John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Catching Up

I have taken an unintentional "break" from my blog this past week or so. I certainly didn't mean to but with me being on vacation and just staying busy I honestly haven't made the time to blog. So I am going to play a bit of "Catch Up" today.

Last week was lovely. It was a week off from work. Glorious! I love my job but who wouldn't rather be off and spending time doing things you really want to be doing?? 

On Wednesday I made Ranch Cheese Burgers and red, white and blue cupcakes for the 4th of July picnic that our church hosts each year. We packed our food and our cooler and by the time we reached our destination it was raining. It wasn't pouring down but it was a steady flow of rain. Luckily it stopped almost as quickly as it had started and the kids hit the pool. I had a nice time visiting with friends and watching my kids play around with each other and with their friends from church. We decided to head out a little early because a dear, sweet friend of mine had a grandmother in ICU at the hospital and I wanted to drop off some fresh fruit and festive red, white, and blue cupcakes for those sitting in the waiting room waiting on visiting hours. We got to the hospital just in time. The hospital is located very close to the river and each year there is a huge fireworks display on the river. So this year we watched from the windows of ICU waiting room and the kids even went up to the top floor with John to see better. I think John told them it was to see better but really I think he was trying to get the kids out of the waiting room. They were growing tired of sitting and trying to be on their best behavior. We stuck around for a couple of hours and just chatted and prayed and let our friend know that we were there. Afterwards we went home where everyone pretty much collapsed from exhaustion. 

On Thursday I had the *best* intentions. How many of us know that sometimes we can have the best intentions and it all goes crazy?? Well, that is sort of what happened. We all woke up and ate breakfast. Since I was planning to take a meal to my neighbor (who is also my cousin) and his wife because they just had a baby boy, I decided to go to the grocery store and get it out of the way first thing that day. I had a list and I semi stuck to it and got what we needed for the week and got back home in record time. I decided to get the kids ready and take them to the movies. We decided to go see Brave. Everyone was pretty excited and ready to go. Kobe was a little TOO Excited. He took off running through the dining room and ended up running into a buffet table and knocking over my little collection of Willow Tree people. {Insert story on Willow Tree Collection: John started this collection for me on the day we got married. He has bought me one through each stage of life. I have a man and woman, a pregnant woman, a woman with two boys, etc. So they are pretty special to me.} Two of them had broken pieces and I won't lie... I will be REAL... I yelled. Now, I wish I hadn't. I mean it is just STUFF! I was just so frustrated because I honestly do not know how many times I have said, "NO RUNNING IN THE HOUSE!". So I ended up having to apologize for yelling like an idiot on the way to the movies. We got to the movie theater where the line was LONG and the temperatures were HOT. We bought our tickets and our popcorn (this is when I realized why I DO NOT go to the movies). Those prices are just ridiculous! I know I am getting old because I asked the girl at the counter if I was seeing the numbers right. $19.75 for popcorn and a drink...for a large popcorn and two drinks. I felt like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride when he keeps bugging his eyes out and loosening his top button on his shirt and claiming it was getting hot because the prices were so high! But I had three kids in tow. So I decided to do the kids trays for them...they were a much better price and I believe that from now on IF I EVER go back I will buy myself a kiddie tray and call it a day. So, $70 later we have our popcorn and tickets and we are on our way inside. I feel the cool air on my face as we enter the dark theater and my mood instantly lifts. I feel happy about just hanging out with my kids and watching a movie that they have been wanting to see. UNTIL I realize that the theater is FULL. I mean FULL. There are not four seats together ANYWHERE! All that happy times I had just daydreamed of were GONE out the window. I walked straight back out and asked for the manager. I explained that I had three kids with me and we weren't going to be splitting up in that theater. She said then you will just have to get a refund. Ok, I don't know how many of you have a five year old but he doesn't really get what a refund is. HE has NO idea what is happening. He just knows that we are sitting on a bench in the lobby of the theater eating cold popcorn while the movie he was so excited about seeing is playing. This is where I really went wild. He was crying. It was 112 degrees outside. I was hot. I was ill. I was disappointed. He kept saying over and over why are we not watching our movie. So, I did the only thing I could think of. Now, I am NOT proud of this but I was in one of those desperate mother moments and I needed a QUICK fix to somehow salvage this day and I said, "Sam! Look! See that lady in the black shirt? She is why we can't see the movie. She is mean and couldn't find us seats together so we can't watch the movie!". I know. That was my low point. Not proud of it but it took the heat off for a moment and I went and got my refund after being DRILLED by the ticket selling lady. I got my kids and we had a sad, cold popcorn and coke lunch in my SUV. LUCKILY! I forgot I had a couple of those movie candy M&M boxes in my purse. So I handed those out and after promising to let Sam pick any movie he wanted out of the Redbox he was happy. We went to two different Redbox locations before he found the "perfect" movie. We went home and all piled up and watch a movie in the comfort of our own living room. We cooked a meal for our neighbors and proudly delivered it and came back home and declared it "Rainey Family Cinema Night" and we even ate in the living room. {gasp} Seriously though...that is such a treat for my kids because we NEVER do it. So it started well and ended well...hopefully the junk in the middle didn't scar them too badly.

Friday. Friday we went to First Fridays. We listened to the local band Three Lanes Crossing and walked around and checked out all the local vendors. For some of you that aren't from my area you may not know what First Fridays is all about. It is held every first Friday of the month and the streets in downtown Florence are blocked off and you can walk up and down the streets where there are vendors with homemade items and some entertainment as well. We saw vendors with homemade jewelry, baked goods, photography, frames, home decor, and I could just go on and on. In the middle of one street there is a stage where the band (s) play and in the middle of the other street is usually some sort of entertainment. This time is was a group of people jousting. Sam really like that. They were dressed in Renaissance clothing and were clinging and clanging swords with each other...yep, right up his alley. There were several kid booths with balloon animals and face painting and balloons. I went there because I love going and walking around and running in to everyone we know but this time I had a small ulterior motive. I was meeting up with my friend Jennifer at her booth for her business Grace and Faith Designs to pick up a few things for myself. (Remember my post a couple of weeks ago... HERE...well... I totally did it.) I bought myself THREE things. I bought a bracelet that I LOVE, a pair of earrings, and a necklace. I was pretty proud! I never do that so it was kind of a big deal. While I stood and talked the boys got hot and walked down to get some ice cream. There was an events company there that provides "snow" for events and entertainment so it was snowing in July downtown and it was pretty neat...too bad it didn't cool us off though! 

Source for these pictures:  First Fridays

Saturday. I am not sure if I did ONE thing Saturday except fix lunch and dinner. We stayed up REALLY late on Friday night and so we all slept in pretty late. Well, not me. I was up before anyone but don't worry! John decided to watch these weird guy movies on the Spike Channel all morning so I just dozed off and napped until around 1:30 when I decided I would get up and fix lunch. Then I decided to be even more lazy. The kids didn't want to go outside because it was too hot so we just had a lazy day inside. I took a request from each child on what they would want one night for the menu and so Saturday night was the boy's pick: Hamburger Helper, mashed potatoes, and corn. YUCK! I don't like it but it wasn't horrible either. We stayed up REALLY late again watching movies and just hanging out inside!

Sunday. We woke up very early to go and visit with a friend of mine in Decatur. We went to church with her and then to Steak and Shake for lunch. My food was great but John wasn't impressed.  We came home in a thunder storm so my nerves were completely shot by the time we got home. Everyone was so tired from our NON schedule following week that we all took a nap. After that we got up and the boys went outside to show me their tricks on their scooters and Haley showed us the tricks she had taught Levi. It was a nice relaxing family Sunday.

Monday. RUDE AWAKENING. I stayed up way to late as usual on Sunday night and had to get up to return to work. Luckily, I love my job and so it wasn't THAT bad. I got home from work and made Samuel's choice for dinner. Spaghetti with meatballs, "Olive Garden" Salad (as he calls it... Salad with Olives) and garlic bread. We had a nice family dinner and then the boys wanted to go outside and play and eventually (after it was too dark to play outside anymore) Samuel deemed it "Rainey Family Cinema Night" and we watched Evan Almighty and shared popcorn. Well, the boys shared the popcorn and I came in on the tail end of the movie because I had some things for church I had to take care of but I did make it for the last bit of the movie!

Which brings me to today. The above mentioned is why I haven't posted a Thankful Thursday or a Five on Friday for last week and I think I am just going to pick up where I Left off instead of catching up.

I don't know why but it sure seems like the days you are off pass by much more quickly than the days that you are at work.

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