John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, November 2, 2012


October? Where have you gone? I can't believe how fast time is flying by...and passing me by. Those who read my posts know that I get in these little "moods" where I just feel like time is ticking WAY too fast for my liking! This is one of those times. There could be several things that are attributing to this like:

* I knew from past experience that once the little boy hits Kindergarten he is never the same. Just so you know, it is no different with the second little boy. In fact, it isn't easier. In fact, it is harder. Much harder. I guess it probably has to do with the fact that he is my last little boy to enter Kindergarten. The last one who will return my kisses and hugs and "I love yous" in the drop off line. The last one to wear the cute little character toboggans. The last one to look SO little walking in to the BIG school. I am so proud of him for all that he is learning. He recieved all "S's" on his report card and he earned himself a Pawsitive Paws Reward at this month's recognition ceremony. Pawsitive Paws is a program that Sam's school does to reward positive behavior. If a teacher, librarian, counselor, or art/music teacher witnesses a student doing something positive they give them a pawsitive paw and once a month they host a little ceremony to give them an "award" and they get to have ice cream or an equally fun treat. I signed up to help pass out popsicles at the one that Samuel was recognized at so I got to see him get his little Pawsitive Paw. He got his when he was overheard by his teacher telling a little boy who had been struggling with something "You are SO smart" when he got the answer right. I know that some people think it is crazy that I edify my children every night. I sometimes do it throughout the day but without fail each and everyday I speak life into them and obviously it is working because they are doing it for others! I tell them they are smart, a good friend, loving, a good brother, a good son, etc. I am very proud of all he is learning and all that he is beginning to achieve but I would be lying if I said I didn't have tears in my eyes RIGHT NOW thinking about him slipping away a little and becoming more of a big boy. I am so proud of him and I am truly honored that God saw fit to let me be his earthly parent. 

* I have always celebrated Halloween with the boys and dressed them up and took them trick or treating. When it was just me and Kobe I would take off of work a little early and go pick him up and take him to get a happy meal from McDonalds (in that little plastic pumpkin bucket) and we would go to my parent's house and get dressed in costume and go out trick or treating. Once Samuel came along we included him in on our little tradition too. Well, this year that didn't really happen. We took Sam to the Fall Festival (and took him to get a happy meal in the Halloween bucket!) at his school and we all participated in the Trunk or Treat at church but this year was different because...Sam is the only one who wanted to dress up. The other two thought they were too big this year. That kind of made me feel sad. I know they all have to grow up but it hurts. Kind of a lot. Especially since every time I look at Kobe I see him as my sweet curly headed 3 year old baby boy. Still to this day. He is almost taller than I am and I am very proud of him but I really wish it would just slow down. He is running with the track team and wrapping up football and gearing up for basketball. He made the honor roll and he made the Math Olympiad team... he loves others and is a good friend and a good big brother. I feel blessed that he calls me mom.

* Tomorrow we are taking Callum to Preview Day at the university that I work for. It is a given that he will likely go to this university if he chooses to go to a four year college (and I hope he does). I won't lie... I bribed him a little. I told him that if he would come to this college I would buy his lunch every single day and he could live at home and I would do his laundry and make sure he always had food. Maybe that will work! He was featured in the school's newsletter yesterday for completing a project in Carpentry class. The little playhouse his group built was displayed for a month at our local shopping mall and will now be set up on auction and all proceeds go to a great local charity. I am proud of him. That took effort and dedication...not to mention several smashed fingers in the process! He is becoming more and more mature and responsible and I really do depend on him...maybe more than I should sometimes. He is doing pretty well in school and is beginning to have "plans" more than I would like but I am so glad to see him getting out there and taking root and becoming a friend to others. I am thankful he has come to live with us and I hate thinking that I only have two more years. Unless, of course, all my bribing works and I can keep him here through college! If nothing else, I will be one of the YOUNGEST moms at Preview Day tomorrow...I guess  that can "keep me going" a little! HAHA! I know he will be successful and I am so thankful for him.


Funny things I want to remember:

  • The other day Sam said he was lucky because he had two good big brothers. That day Callum had run into the high school cafeteria to buy Sam a sausage biscuit and milk since he forgot his breakfast at home. Kobe had given him his Mountain Dew he bought at the store and the rest of his potato soup. After he was remembering all of these things in our car as we drove down the road Kobe said, "Man, you are lucky to have such a great set of good brothers! No fair! You have two. I only have one!". 
  • I walked in to find Samuel playing in his room the other day with his Batman toys (I love seeing them still be little!) and he was just singing "Hallelujah, Jesus you are Lord" over and over and he was making up the tune as he went. It melted my heart.
  • Sam is in a phase right now of telling jokes. He got in the car after school the other day and said, "Mom, if there was another band like One Direction what would they be called?" I said I didn't know and he said, "Two Directions!". That seriously cracked me up.
  • Last night as I was putting pajamas on Samuel he was telling me how we need to love everyone. Even bad people. Even mean people. Because Jesus said so. He has watched The Passion of the Christ before and was asking to watch it again. I can barely watch it though because it is upsetting but it is a good reminder. He began to tell me how sad it made him when Mary is cleaning up Jesus' blood. Bless him!
  • The boys had a choice on Wednesday night (Halloween night) to either go to the Fall Festival at my parent's church or to go to our church to Royal Rangers. Sam chose to go with my parents and Kobe chose Royal Rangers. He said, "Mom! I just can't bear to miss Royal Rangers!" Those guys that are over that program are so special to host these little boys each week!
  • The other night was very, very cold and Kobe had a football game. He asked me if they would really play in the cold weather and I answered that they would. He said, "GOOD! This is REAL football weather. Cold weather makes the hits hurt more! I can't wait to bring the pain." He cracks me up!
  • My mom sent me a picture of Sam at the harvest festival at their church. I noticed something draped across his chest and couldn't figure out what it was. I asked him what he was wearing. He said, "OH! My poppa let me use his hunting purse to put my candy in!" He was supposed to carry a little camo backpack (He was an Army man) to put his candy in but he left it at home so my dad let him use his camo binocular case but Sam was calling it a purse!


I love seeing what God is doing in my family and in our lives. I am so grateful and so thankful all throughout the year but especially at this time when it is in the forefront of our minds with Thanksgiving right around the corner. 

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