John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

School Days School Days Dear Old Golden Rule Days

Well, every year I say it and this year is no different...where has the time gone?

Seriously! I would like a little refund on my time here please!

My babies all went back to school this week.

Callum is entering the 10th grade and is very glad to NOT be a Freshman any longer! He is the big Sophomore this year. So far, he has been very organized and responsible and I am very proud of him for his attitude so far this school year. I am really praying for the Lord to direct his path not only in school but in life. I am looking forward to seeing all that he is capable of doing and learning this year.

Kobe is entering 5th grade this year. I thought I would be OK with this. But NO! I cried a little. Just a tad. Not a lot at all really but it did sting my heart to see him growing taller and taller and getting smarter and smarter and getting one year closer to leaving me! I know that may sound crazy but that is really how I think! He has been looking forward to this year because in our school system...5th grade is the last year of elementary school. It is also the year of switching classes. He will have three teachers this year. Ms. Thomas, Ms. McClannahan, and Ms. Whitehead. So far, he loves all three of them. Next year he will go to Middle/Jr High school and that... well, that I can't even think about right now. Kobe is a good friend, a good student, a good boy. He likes making friends and hanging out with old and new friends alike. His teachers always tell me how much they love him and what a "joy" he is in class. In fact, I got an email yesterday from one of his teachers this year telling me how much she is already enjoying him and how great he is in her class. The 5th grade theme is a "Jungle Theme" and they can earn Jungle Bucks to use once every nine weeks or they can save them up for a big purchase at the end. I really think it is a cute reward system. Kobe came home yesterday very happy to report that he had already earned 1 Jungle Buck for pushing a student's chair under the table because the kid forgot to. So since his teacher saw him do something nice for someone else without being asked she rewarded him with a Jungle Buck. That makes my heart smile. Kobe is playing football and it is in FULL swing. I am really proud of him and all that he does. I know that he will go very, very far in life and that he will accomplish anything he puts his mind to.

Today I took my little Sam-man to Kindergarten for the first day of school. I have been crying over this since Saturday and quite honestly, I am tearing up now just thinking of the words to type here. He is my last little boy who will go through Kindergarten and it is really hurting my heart! He just looks so little to me.Which, ask any of my kids and they will tell you, that it doesn't matter how big you get... you are still going to by MY baby! I have prayed and prayed about this morning because I knew it would be harder on me than on Sam. We started it off by reading a book called "The First Day of School". This book is one that my mom read to me before I went to Kindergarten and I read it to Kobe and now I have read it to Sam. I cried pretty much all through that book. Then we read the Kissing Hand. Of course, Samuel LOVES that book and I did a little better on the crying. Well, not really. I waited until he walked out of the room and then I cried. This morning he jumped up and down clapping his little hands because it was finally the day of Kindergarten! He was so excited. He got dressed and brushed his hair and his teeth and even asked to put on Daddy's deodorant and cologne! He was so ready! He put his BIG backpack on his LITTLE body and he was ready to go. I wasn't. I kept asking if he was SURE he wanted to do this??? Of course he said he was. We arrived at his school a little earlier than I had anticipated so we just chatted for a little bit. He told me that he thought he would be like the girl, Elizabeth, in that book (First Day of School) except he wouldn't get himself stuck in his cubby closet (cubby hole... I don't know why he is calling it a cubby closet). I hope not! I smiled because I know what all that little girl talks about in the book. About making new friends, feeling a little anxious but in the end she says she loves school! We decided it was time to go on in and so we got out of the car and started that LONG walk in. Well, it wasn't all that long but I wanted it to be even longer so it would last a little longer for me! He told me he wanted us to walk on the curb and balance without we did. Then he wanted to only walk on a certain side of the side we did. At last, to the front door. Believe me, I did not want to open that door up at all! I had to. We went in and to the gym for morning announcements. Because it was his first day they said that we (parents) could stay for announcements if we would like. Like? I love! I wanted to! So we just stood there and were the only ones for about five or so minutes and then some other Kindergarten students wandered on in. Some of their parents stayed but most chose to go ahead and go. Not me. I stood there. I laughed and nervously "petted" Samuel's hair and rubbed his back. I could tell I was starting to feel a little better. A couple of teachers came up and introduced themselves to us and I was noticing Samuel's behavior changing. He began to turn his head away from them and bury his face in my arm and hold on very very tightly to my hand and that is when I knew I had to go. I knew it was only going to get worse the longer I stayed and I also knew that if I saw tears... that would be it. I would have to enroll myself into Kindergarten because I couldn't have left him crying. So, I (smiling as big as possible) hugged him really tight and told him I had to go to work. He was holding on tight and had his little eyes closed. I whispered to him that I loved him and although I couldn't stay with him all day there would be someone with him all day ... and that if he got to feeling nervous or a little scared he could do one thing that I knew would make him feel better and he looked and said, "I know mommy. I am praying to Jesus right now." I hated to dash out the way I did but I gave him a quick squeeze and told him how much I love him and that I would be back to get him soon and basically had to run out of that building because I had promised myself that I would NOT cry inside the school. I had to hurry because my eyes were filling up fast and I didn't want the tears to drop. I didn't lose it when I got in my car but I had a little cry. And again when my co-workers asked me how it went. And again when I talked to John. And again just every single time I think of his face. I can't wait to walk across the street and pick him up.

The other night I was telling him how I wish he could stay little forever and of course, I started crying then too and he said, "Don't worry mommy! I know right where your office is and I will walk over there and I will check on you when I can. I will be fine and you will too!". Isn't he sweet?? I am so blessed to have him going to the Elementary school here on campus. It is actually a Laboratory school here on campus that is used by the Elementary Education department and I am very excited to have him close by to me! As I was darting out the door of the school this morning the Principal stopped me and said, "Mrs. Rainey, I ran into Samuel's Pre-K teacher and she told me what a sweet boy he is and how much we are all going to just fall in love with him. We are really looking forward to having him here.". That.Made.My.Day.  I know that Samuel is a persitent and determined little boy. He is super smart and will do well and make friends easily. I am not ready for him to be this big just yet but I know we will all settle in.

My prayer for my boys this year is:

Dear Lord,
Please use your loving hand to guide my sweet boys through this year. Please help them to be able to consider other's feelings and needs when making decisions. Help them to use their words wisely. Help them to continue to turn their thoughts and hearts more towards you and more like you.  Please pour out compassion and love through them. Help them to tune their ears into not only what the teachers are saying but to hear what you are saying as well. Please direct their feet to go down the path that you already have laid out for them. I thank you, Father, for going before them and making a way. I pray that every single thing they try and participate in would be an accomplishment. That their hands and minds would be favored. I pray Lord over their feet...that every single step they take is in peace and in love.Help them Lord to walk in the confidence and boldness that you have placed in them through Jesus Christ. I pray Lord that all their dreams and attempts be made successful. Help remind them of who they are in you. They are victorious, of a Royal Priesthood, A Prince, a son of the Most High King, above and not beneath, highly favored, blessed, loved, never alone, the head and not the tail. Please keep them safe while we have to be away from each other Lord. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Me and the boys before school

Kobe's first day of 5th grade

Callum--first day of 10th grade

Brothers! The infamous "tree" picture

Me and Kobe before his first day of school

This is Kobe on his way into school... he looked back to be silly and I was trying to take the following picture and accidentally got this one...but I love it! It is SO Kobe!

 On his way into school

Samuel on his first day of Kindergarten

He is ready! Here he comes Kindergarten!!

On our way into the school...look how big his backpack looks and how little he looks!!

And this... this is Samuel's "Silly Squirrel" face! 

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