowman they should have named him "Snowy" the snowman...NOT "Frosty" the snowman! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Down Home Christmas

Last night at church the kids presented their Christmas musical, A Down Home Christmas. The little ones did their songs first and then the older kids got up and put on a little play. All of the kids did a great job! I failed to get any pictures from the actual play but afterwards we had goodies in the family life center and the kids were wired. We took advantage and got some pictures.

Kobe, my grandmother, my grandfather, Sam

This was actually Kobe praying this was the last picture and I am uncertain of Sam's face but this one makes me laugh!

Me and my sweet boys!

Me, my dad, Kobe, and Sam (a moving target!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go

This past weekend John took the boys to the hunting camp to meet up with my dad for some afternoon hunting on Saturday. They all got dressed in their camo and packed a few snacks and were ready to hit the road. Sam told me before he left that he was going to shoot a deer and bring it back to me for me to cook it for his supper! HA! 

I had a girl's Christmas party to go to that evening so I knew I wouldn't see them until late. They were supposed to be home shortly after dark so I left a little note about what was for dinner and headed off to the party.

I had a great time getting to see and hug some sweet, dear friends. We ate, talked, and laughed for a few hours and then it was time to head home. It was almost 9:00. When we (me and my mom) got into the car I found out that both of the boys had shot a deer and that they were on their way to the processor's house to drop the deer off. They wanted us to know that they had killed a deer but how it happened would have to wait... they just wanted us to get them something to eat and meet them back at my house with dinner. 

We picked up some food and when we got home they were there waiting. We heard tales of how they saw it, shot it, tracked it, and brought it out of the woods. This was Kobe's first solo kill {John was with him but he let him do everything himself} so that was a pretty big deal. All four guys were just so excited. 

Hunting is hard work! Sam asleep in my dad's lap in their shooting house.

Sam and their deer

Kobe and his deer

Kobe, Sam, Poppa, and deer

I guess John must have been taking the pictures because he isn't in any of them! I meant to get a picture of them before they left that morning but of course, I forgot! I will do better next time!

I bet I know two little boys who will be ready for a hunting trip again this Saturday!

52 Home--Week 49

This is a picture of our church, Faith Church. I love the trees and gigantic ornaments!

52 Home--Week 48

The boys went hunting with my dad and John. Sam and my dad were in a shooting house together and killed the deer on the right and then about 15 minutes later Kobe and John killed the deer on the left. This was also Kobe's first solo kill. He was pretty proud!

52 Home--Week 47

IF you are paying attention...this says Week 47. My last entry was Week 44. I don't know how I got off in the numbering and weeks...but it happens. So instead of trying to figure out where it went wrong I am going to pick up with the correct week.

At the Tuscumbia Christmas Parade 2012.
 {Excuse my hair that is obviously tucked down in my jacket}

Christmas Around the World

Last night was Samuel's school Christmas program.  It was held in Norton Auditorium  here at UNA. I used to dance in dance recitals and programs at Norton and now I attend work meetings there and so I loved the fact that Samuel would be singing on that HUGE stage! 

The program was entitled "Christmas Around the World".  Santa, an elf, and three little girls who  waited up on Santa to come, "visited" several different countries. Each grade (K-6) represented a different country. They were as follows:

Kindergarten--United States
First Grade--Mexico
Second Grade--Israel and the Jewish Nation
Third Grade--Germany
Fourth Grade--Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway)
Fifth Grade--Southern Europe (France, Italy, and Spain)
Sixth Grade--Great Britain (England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales)

Each child was supposed to dress like someone you would find in the country that their class was assigned. They sang traditional songs from each country and talked about what they did during Christmas time there. They were all so precious. They all smiled and participated and were genuinely enjoying putting on a show for their parents and other family members. 

We were lucky! We got the United States. I say lucky because it is obviously the easiest to dress for because we already have most things we would need. I have to say, not only are the children at Kilby talented, but so are their parents. The costumes and outfits were wonderful! 

There were several soloists and at one point I leaned over and whispered to John, "This isn't your run of the mill cat killing contest that you usually hear at kid's programs". Seriously. These kids sang so beautifully. One little girl just brought tears to my eyes. I am certain her mother was so proud. As all of us were of all of our children.

Some children had speaking parts...Samuel was one of them! We rehearsed it over and over and over. When it was his turn, without any hesitation, he popped right up to his place and spoke loudly and clearly into the microphone and told us all, "My favorite Christmas tradition is leaving milk and cookies for Santa". I was so proud. I was that mom. Yep, I was a clapping, smiling, waving, crazy lady! My heart soared that he could get up in front of that whole room and speak so clearly that we  could all understand him and that he had the confidence to do so. Way to go, Sam! I am so proud of that little boy!

During the last song, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, the audience was asked to we did! Samuel must really love that song. We could literally hear his little voice over others. When it came to the part about bringing some figgy pudding... he made up his own words. He began singing (loudly) "Oh bring us piggy pudding!" "Oh bring us some piggy pudding"! Too cute. 

They took a bow and headed off the stage. I could NOT wait to get to my little cutie pie. 

After the play we went to Ricebox with my parents for dinner. We had to cut that short though because we promised Sam a trip to the Dollar Tree with THREE WHOLE DOLLARS. We went in and he made his special purchases and on home we went. 

It was a great, fun evening. I had a great time watching him and all the other kids. Mrs. McCalister, the music teacher, did a GREAT job teaching our kids and you could tell by the look on her face how much she really loves them and what she does. It was very enjoyable and I look forward to more programs with Kilby for years to come.

Before the play

During the finale number with all the kids from Kilby. Beau int he sweater and antlers is Samuel's "best friend" in Kindergarten.

Singing loud and proud!


We thought he was going to do the splits but he just jumped around a little instead.

Samuel during his speaking part