John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, September 21, 2012

I Have To!

Since this blog is mainly for my memories to be written down and for a published blog book for my children to have as a keepsake... I must add these pictures (some old and some new) in and write about a couple of funny things that have happened. A "Catch up" post if you will.

Yesterday on the way to work Samuel asked me to teach him Spanish. It has been AT LEAST eleven years since I had a Spanish class so I stuck with what I knew... I counted to ten. I taught him Hello and Goodbye. How to say mom, dad, my name is Sam, and a couple of colors. After that... I was kind of out of tricks. He asked for me to teach him how to count to ten. So I said the words slowly and he would repeat me. After a few times he asked me to say them all in a row and let him just listen. So I did. I counted to ten. He wanted me to go higher. I counted to twenty. Still... he wanted me to count higher. I was beginning to get a little nervous because I start losing confidence at about twenty nine! So we get to thirty and I blurted out what I thought was right and quickly said, "Now, Samuel don't hold me to that! I could be wrong. I just can't remember for sure right now!" and he said this, "Mama, it's OK sweetie. Just take your time and slow down so you can really think about it. This isn't a race." It made me giggle at first but then I felt thankful to his teachers because this is probably how that little sweetie is talked to during the day.

Yesterday Samuel got a "Pawsitive Paw" for being so sweet at school. I will let the picture explain:

I have mentioned before that I always speak good things over my children. I give them daily affirmations about how good and kind and smart and likeable, etc  they are and I guess that is paying off because not only are they believing it about themselves but they are now encouraging others!
Yesterday must have been the day for being a proud mommy because Kobe came home with a progress report. When I saw it I squealed {they think it is so funny when I do this!} and I started hugging him and he chuckled and acted "too cool" but I know he likes it when I act overly proud of him... but I am not acting... I really am! There is nothing either of them could ever do that would make me love them any less and I am always proud of them!

Kobe is working on a project at school. It is a timeline of his life of significant events in his ten years. I started trying to pull together some pictures of him and things that I thought were important. I am making him do this COMPLETELY on his own but I will have to place a photo order so he can put pictures on his poster. He was born before I had mobile upload to facebook on my phone! So, a lot of his pictures had to be searched for on old laptops, etc. Luckily, my dad had some and sent them to me {I don't know that I even knew how to upload a picture to a computer then...seriously!}. So, just for memory's sake I am going to add them to this post so that we will always have them.

The Day Kobe was born. April 25, 2002

Football 2008

Helping his poppa 2004

Preschool Graduation 2007

First time to help in a community project was when the Tornadoes came through Alabama in April 2011.

Helping clean up with tornado disaster relief.

First Christmas December 2002

First day of Kindergarten. August 2007

First Birthday April 2003

Looking at these pictures made me want to cry! He was such a little fatty cutie pie! 

Truth be told... my mind is stuck in 2007. That is how I see him when I look at him.

I am ready for this weekend! We are having friends over for dinner and tomorrow is free to do what I want! 


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