John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, October 8, 2012

I Made It!

Well, since I am typing this... I guess you can see that I made it through the weekend.

John went caving this past weekend on Friday night and came home later Saturday evening. He went with a couple of his friends and from what I can tell...they had a great time exploring the cave and just being men! The whole outdoorsy thing just isn't for me so I am glad he has a couple of friends that like it as much as he does that he can share that with.

I had plans of picking Sam up from school, getting Kobe from track practice, and getting Callum picked up from school. I then planned to order pizza and have a movie night with them...and the dogs of course. I planned to sleep in on Saturday and have a relaxing day of cleaning and hanging out with my little guys until time for my parents to come over to celebrate my mom's birthday dinner.'s what REALLY happened....

On Thursday Sam's teacher, Mrs. Frederick, called about 2:45 (15 more minutes until school let out) very frantic and told me I had to come get Sam right away. I feared he had done what I keep expecting and broken a leg or an arm jumping from something. I asked. She confirmed that it was not a broken bone but instead a fever that just spiked up (which Sam does have a hard time with) to 104! My poor baby! By the time we got to the doctor's office ( I took him straight there) it was 104.7. He felt and looked pitiful. He was literally burning up and sweating and his little face was RED and his lips were parched. I felt terrible for him. They tested him for EVERYTHING and nothing came back positive. The doctor wouldn't even let them test him for anything until after she gave him some Advil (I had given him Tylenol on the way over...yes, I keep stuff like that handy in a little pouch in my SUV). She decided to give him a Roseffin shot and an oral antibiotic and send us on our way. She said if the fever hadn't broken by bedtime to call her. He took getting a shot A LOT harder than I thought he would and I had just been to Wal-Mart to pick a gift up for a friend's birthday .... so, I did what any mother would do... I totally gave him that Lego set. It seemed to work for a little while. We got home and got him all comfy and cozy and turned on his favorite show and got him some juice and a snack and he seemed fine. He got progressively better throughout the night and was feeling much better on Friday. But, because of the fever he stayed home with his Nana just to be sure he wasn't contagious.

Around 3:30 I met my mom at Kobe's school and we watched him run on the track during running club practice. Sam ran around the stadium and climbed on the bleachers...and I let him. I let him because I was just glad he felt better enough to do it. While we were waiting to leave Callum came up behind me and asked to ride home with a friend. So, I said that would be OK and started loading the little guys into my car. 

BUT WAIT! Kobe forgot the fish he got for Sam. Earlier in the week, I sent a note to school saying that Kobe could bring home an eco-column that his science class had made. There were only about six groups so they put all the kids (whose parents had agreed) names in a big pile and drew for who would take home these prized eco-columns. They had plants, tadpoles, fish, and snails inside. A living eco system. I didn't mind the idea of one because I knew that it would be self-sustaining because it already had food and water inside. Well, Kobe didn't get his name drawn. But the teacher said that she had a few fish left over and that they were a first come first serve prize. She said whoever got to her room first after the bell rang at the end of the day could have one until she ran out. Kobe said he ran through the hall like he was on the football field, just dodging everyone because he wanted to get one for Sam since he was sick. {That's a good brother right there!} He got one and was very pleased with himself... as was Sam. Me? Why you ask? I mean, I did sign saying he could bring it home. Well, yes I did. And really, I was glad he brought Sam one home but I had to go buy a fish bowl, that stuff to put in the water so they don't die, and food. Kobe brought Sam home a fish (I can't remember the name right now) that eats dehydrated blood worms {YUCK!}. Sam LOVES this little fish. He named it Captain America. He also put a LARGE Captain America sticker on the side of the bowl. 

Kobe quickly made plans to go to the football game with friends which left Sam and I alone. I have a feeling that this is going to become more and more common since Callum is now in the tenth grade and Kobe is beginning to do things with friends as well. I love seeing them spread their wings but it also breaks my heart a little. So, we decided on a date night. I let him pick. He chose McDonald's Play Place. So we ate and played and enjoyed dessert together. It was really a fun time. After the game I picked up Kobe and Callum said he wanted to go with a friend so I let him. The two little boys and myself went straight home and I started cleaning while they played. I was so pleased with how sweet everyone had been and how they had gotten along (Callum let Kobe walk into the game with him and Callum walked him out and made sure he was in my car before he left with friends). I even gave the dogs a bath and started laundry. 

I was up and down all night long because the wind was really blowing which was driving my dogs crazy and their barking and growling was driving me crazy. I finally really went to sleep around 3:30 AM. Sam woke me up hungry for breakfast at 7:30. I told him it was too early and made him lay back down with me (I almost forgot, we got a new mattress this weekend and I LOVE IT!) for a little while. About an hour later he tapped me on the face and asked if I had forgotten he was hungry! So we got up and made homemade cinnamon toast. My mom and I used to do that together so it was fun to do it with Kobe and Sam. Shortly after that my mom and I decided to go shopping. We took Sam and Kobe and went all over town! We finished up getting Sam's Halloween costume all together and I found a cute pair of boots.  Saturday was also my mom's birthday so I planned to cook a birthday dinner for her and bake her cake and have everyone to our house to celebrate. I made what she requested: Chicken Casserole, green beans, French Onion Potatoes, Mac and Cheese, Rolls, and German Chocolate Cake. John made it home just in time and we all enjoyed giving my mom her gifts and eating and hanging out with her.

Sunday was a great day at church. It was baptism Sunday, or as our church calls it, Take the Plunge! I love watching people get baptized. I just love seeing transformation take place in people's lives. Speaking of transformation... I am getting ready to head out to the Women's Encounter and minister to a great group of ladies. I will be speaking on Freedom from the Past and I would truly appreciate any prayers that you could offer for the ladies involved and for the women who will be serving in ministry that weekend. It is all happening next weekend! It is one of my favorite things to go to. I believe in God's healing and I know that He can and WILL heal and deliver us from our past and our present. 

Needless to say, I FELL into bed last night. Tonight Sam has a football game and then we are going home to watch ET. He has been begging me for MONTHS to watch it and so tonight is the night! Popcorn, ET, and M&Ms...what is better?

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