John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

6 Down

6 Weeks that is. 6 weeks of school is in the books for this school year. It seems like much more but believe me, it has only been six. I counted. 

We have been through the first day jitters, the remembering of locker combinations and lunch room account numbers. We have gone through three weeks of me leaving a sad Sam at Kindergarten. We have gone through that initial "getting used to the way the teacher tests" period. We have gotten back into our good habits...and some bad ones (like always) have crept in as well.

It is AMAZING what can change in just six weeks. I am watching Kobe grow more and more responsible and literally grow up right before my eyes. I have watched a little boy who hated Kindergarten begin to absolutely love it. So much so that he begs me to stay. Instead of crying when I drop him off in the mornings, he now cries when it is time to leave. 

In three weeks we will get the first report card. What does that mean to me? That means I have to open my wallet and pay out the "big bucks" for a good report card. If they make below a C ... they owe me. AND they can't pay me in money either. They pay me by chores. Each chore is only worth a whopping $0.25! I rarely have to hand these punishments out...but they are in our grade contract that we all signed. Yep, I made grade contracts. I outlined what I expect of them (A&Bs) and what their reward is for said grades. I then outlined what would happen if they made a C,D, (or Heaven forbid) the dreaded F. Then we ALL signed them and we each got a copy of them. Mine hangs on the side of the refrigerator so that I have it handy. This way, no one can say, OH I forgot!  No, you didn't. You just wish I would! 

Last week was homecoming for both Muscle Shoals and for UNA. The week was FILLED with activities. Somehow, I survived. At Muscle Shoals, they dressed up each day. 

Monday: Crazy Sock Day
Tuesday: Pajama Day
Wednesday: Inside Out Day
Thursday: Tie Up the Bulldogs (wear a tie)
Friday: Spirit Day (red and black)

I didn't get a picture each morning (I wish I would have) but I did get one on Tie Up the Bulldogs Day:

Samuel's school didn't really do the whole dress up day throughout the week but they had activities at school. Samuel said they got to walk over and watch the band practice and they got to go visit our school's mascots: The live lions, Una and Leo.

Muscle Shoals had a Homecoming parade on Friday which both boys participated in... Kobe for his football team (Muscle Shoals White 9-10 football) and Samuel for his flag football team (Dolphins). They had not yet received their jerseys so they were told to just wear red and black. {Side Story: I was not prepared for Sam to be in the parade because just the night before he told me he no longer wanted to play flag football. I was kind of bummed because I had a shirt made for him that was black with a red tie on it for him to wear in the parade and then... he wasn't even going to play anymore. Until we got to the parade line up, that is. He decided real quick and in a hurry that he did in fact want to be with his friends. I reminded him that if he rode in that parade he would be playing in the games. He agreed with that so I let him ride in the parade with his team.} I quickly grabbed a jersey out of my SUV and put it on him and he looked adorable! 

Go Trojans!

Kobe on his team's float

Sam on his team's float

Best buds from preschool : Parker and Sam

Kobe, Sam, and myself... I don't know why Kobe wouldn't get any closer...maybe because everything was wet since it had just poured down rain.

His "I'm too cool for getting my picture taken" face

Kobe and Callum ended up going to the game at the high school on Friday night. Sam decided at the last minute that he didn't want to go so it was just us until John got home from work. I was just sitting there on the couch wondering what to do for dinner when it hit me. I decided that since it was "technically" just the two of us (me and John) we would have a date night. Sam and I called in an order to Outback's curbside takeaway. I went ahead and fed Sam while I set the table and got Pandora playing on John's favorite channel, Glee. Soon he was home and I met him at the door and showed him to his seat and served him his favorite dinner. I decided to put on a video for Sam so that we could eat and talk without interruptions. I can honestly say that is probably one of my  most favorite moments of this week.

Saturday was UNAs homecoming parade. I had to have Sam there bright and early. The floats turned out great and he had a fun time participating! The sixth grade students each get paired up with a Kindergarten student at the beginning of the year. Both ages love it! So, the kindergarten students ride on the sixth grade float with their "buddies". The theme this year was My future is so bright I have to wear shades. UNAs theme was #Backforthefuture.

His future is so bright!

Sam and Quinton... his buddy for the day


Sam...waving at me

Sam and his teachers

They encourage a parent to walk alongside or behind the floats to throw candy to the crowd. Guess who volunteered?

He is a good daddy! He had left about 5:00 that morning to go to the hunting club with my dad and Kobe to help Kobe practice shooting his hunting gun and then RUSHED over and threw on a Kilby shirt and walked in the parade with Sam. 

And just because it tickled me:

Of course, that is when my phone battery DIED. The live mascots were in the parade and I really wanted a picture of Leo and Una...but it just didn't happen.

After that we loaded into the car and went to Texas Roadhouse for lunch. We got to chat with one of sweet friends, Ms. Tiffany. Who not only is a family friend but a student teacher at Sam's school.  Then we ran a couple of errands (the mall, Gander Mountain, Military Surplus Store, my favorite local clothing boutique, and ended up at the flea market. It was a nice day spent with my favorite guys. 

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