John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, November 19, 2012

Recap of the Weekend

This past weekend John went to serve at the North Alabama Men's Encounter. I can't put into words how extremely proud I am to be called his wife. How proud I am that he chooses to give that weekend every few months to God and to these hurting men. Men who need someone to listen, to help, to encourage. John is that man for some. I can't express how truly honored I am that God chose me as his wife.

He left on Friday and came back on Sunday night. We missed him for sure but that didn't stop us from having fun!

Friday night Kobe decided to go with a friend to the high school football game and Callum wanted a night to just play video games. That left me and Sam. So we went to take John to their departure point and this time it was at Faith Church. We also decided that afterwards we would go with my mom on a few errands. We ended up leaving there heading straight for something to eat. We were all starving once we saw John and my dad off for the weekend. We let Sam decide. He chose CiCi's Pizza. It wasn't that bad and he had fun instead of crying for his daddy so it worked. After that we went and picked up a few Christmas gifts and then I headed to get Kobe from my cousin, Michelle. Exhausted doesn't really begin to describe how I felt. I had arranged to meet Michelle at the gas station across the street from the football stadium so that I could try and stay out of the main part of the traffic. While we were sitting there I told Sam that I was so ready to just go home and get my comfy cozies (what we call pajamas at our house) on and relax. He looked at me and in his own very sleepy voice said, "Mommy, just lean your head back and take a little rest. I will stay up and I will tell you when Kobe is here. I will protect us while you sleep". Is that not the sweetest baby ever? I am glad I didn't really take him up on his offer because, I looked back there and he was fast asleep. He was such a sweet, good boy. Of course, I never sleep very well when John isn't home and so I stayed up doing laundry, cleaning, and working on a Christmas order of  door hanger canvases pretty late.

Saturday morning came EARLY. I am not sure what time I went to bed but I was up bright and early on Saturday. I got up and started picking up, organizing, and working on canvases. I woke Kobe up so he could get a shower because he was heading out to play paint ball with some boys from his football team. I got Kobe sent off and mom picked me and Sam up and we headed out for the day. We went to our local flea market and a couple of fabric stores. Sam saw where this day was headed and pleaded for us to go home. I told him that I would take him anywhere he wanted to go for lunch. Anywhere. He said, "then take me home!". HA! We ended up at McDonald's play place and we ate and he played while me and my mom talked. After that we went to the mall and got some Christmas shopping out of the way and that is where I met up with Kobe after paintball. We hit a few more stores after we left the mall and the kids had just HAD it. They were tired, hungry, and ill. I still had ONE more stop I HAD to make. I NEEDED to pick up some yellow paint so that I could finish one of the paintings in the order I was desperately trying to complete and so my mom just dropped me off at the front door and I ran in while everyone else sat in the car. When I got back in Sam and Kobe both told me that they had a surprise for me. We then pulled up to Buffalo Wild Wings. Really, that was for them. They love wings. They love UFC. They love eating. So it was a win all the way around. We had a fun time just hanging out together but after dinner...we were all ready to go home and go to sleep!

Sunday morning came with the sound of coughing! Kobe was just barking ... it sounded terrible. I consulted some friends about what I should do (via Facebook) and then got on the phone with our pharmacist and determined that an over the counter medication would likely help and we stopped by on our way to church and picked it up. We went to church and had a great time. Afterwards we went home to have lunch. In no time at all it was time to head back to church for the Men's Encounter homecoming celebration. I really love that part. It is when I get to hear of all the great things that happened over the weekend. The things that God had revealed, healed, and the way He touched each one of those men. It is an awesome time. I was so grateful it was housed at our church and loved that we did praise and worship first. It was truly a great night! 

We left and John drove our car straight to Rice Box. We ate dinner and got home late but it was worth it to have that family time together after John being gone and to not have to wash any dishes! I was pretty proud of myself. I didn't nap at all yesterday and got so much accomplished! 

This week is a super short week since the schools will be out for Thanksgiving. I am so blessed to be able to spend this time with my family. John is going to be off some too and that has never happened so I am really thrilled about it! I can't wait to just hang out and make no plans. I am really excited because John is in charge of the deviled eggs this year and he makes the best deviled eggs...ever! 

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