John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Liebster Award---All About Me

So, this morning sweet Elenie from THE COUNTS blog gave me a Liebster award. Which, I think is super sweet. 

Thanks, Elenie!

Liebster is a German word and it means, sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. The award is given to followers with less than 200 followers.

First, I am supposed to list 11 random facts about myself. So here goes:

1. I am a wife.
2. I am a mother.
3. I work full time at a local university and I love it!
4. I love God.
5. I have a heart for homeless ministries and reaching the latch key kids of America.
6. I love ballet and watching anything that dance is involved. I am considering taking a few classes to remind me of my younger days ... once I lose some weight so I could actually move around like the younger girls!
7. I love helping out at church. I really, really love being a greeter.
8. I love to paint and create. Read on that HERE. I actually delivered two pieces today and I can't wait to do more!
9. I am a crier. I cry all the time! I cry when I am sad, glad, happy, or proud. If I see you cry...I am gong to cry right along with you!
10. I LOVE America's Most Wanted. I watch it every single Friday night. I love when Adam Walsh uses phrases like "Let's catch this Scumbag" or "Help me get the coward behind bars"... it is great!
11. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower.

There you have 11 RANDOM and BORING facts about me.

Let's see, next I am supposed to answer the questions that Elenie asked me:

1. Where was your first date with your Hubby/Significant other? 
     **That is such a great question... I went out with him on a group date for the first time for my cousin's husband's (my husband's best friend at the time) birthday. Ever since then... we have been inseparable!**

2. What is your favorite movie?
     **Also, another great question! I love movies so this is going to be a little hard for me to narrow down just one. One movie that I can watch over and over again is P.S. I love you and if I am watching it with the kids... Napoleon Dynamite!**

3. Do you have any special talents? If so, what are they?
    **Talents? Me? Well, yes. God gave me plenty of talents... I don't think I know them all just yet though! I used to dance, ballet. I also love painting, decorating, and arranging! I am an easy person to be around and talk to ... I love to listen and just "be there" for people in general.**

4. How long have you been blogging and Why do you like to blog?
    **I have been blogging for about two years but only got serious about getting all of my memories and thought down about a year and a half ago. I can't wait to order my first blog book. I want it to be something my children can look back upon and remember me and our crazy, bad, good, real life days! But mostly to remember how much I love and adore them!**

5. Do you like to cook? If so, what is your favorite recipe?
    **Well, I like to but it doesn't always turn out like I hope! I guess my favorite recipe is my chicken casserole. I kind of change it up each time I make it...but it never disappoints and everyone loves it! A close second is my homemade lasagna. That is John's favorite and so when I want to something extra nice for him I slave to make it for him!**

6. Pepsi or Coke products? ;)
    ** I guess since Pepsi pays the bills in my household... I will go with Pepsi. However... I do enjoy a good COLD, ice filled, coke zero every once in a while! I don't drink a lot of soda though. I mainly stick with either Milo's Splenda tea or water.**

7. If you could go back in time to one moment in your life, what moment would you pick?
     **The day my friend Susie moved ... she came by to say goodbye and my life was just hectic and crazy and I didn't spend enough time with her while I had the chance. I would definitely change that!**

8. How many children do you have/would you like to have?
    ** I have one (Kobe), He has two (Callum and Haley), and we have one together (Samuel). So that makes four. I consider them all my children. Callum, Kobe, and Samuel live with us in our home and Haley lives with her mom and visits us as often as possible. I love them all! And... I kind of think four is enough!**

9. What is the one beauty product you absolutely can't live without?
     **I don't know if it is considered a "beauty" product but I can't live without my Softlips.**

10. Name 3 things in your purse right now.
      **Wallet, A small Batman, and Colgate Wisp disposable toothbrushes**

11. Did you or do you play any sports? If so, what?
      **When I was LITTLE I played T-Ball. Then I progressed to cheer leading. I finally settled in on dance. I loved ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and pointe. 

WOW! Elenie! Those are some good questions! Those will be hard to follow!

Let's see, next I am supposed to come up with eleven questions for the people I nominate and give the Liebster Award here goes...

1.  What is the number one played song on your ipod?
2.  What is your LEAST favorite chore?
3.  What is your favorite quote/Bible scripture?
4.  What is your favorite food to eat? to Cook?
5.  What is your favorite sound?
6.  What is your favorite "ME TIME" activity?
7.  If you could go back to any age what would it be?
8.  If you could witness any event (past, present, future) what would it be?
9.  What are the first three words that come to your mind?
10.  What is your favorite book?
11.  Which movie can you watch over and over and it still "gets you" every single time?

Here are the blogs that I nominate for the Liebster award:

1. Lauren @ Being the Borquez's
2. Stacy @ Blogging With Stacy  
3. Mary Beth @ Life With The Alstons
5. MaggieMaggie Dawn
6. WhitneyThe Brink Bunch
7. RachelThe Johnson's
9. JenniferToo Goodin to be True
10. SarahAlways Ruffles
11. Cindy @The Landers' Life

Ok, I have listed my random facts, I have answered Elenie's questions, and I have written my own questions and nominated eleven very deserving {sweet} blogs for the Liebster award. All I have left is to go let these awesome bloggers know that  I have nominated them and post the rules.

Rules for the Liebster Award are as follows: 
(1) Post 11 things about yourself, (2) Answer the questions that your nominating blogger has set for you and then create 11 questions for your nominees, (3) choose up to 11 blogs to nominate and link them in your post, (4) go to their respective blogs and let them know, and (5) no tag backs! 

Thanks again, Elenie! I really had fun with this post!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lunch Date

Today my mom called and said that she and Samuel would like to take me to lunch. We met at Trowbridge's downtown because it is close to my office. I had fun just chatting with my mom and sitting beside Samuel.

Trowbridge's Ice Cream and Sandwich Bar
Trowbridge's in Dowtown Florene, AL

If you are ever in Florence, Al you need to visit Trowbridge's

I had their chicken salad sandwich, Samuel had a grilled cheese with pickles on the side, and my mom had a banana sandwich. They have all kinds of sandwiches, hot dogs, soups, and of course, ice cream, and shakes!

Both boys love it in here. It has been around forever and my grandmother used to always take me when I was little. Now my mom and I take my boys. It is a little ice cream shop that has a TON of flavors and serves the BEST pimento cheese sandwiches. It is a fun your drinks are served in glass bottles! 

We had a great time. I LOVE surprise lunch dates with my mom and it is even better when she brings one of my sweeties along!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's The Only One I Know...

Recently Kobe asked me what my favorite Bible verse is. I told him a few that I hold pretty close to my heart and asked him why he asked. He said he wanted some new verses to look up. He said the only one he had been reading and looking up was John 3:16. He said he had that one memorized. A GREAT verse for him to start with for sure. He wanted to read more verses but continually kept opening his Bible to John 3:16 because (when asked why this one) he said, "It's the only one I know." I asked him how he knew it. He said: Tim Tebow. Thanks, Tim Tebow for taking a stand in your beliefs because that motivated my child to read about God's Love.

Stand up for what you believe in, even if it means standing alone.

The easy thing isn't always the right thing and the right thing isn't always the popular thing.

Do RIGHT anyway.

Thankful Thursday 07-26-2012

This week's is a little bit different. I am going to list ten events that happened this week that I am SO thankful for. 

This Week's Top Ten:

1. I am SO thankful that John is ONE week closer to starting his new job. He got a promotion at work and he totally deserved it. He is a loyal employee and a hard/dedicated worker. He is so knowledgeable. He can figure anything out that he needs/wants to and is successful with most all of his endeavors. I am very, very proud and thankful for him. 

2. Sunday morning when we got into the car Kobe said, "WAIT! I forgot my Bible. Can I please go back in to get my Bible?" ... well, of course he could. We were a little later than I had hoped but there was NO WAY I was going to use my famous "tag line" of "Hurry UP I am late" in this situation. I was so thrilled he wanted it. Once we arrived at church it was raining pretty steadily. He tucked that Bible under his shirt so it wouldn't get wet. I had some tears in my eyes. 

3. The other night we were riding in the car and a radio station was asking "Who is your favorite Superhero?" and people could call in and cast their vote. Samuel said, "They didn't say my favorite Superhero." I heard them say Batman so I asked who his favorite was then. He answered, "God and Jesus." Uhm... I may not do a lot right but HELLO??!!! That moment was kind of confirmation that I can do SOME things right.

4. I woke up Monday as a 31 (or twenty eleven in my can read on that HERE) year old woman. I didn't feel any different at all. I guess that is just what happens when you keep getting older. I remember hearing people say "Oh it's just another day" and thinking NO! It is your BIRTHDAY! You ONLY day in 365 that is YOURS and ONLY Yours! But, you know what... when you start getting is just another day. BUT a sweet co-worker brought me a cookie cake. A double layered cookie cake with pink polka dots on it. Cookies, Pink, and Polka Dots. Perfect. I don't think I have had a birthday cake in about 16 years! Then she took me to lunch. I am thankful for her ... she really helped my day move along. When I got back from lunch I had flowers delivered for my birthday and they were beautiful! I am thankful for a great place to work and great people to work with.

5. When I got home from work my sweet FAMILY had been busy little bees. They had mowed the yard and pulled weeds! I was THRILLED! I was planning on doing it myself and with the 100+ degree temperatures... I was VERY thankful that I didn't have to. I normally don't but I had started feeling guilty for not ever helping with the yard work and told the family that I would take care of the yard this week. Lucky for me, I didn't have to! Then I went in to a CLEAN home that smelled delicious! John was in the kitchen cooking my FAVORITE meal....Sloppy Joes. We don't get to have it often because everyone hates it but me and we had them on Monday... it was MY birthday after all.

6. Later that evening we declared it Rainey Family Cinema Night and I asked Samuel what he would like to watch. He said, "I don't care what we watch Mommy, as long as I watch it with you." Have I mentioned lately how much I love this child?

7. Saturday night I got to spend a little time just me and John. We went to Helen and the Blues. It is my favorite W.C. Handy Event. It is a sit down dinner with a couple of different blues/jazz bands and dancing. I love it! John wasn't feeling great and we left the little boys home with Haley so we left a little earlier than I wanted to that night. BUT I got a reprise on date night on Tuesday night when John took me out for my birthday dinner. I like hanging out with JUST him sometimes.

8. I am thankful for hearing my kids ask me to if we are going to church and can we please get there early!

9. I am thankful for meeting new people and making new friends.

10. I am thankful for peace. I am thankful for confirmation. I am thankful for God's Faithfulness and Provision that he shows us every single day.

What are you thankful for today?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

52 Home---Week 29

Birthday Flowers 

Just the Two of Us

Weird Picture... John took me out for my birthday dinner last night and we snapped this as a self portrait. It was the best we could do!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Wish List

Today I am linking up to The Eloping Stethoscope and making a wish list! A BIG welcome to all of the Eloping Stethoscope readers.

Infinity Knot Ring
Source: Silly Shiny Knots Collection

1. I am DYING for one of these Eternity Knot Rings.

2. OR How about a pair of these Vintage Diamond Earrings. I would LOVE to find a pair that look similar to these:

vintage diamond earrings.

3. I am reading this:

Source: Dave Ramsey Website

in hopes that it will speed up mine and John's "wish" to be debt free. We have a plan in place and I just hope we can stay responsible and focused on the reward at hand! In the "scheme of things" we aren't that bad in debt so I think this could be a breeze if we really stick to it!

4. I want to go on a Mission Trip to Haiti to love on and help kids like this:

Source: Hope for Haiti

Source: Hope for Haiti

5. I really wish I could travel to Boston sometime soon...

Pinned Image

Doesn't it look just lovely?!

6.  I wish I could get this tattoo today...while I have it on my "to do" list I am afraid it won't come soon enough!

Pinned Image

7. Money. For a shopping spree. Money that I don't have to feel guilty about spending. Money that I could go and buy myself something and still have plenty to buy my boys some fun things. I would split it with John so he could get some fun things too! I am getting better about spending money on myself. AND not things for the house...for ME!

8. I wish we could wiggle our noses and all the "fix it" spots in our home would be done!

9. I wish it wasn't so long until our next family vacation. I wish that was happening today! I have a little plan up my sleeve for when the time is right though....

10. I wish I could have more date nights with John. We rarely EVER go anywhere by ourselves. We want to we just aren't always able to...but I SO wish that would change!

I hope you each have a great day today!! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 20, 2012

This is ONLY a Test

At least that is what I am going to keep telling myself.

 "This is ONLY a test!"

Lately, and by lately I mean a couple of months, I feel like I have had all the "crazies" put in my path. I use the term crazies because I just don't know any other word to use. Maybe I should say "Peculiar People". 

There. That is better. Much Better. Nicer Sounding. Peculiar People.

You know, early on I learned that some people just aren't going to like you. That is honestly a hard one for me. I mean, there are people that I just don't get along famously with but I love them as I am commanded to do. I have the whole "I can't like everyone" thing down.  BUT It is a whole different can of worms when you think about people not liking you. No matter what anyone matters. It may not change anything and may be short lived...but there is a certain sting you get when you think that someone just doesn't like you all that much. 

I try to be helpful, nice, courteous, attentive, and all those good things a friend should be ...but sometimes NO MATTER WHAT YOU DO someone out there is going to find something wrong with it. And then you are going to run in to people that are going to tell you. That is one thing about me...unless pushed I never say anything hurtful out of my mouth to friends. I have made a vow to keep it more "real" on my blog so I will continue to say that sometimes I am not as nice as I should be to my husband and that is just plain ol' crazy! I mean, out of everyone...shouldn't he be the one that I am nicest to? So, I have made a pact with myself to just shut the old mouth up instead of saying every single thing that comes to mind. Some people can not stand this. (I am NOT talking about my husband here just people in general... I think my husband likes it!) If you do not participate in the drama then they have to up it and up it and keep on and on and on with the vague and smarty pants Facebook posts. You know what I learned?? It is OK to "defriend" someone. Not just on social networking sites but in life. I mean, there are times that their insecurities just begin to DRAIN you. I mean, eventually in adulthood you have to move past the ME ME ME mentality. Eventually you have to move from the " I need you to pray for me for this...I need you to do this...will you take care of that" and move to the "How can I serve you, What can I pray with you about" mentality. I am human so I am selfish at times but I really try not to be. I have a lot of kids, a husband, and animals... I am good at NOT being selfish.

One of the best things I have ever heard is this: What other people think about me is none of my business. I agree. Sometimes, after you have done everything you can. I mean, going to this person and apologizing for whatever you have done and owning what they say has hurt them and trying to make it better. You just have to ...Move On.

I would rather do something for someone else than to have something done for me. It is just me. It is how I am built. I do enjoy things being done for me...but I don't require it or even look for it. I go out of my way to make people feel comfortable and to feel the love in a friendship/relationship. But, sometimes I just have to step away.

There are people who will ridicule you for every.thing. From the car you drive, to how you parent your children, to your clothes choices, to your blog! I mean, really... I just need to be human for a second. Why does it matter??? I think a lot of things are said out of jealousy, insecurity, and just down right meaness and the love of drama.

Seriously, something was once said to me about my husband buying me a big SUV for me to drive around in and the neighborhood I live in. First things first... I have four children. There are two adults. That makes six. I drive a seven passenger was kind of a necessity. I work, so no one bought me anything. I pay too. I provide for my family and our money goes into a big pile and we just use it together. No his. No hers. Just ours. I don't live in a great neighborhood. I mean, it isn't dangerous but there are much nicer places to live. The point is...some people just like to pick and I feel like I have been on the receiving end of it lately.

I always help out. For free. Always. (Unless it is a job that I am working) I can't begin to count how many times I have watched children, watched animals, ran this here, took this there, etc and then when I need something... no one is around. 

I have been having to deal with some Customer Service Representatives lately with different businesses. Can I just say: "WHERE oh WHERE for art thou GOOD Customer Service?". I mean it used to be that the customer was right and people wanted to please their customers. Not the case anymore. It is just sickening and it isn't with just the big companies either. I feel like I am begging the checkout person to scan my items so I can buy groceries most times. I guess I just wish people would be a little more courteous and embrace the job that they are currently working. I know a lot of people are working jobs that they wouldn't have chosen and didn't really want but needed out of necessity. But, in my opinion, it doesn't give them the right to be rude.

I have been praying a lot about these kind of situations lately. Lord, please help me not to get offended. Please Lord give me strength to keep my mouth shut when everything inside me wants to go back to my old ways and really let someone have it. Jesus, show me how to love this person from a distance. 

I keep hearing the sound of the National Weather Service testing in my mind. I feel that the Holy Spirit is telling me "This is ONLY a test" and I believe that after testing comes promotion and I am holding onto that these days. 

Some days, you are human and you mess up. Some days, it seems like you can't say anything right and you for sure couldn't do the right thing (by someone else's standards) if you tried. BUT the good news is: It does not matter what anyone thinks about me because I know what my Heavenly Father thinks about me. I know that He never turns His back on me and I know that He is always available. I know where my heart is and I KNOW that I am loved, cherished, and I know that HE smiles down on me each and every single day. I know that he catches all these tears that I cry too! I know that he gives us beauty for ashes. I know that he restores and I know that the devil is a liar.

Psalm 17:8
Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings

The words to I Will Waste My Life by Misty Edwards stay in the front of my mind:

I will waste my life I'll be tested and tried

With no regrets inside of me to find I'm at Your feet

I am in love with You There is no cost

I am in love with You There is no loss
I am in love with You I want to take Your name
I am in love with You I want to cling to You Jesus
Just let me cling to You Jesus

I will pass this test as I have done in the past. I will not let it get a hold of me and drag me down... I will lift my head and take comfort and shelter under His wings.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

He's a Good, Good Father

God. He is a GOOD Father to His children.

As you saw in my post earlier today, I didn't have the kind of morning that I wish I had experienced. Nor, did I provide the kind of morning to my child that I wish I had. That kind of thing can make you feel plain old terrible.

One of my FAVORITE Bible verses is this one:

   But you, O LORD, are a shield about me,
   my glory, and the lifter of my head.
Psalm 3:3

Sometimes when I am having a rough day I just get up and start walking around and repeating this verse over and over and with each time I lift my head. Literally lift my head to Heaven. I do this because I know that is where my hope comes from. I know that He is the literal lifter of my head. I can be in the WORST mood EVER and just start doing this and instantly feel better. Because I know it is the truth. 

I have struggled today with feeling really inadequate in several areas of my life. Especially the parenting area after this morning's events. I have been trying to feel better (which I truly won't until I see my little Sam man) and I stumbled across a devotion that is exactly what I needed. I know that God had this for me:

Yes, you have failed. So have I. But despite our failures, we are loved. So let’s no longer focus on the ugly way we feel, but on the beautiful way He feels. Rather than allowing our sin to be our shame, let’s allow Him to be our glory. May our heads and our hearts be lifted as we learn to look not to what we have done, but to what He has done for us.  

I encourage all moms to go read some of the devotions on this site. 

Hurry Up! I'm Late!!

I say that little phrase about once a day...sometimes more. Sometimes when we are in the car my kids will say, "Mom, are we running late?". Most of the time I have to say, "YES". There are a very few times that I actually can say no.  The MAIN thing that causes this problem is : I LOVE my sleep. 

So, really it should be easy to fix. 

I should just go to bed earlier. Only problem with going to bed earlier is this: I have to stay up until all hours to get my "me" time in after everything else is done. The summer months are a little easier since there isn't any practices my children have to attend and no school functions and no homework and tests to study for but generally I stay up after the kids go to bed to do things around the house, paint something, or empty out my DVR and catch up on my favorite shows. Since my children don't go to bed until around 9:00 or after (mainly after) you can imagine that I am up until at LEAST midnight just so I can have time to do a couple of things and watch fall asleep with a show on TV. 

OR, I could get up earlier....but there is that pesky little detail again: I LOVE MY SLEEP! I have tried the whole getting up earlier thing and I found this: I just find more things to do! I will run a load of dishes or a load of clothes. I actually found myself dusting once! So, it doesn't really serve the purpose I want it to, which is to be able to make our mornings more leisurely and less hectic, it honestly only intensifies them and so then I decided...I would rather just sleep if they are going to be hectic anyway.

I am a working mother. I LOVE my job and it affords as much time off as I need and since I work for a University, the campus is closed all the days my children's schools are closed. In fact, the campus is closed more days than my children are actually out of school during some extended break times. Anyway, back on topic. I love working. Especially since my children are in school. I am able to contribute to my household and provide them with the things that they need and want to do and throw in some fun things in between. They are in school for EIGHT hours a day and I work EIGHT hours a day PLUS I am able to be at any function they choose for me to be involved in so I think it works for me. Except on days like today.

Because I work, I do have a certain time that I am expected to be in my office. Because I have posted office hours and students rely on me to be here... I kind of really need to be on time. I am responsible for dropping Samuel off at daycare in the mornings on my way to work. Most mornings he is a sleepy head and in a bad mood because...yep, you guessed it...lack of sleep! He HATES going to bed and hates waking up WORSE!  So hearing me say the lovely words, "Come on Sam, I am running late. I gotta go right now!" don't really do anything but further irritate him. We sometimes talk on the way to school but mostly it is me making stupid, goofy faces in the rear view mirror and saying crazy things trying to get a laugh or a smile from him. Sometimes that isn't easy and some days it is down right impossible. HE is like a statue. Nothing.Works.

Once at daycare it can go one of two ways. One: He is clinging to my arm and/or my legs and won't let me go and I am telling him that I will be back soon and that I love him and he will have fun, etc. Two: He hates me. He hates the air I breathe. Heck, he even hates the air he breathes. In order to "keep it real" I am going to tell what happened this morning although it made me cry real big tears when I got back in my car to head to work.

We pulled up to the drop off canopy and I grabbed his fruit loops and strawberries and got out to open his door. As I opened his door I asked him to get his nap mat out and that is when I realized that he hadn't buckled his seat belt. Not.His.Fault. I should have checked. I normally ask and check but he is so independent now and when I ask he gets ill about it ...that and like I said... I was in a hurry and everything was too hectic and if I am being honest (which I am) I will just tell you : I forgot. I said, "SAM! You didn't buckle your seat belt this morning! You can't forget that. You always have to wear your seat belt so you will be safe". He started to tell me he forgot and all the whys to it as he just sat there in the backseat. I cut him off. I hate myself for this. I said, "Sam, could we talk and walk at the same time. I am late. I need to hurry up" . Definitely the low point of my morning. (Luckily I have done much worse in my ten years as a parent so it isn't the low point of parenting...THIS post was definitely my low point in parenting) I felt so terrible. I felt really BAD that I had just basically shushed my child from talking to me. Even makes my heart and stomach hurt. It was just us. No other distractions to cause me to need to ask him to hush or wait a minute until it was his turn to talk. Nope. Just us and I totally blew it. I tried to lighten the mood and asked him to tell me what he was trying to say as we walked inside but he just got tears in his eyes and crossed his arms (OK, definitely feeling like runner up to low point in parenting at this moment). We walked down the hall and he wouldn't walk beside me. He just got near the wall and ran his hand down it. Seeing that in my mind now make me literally have tears in my eyes. I asked him what was wrong. He just looked at me. Not nicely. I totally deserved it. He didn't say a word. And, I didn't need him to. I knew exactly what was wrong. I just crushed his spirit. We entered his room and I put his breakfast down on the table and swung around to him standing beside me and kneeled down and asked begged for a hug and kiss. It wasn't happening. I just kissed him on the top of the head and told him I loved him and walked away. I heard footsteps running behind me and turned around because I couldn't stand leaving without those little arms wrapped around my neck...but it wasn't him. He was truly upset with me. I had no choice... I had to keep walking out of those doors because after all... I was late and needed to hurry up. 

I felt TERRIBLE all the way to work. I realize that he probably isn't even thinking about this right now. He is over it and (hopefully) will be glad to see me this afternoon. But this kind of thing weighs on a momma. I love my kids more than anything BUT I am human. I make mistakes. I say the wrong things, I do the wrong things, I act the wrong way, and sometimes I have the wrong attitude. 

I started praying about it and the Lord (faithful that He is) began speaking to me. He told me that I better be glad He doesn't parent me the way I just parented my Sam. Which is true. God lingers and doesn't rush or force anything. That kind of stung but I know it is right. I began feeling like a big fat failure as a mom. I thought about how much my kids will probably grow up to hate me because of, that is the enemy talking. The Lord quickly shut him up and reminded me that if my children didn't love me and didn't want to be around me that it wouldn't have bothered us (Sam and myself) so badly about what happened this morning. 

I know that all moms have these "bad mommy moments" where you wish you could just go back and re-do that. This definitely makes the list. We try to continue our day but all we can think about is getting our kid and hugging them and telling them we are sorry and how much we love them.

It is a lesson learned. Hopefully I can be more diligent in making our morning smoother and less hectic. I know there are going to be "those" days but I surely hope they are far and few between.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

52 Home---Week 28

The new door hanging I just made for my front door. I love burlap and polka dots!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thankful Thursday 07-12-2012

If you ever wonder why I do a blog on Thursdays about being thankful please see this post.

This week's top ten :

1. God. He is for us and not against us. He is our Defender and through Him all things are possible. ALL good things come from Him.

2. Jesus. Thankful for the example of Christ. I am so far from it but I do want to be more like Him.

3. John. I am pretty proud of and for him (for a reason I will announce in a couple of weeks) right now. Well, I always am but I am super proud of him right now. I am especially proud of him for his persistence and determination (well, that and for putting up with me!). 

4. Kobe. He makes me laugh. He snuggles with me on the couch late at night when the house is quiet and eats Cheese Nips with me while watching The Walking Dead . We are currently re-watching seasons one and two. He makes me proud. Yesterday Haley (my step daughter that is here in Alabama spending the summer with us) had on a shirt that said "Free Hugs". We were eating dinner and about to leave for church when Kobe said, "Haley, you don't have to wear a shirt that says "free hugs" to church. At our church they just give them to you whether your shirt says it or not". That made me giggle.

5. Sam. That child loves his daddy. He is a daddy's boy most of the time. Sometimes he really just wants me but it is of rare occasion. He cuddles up with me some nights and lets me whisper affirmations in his little ear and tell him how much I love him. I sometimes wonder if he has any part of me in him. I mean he looks like his dad and loves whatever his dad loves. So yesterday when he told me the rules of buying his school backpack, I was pleased to know that he does get some things from me. He said, "Mom, I want my kindergarten backpack to be cool. Not baby. Please don't let it have any movie or cartoon people on there." See? My kid for sure!

6. Haley. It makes me smile that she still wants and needs affirmation from us. She still brings her drawings into whatever room we are in to ask us if we like it. I think it is cute how she acts so independent but then at times a tad bit of "little girl" still comes out.

7. Spontaneous Lunch Dates. Today John met up with me for lunch. We were just chatting on the phone for a few minutes and all of a sudden we decided to meet in an hour for lunch. I love it even more when it is from Subway and it doesn't make me feel bad about the calories I just ate!

8. Things That Make Me Giggle. I am one of those people who can sit and just think of something that happened 6 months ago and laugh like it just happened right in front of me again. This morning I sent an odd text message and it has made me giggle all day long. I sent this to John: "Hey! I was so busy preparing for the zombie apocalypse with you this morning that I forgot to tell you that I am down another pound"! I thought about it after I sent it and I just couldn't help it. I just started laughing. I mean, that is funny... especially coming from me!

9. Rain. I am so thankful that we are finally getting some rain. We have needed it so badly. Down side? I never want to get out of bed.  An extra bonus? It was 72 degrees when I left for work this morning instead of 100.

10. Opportunities To See Friends I Don't Get To See All The Time. Whew! That was a long one to type. I am excited to see some friends that I haven't seen in a while tonight. I love running into people that I haven't seen in 15 years and I equally love running into people I just saw 5 minutes before!

What are you thankful for this week? Sometimes we don't think we could come up with ONE thing that we could feel thankful for or blessed with. I have been there when I felt like the whole world was on my shoulders. But if you will try to begin to name just one or two you will feel so much better and pretty soon you will be narrowing down your list because you can't quit thinking of things. Whether you can only utter that you are thankful for the food in your pantry or the clothes on you back...just give thanks!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

52 Home--Week 27

He wants to be just like his daddy. Like Father Like Son. I wish I had gotten a picture from the front too...they not only both wore camo shorts but they also both had on matching Batman shirts!

52 Home--Week 26

July 4th Swimming...he cracks me up!

Ten Things I Love about Summer

This week I am linking up with The Eloping Stethoscope this week and I am going to list my top ten favorite about the Summer.

1. Going to the Farmer's Market. I love going to pick up fresh fruits and vegetables. We have a favorite vendor and we get everything we can from them. The boys love going because if they look at something long enough the old man will say, "Hey boy! You wanna try some of that?" and of course they do and so he lets them. They seem to look at the cantaloupe most often.

2. Late, easy nights. We get to stay up a little later since the kids don't have to report to school and be ready to learn the next morning. We can sit up late and talk, giggle, watch movies, and just do whatever we want. We have no homework or tests to study for and it is wonderful!

3. Splash Pad! I love taking the kids to the splash pad. We have several in our area and so we try to visit them all but our favorite is at the Marriott. It is HUGE and afterwards the boys love to go and play on the playground that they have there as well. We have tried to start making it our little tradition to go get ice cream somewhere afterwards. Last week when we went we left there about 10:00 PM and went to Makadoos for frozen yogurt. Funny side story on that (for memory's sake): I got the pomegranate frozen yogurt with fresh blueberries as a topping. As I sat at the table with my kids I looked around and realized that I was the oldest person in there. (John was at a church playing music) I began to feel kind of cool. I looked at Haley and I said, "I feel so cool, trendy and hip just sitting here eating my fro yo." I was pretty impressed with myself to use the term "fro yo" in a sentence until she replied, "You might have been until you actually said that sentence." Then I got jerked back into reality when I looked and saw my five year old licking chocolate frozen yogurt off of the table. GROSS!

4. Late Night Ice Cream Dates. Again, no school, so we don't have to stick to a schedule if we don't want to. John and I still work but we are used to little to no sleep so we just hang in there. Sunday night after dinner we all loaded up and went out for ice cream. FUN TIMES!

5. Porch Sitting. I love sitting on my porch at the end of the day with a glass of tea and watching my kids run around in my yard. I love when they get the jelly jars out that we poked holes in the lids on and catch fireflies. I love that they can stay out even when it is dark and just run in the yard and play in their play/tree house.

6. Sundresses. This is considered an activity but it is one of my most favorite things about Summer. I love wearing cool (temperature wise) sundresses and throwing my hair up in a ponytail and slipping on my flip flops. It just seems like an easy life on those days.

7. No Sports. Ok, that sound mean but I don't mean it to be. Kobe plays football and basketball. So the only time we have "off" is during the summer except for summer camps and practice that begins in early August so I enjoy and covet my nights of relaxing with my family because I know pretty soon we will be at practice 4 nights a week and a game the other night and on the road to basketball games every Saturday during basketball season. I just enjoy having no particular place to go. When it starts up I will be the biggest fan ever...but until then... I will enjoy no practices and no running all around trying to make it to practice and games and fitting in homework and dinner too!

8. Fresh Watermelon and Strawberries. I love buying watermelon and strawberries. I probably by three pounds or more of strawberries every week and a watermelon a week in the summer months.

9. Movies at the Park. We haven't been this year and I don't know if we went last year but I love to go to our local park. It is almost always an old movie but the times we went it was a lot of fun to just bring a picnic basket and watch the movie. I think the last time we went it was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

10. Festivals. There are several large festivals in our area (Helen Keller and W.C. Handy Festival) and it is so much fun to go and hear the music and participate in the street parties and vendor events.

Catching Up

I have taken an unintentional "break" from my blog this past week or so. I certainly didn't mean to but with me being on vacation and just staying busy I honestly haven't made the time to blog. So I am going to play a bit of "Catch Up" today.

Last week was lovely. It was a week off from work. Glorious! I love my job but who wouldn't rather be off and spending time doing things you really want to be doing?? 

On Wednesday I made Ranch Cheese Burgers and red, white and blue cupcakes for the 4th of July picnic that our church hosts each year. We packed our food and our cooler and by the time we reached our destination it was raining. It wasn't pouring down but it was a steady flow of rain. Luckily it stopped almost as quickly as it had started and the kids hit the pool. I had a nice time visiting with friends and watching my kids play around with each other and with their friends from church. We decided to head out a little early because a dear, sweet friend of mine had a grandmother in ICU at the hospital and I wanted to drop off some fresh fruit and festive red, white, and blue cupcakes for those sitting in the waiting room waiting on visiting hours. We got to the hospital just in time. The hospital is located very close to the river and each year there is a huge fireworks display on the river. So this year we watched from the windows of ICU waiting room and the kids even went up to the top floor with John to see better. I think John told them it was to see better but really I think he was trying to get the kids out of the waiting room. They were growing tired of sitting and trying to be on their best behavior. We stuck around for a couple of hours and just chatted and prayed and let our friend know that we were there. Afterwards we went home where everyone pretty much collapsed from exhaustion. 

On Thursday I had the *best* intentions. How many of us know that sometimes we can have the best intentions and it all goes crazy?? Well, that is sort of what happened. We all woke up and ate breakfast. Since I was planning to take a meal to my neighbor (who is also my cousin) and his wife because they just had a baby boy, I decided to go to the grocery store and get it out of the way first thing that day. I had a list and I semi stuck to it and got what we needed for the week and got back home in record time. I decided to get the kids ready and take them to the movies. We decided to go see Brave. Everyone was pretty excited and ready to go. Kobe was a little TOO Excited. He took off running through the dining room and ended up running into a buffet table and knocking over my little collection of Willow Tree people. {Insert story on Willow Tree Collection: John started this collection for me on the day we got married. He has bought me one through each stage of life. I have a man and woman, a pregnant woman, a woman with two boys, etc. So they are pretty special to me.} Two of them had broken pieces and I won't lie... I will be REAL... I yelled. Now, I wish I hadn't. I mean it is just STUFF! I was just so frustrated because I honestly do not know how many times I have said, "NO RUNNING IN THE HOUSE!". So I ended up having to apologize for yelling like an idiot on the way to the movies. We got to the movie theater where the line was LONG and the temperatures were HOT. We bought our tickets and our popcorn (this is when I realized why I DO NOT go to the movies). Those prices are just ridiculous! I know I am getting old because I asked the girl at the counter if I was seeing the numbers right. $19.75 for popcorn and a drink...for a large popcorn and two drinks. I felt like Steve Martin in Father of the Bride when he keeps bugging his eyes out and loosening his top button on his shirt and claiming it was getting hot because the prices were so high! But I had three kids in tow. So I decided to do the kids trays for them...they were a much better price and I believe that from now on IF I EVER go back I will buy myself a kiddie tray and call it a day. So, $70 later we have our popcorn and tickets and we are on our way inside. I feel the cool air on my face as we enter the dark theater and my mood instantly lifts. I feel happy about just hanging out with my kids and watching a movie that they have been wanting to see. UNTIL I realize that the theater is FULL. I mean FULL. There are not four seats together ANYWHERE! All that happy times I had just daydreamed of were GONE out the window. I walked straight back out and asked for the manager. I explained that I had three kids with me and we weren't going to be splitting up in that theater. She said then you will just have to get a refund. Ok, I don't know how many of you have a five year old but he doesn't really get what a refund is. HE has NO idea what is happening. He just knows that we are sitting on a bench in the lobby of the theater eating cold popcorn while the movie he was so excited about seeing is playing. This is where I really went wild. He was crying. It was 112 degrees outside. I was hot. I was ill. I was disappointed. He kept saying over and over why are we not watching our movie. So, I did the only thing I could think of. Now, I am NOT proud of this but I was in one of those desperate mother moments and I needed a QUICK fix to somehow salvage this day and I said, "Sam! Look! See that lady in the black shirt? She is why we can't see the movie. She is mean and couldn't find us seats together so we can't watch the movie!". I know. That was my low point. Not proud of it but it took the heat off for a moment and I went and got my refund after being DRILLED by the ticket selling lady. I got my kids and we had a sad, cold popcorn and coke lunch in my SUV. LUCKILY! I forgot I had a couple of those movie candy M&M boxes in my purse. So I handed those out and after promising to let Sam pick any movie he wanted out of the Redbox he was happy. We went to two different Redbox locations before he found the "perfect" movie. We went home and all piled up and watch a movie in the comfort of our own living room. We cooked a meal for our neighbors and proudly delivered it and came back home and declared it "Rainey Family Cinema Night" and we even ate in the living room. {gasp} Seriously though...that is such a treat for my kids because we NEVER do it. So it started well and ended well...hopefully the junk in the middle didn't scar them too badly.

Friday. Friday we went to First Fridays. We listened to the local band Three Lanes Crossing and walked around and checked out all the local vendors. For some of you that aren't from my area you may not know what First Fridays is all about. It is held every first Friday of the month and the streets in downtown Florence are blocked off and you can walk up and down the streets where there are vendors with homemade items and some entertainment as well. We saw vendors with homemade jewelry, baked goods, photography, frames, home decor, and I could just go on and on. In the middle of one street there is a stage where the band (s) play and in the middle of the other street is usually some sort of entertainment. This time is was a group of people jousting. Sam really like that. They were dressed in Renaissance clothing and were clinging and clanging swords with each other...yep, right up his alley. There were several kid booths with balloon animals and face painting and balloons. I went there because I love going and walking around and running in to everyone we know but this time I had a small ulterior motive. I was meeting up with my friend Jennifer at her booth for her business Grace and Faith Designs to pick up a few things for myself. (Remember my post a couple of weeks ago... HERE...well... I totally did it.) I bought myself THREE things. I bought a bracelet that I LOVE, a pair of earrings, and a necklace. I was pretty proud! I never do that so it was kind of a big deal. While I stood and talked the boys got hot and walked down to get some ice cream. There was an events company there that provides "snow" for events and entertainment so it was snowing in July downtown and it was pretty neat...too bad it didn't cool us off though! 

Source for these pictures:  First Fridays

Saturday. I am not sure if I did ONE thing Saturday except fix lunch and dinner. We stayed up REALLY late on Friday night and so we all slept in pretty late. Well, not me. I was up before anyone but don't worry! John decided to watch these weird guy movies on the Spike Channel all morning so I just dozed off and napped until around 1:30 when I decided I would get up and fix lunch. Then I decided to be even more lazy. The kids didn't want to go outside because it was too hot so we just had a lazy day inside. I took a request from each child on what they would want one night for the menu and so Saturday night was the boy's pick: Hamburger Helper, mashed potatoes, and corn. YUCK! I don't like it but it wasn't horrible either. We stayed up REALLY late again watching movies and just hanging out inside!

Sunday. We woke up very early to go and visit with a friend of mine in Decatur. We went to church with her and then to Steak and Shake for lunch. My food was great but John wasn't impressed.  We came home in a thunder storm so my nerves were completely shot by the time we got home. Everyone was so tired from our NON schedule following week that we all took a nap. After that we got up and the boys went outside to show me their tricks on their scooters and Haley showed us the tricks she had taught Levi. It was a nice relaxing family Sunday.

Monday. RUDE AWAKENING. I stayed up way to late as usual on Sunday night and had to get up to return to work. Luckily, I love my job and so it wasn't THAT bad. I got home from work and made Samuel's choice for dinner. Spaghetti with meatballs, "Olive Garden" Salad (as he calls it... Salad with Olives) and garlic bread. We had a nice family dinner and then the boys wanted to go outside and play and eventually (after it was too dark to play outside anymore) Samuel deemed it "Rainey Family Cinema Night" and we watched Evan Almighty and shared popcorn. Well, the boys shared the popcorn and I came in on the tail end of the movie because I had some things for church I had to take care of but I did make it for the last bit of the movie!

Which brings me to today. The above mentioned is why I haven't posted a Thankful Thursday or a Five on Friday for last week and I think I am just going to pick up where I Left off instead of catching up.

I don't know why but it sure seems like the days you are off pass by much more quickly than the days that you are at work.