John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Last Weekend of Summer

Well, I had made myself a little list of things I would like to do with my kids this summer before they had to go back to school. I am going to be honest... I failed! Miserably! I always have GREAT intentions and great ideas but I just don't always carry them out. I have taken a few days off from work here and there to hang out with them or take them places but I didn't really get to ALL of my list.

I was off from work on Thursday and just hung out with the kids all day long. Kobe had registration for the 5th grade and so we went and met his teacher and turned in a lot of paperwork and then we headed to the mall and other stores to shop around and see what we could find. Kobe was wanting a few more things for back to school and I needed a few things for Samuel so it was a pretty productive day. We had lunch together and laughed and talked and held hands. It was a great day. That afternoon Kobe had football practice and as Samuel and I were walking up I noticed someone sitting beside my dad and after I realized who it was I asked Samuel who it was. He squealed out, "It is my PawPaw Bruce sitting by my Poppa!". John's dad and Diane had snuck into town and Bruce had come to Kobe's practice. We visited with them after practice and ate dinner and then they went back to my parent's house to stay the night.

Friday I went into work but I knew the kids would have a great day since PawPaw Bruce and Diane were in town. They picked the boys up and took them out to lunch and then to Spring Park to feed the ducks and ride on the rides. I think the roller coaster was their favorite. Diane said they rode it about thirty times! We all ate dinner together and hung out for a while and then they went back to my parents house to spend the night.

Saturday we got up and ate our breakfast and headed out with my dad, PawPaw Bruce, and Diane. We went to the hunting club and just hung out and shot guns. Samuel took a BB gun but ended up getting to shoot the real thing. He was so pleased with himself. Kobe shot several guns that he had not ever shot before and that he was a little scared of at first but did well. I even shot some guns. I did WELL. My dad used to take me target shooting when I was younger but I know I haven't been target shooting in at least ten years and I was still able to shoot my target better than the rest! Kobe was SO jealous!

Saturday evening we all went to my mom's house and ate dinner. We just sat around and talked and enjoyed each other's company and it was very nice. The adults took turns riding a bicycle built for two (harder than it looks!) and the kids rode their bikes and ran around the yard trying to catch frogs. The weather was so nice outside and we really didn't want to go inside!  It is nice that our parents get along with each other so well. John and I took the boys and went home to watch Hunger Games while his dad and Diane stayed behind to chat with my parents.

Sunday morning we were up and went to church. I am so glad that my kids love going to church. They even ask to get there early! We had a good church service and then we went on home for lunch. I had put some chicken tacos in the crock pot so when we got home we got cheese dip from a nearby restaurant and spent some time just chatting and eating together. I had a LOT that needed to be done. I had been busy most nights with Kobe and football practice and had been busy with running here and there all weekend long and had let some things fall to the wayside. I got busy and got to moving right along. The kids were so tired but there was one thing that was on my list that I really, really wanted to do with them so we decided to skip church (which I normally don't do but we figured this ONE time wouldn't hurt!) and go have ice cream for dinner. The kids LOVED it and so did I. They were so cute and thought it was cool that we were really and truly eating ice cream for dinner.

That night after the boys had taken a shower and were all ready for bed we cuddled up on my bed and talked about the coming school year and read some books. We laid every one's clothes out and packed every back pack up.

It was a great last weekend to summer!

John and Callum

John and Kobe

Sam and Poppa

Sam was dying for Poppa to let him shoot a pistol!

Sam and Poppa

Sam and the BB gun... He looks so serious!

Poppa and PawPaw Bruce

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