John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, June 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday 05-31-2012

This is what I am thankful for this week:

I am thankful that I heard the following statements all in one day :

1. "Hi! Are you Sam's mom?" I answered that I was and after Sam's new afternoon daycare teacher introduced herself to me she said, " Well, it is so nice to meet you. Sam is one of the BEST kids I have in class. He is always so sweet and so helpful and always follows directions." I like hearing never gets old. Everyone always tells me what a sweet boy he is when he is with them at school, church, or just friends. I am thankful he is a good, sweet boy.

2. I try to take turns taking the kids with me to the grocery store for a couple of reasons: A) when the two boys are can get hectic and a little wild and B) if I take them alone it gives me a little alone time with them. Yesterday I actually offered to take them both but Sam said he didn't want to go anywhere and so Kobe went with me. While we were checking out the cashier told me how sweet it was that he was helping us (he was trying to hep her too) without me having to ask him to or make him. Then, on the way out an elderly lady stopped me and told me just how beautiful my "baby" was. At first, I thought she thought my gigantic purse was a child and that maybe she couldn't see well so I just smiled and said thank you but then she walked straight over to Kobe and said he was so beautiful...but she realized that he wasn't a baby anymore. Bless that precious woman.

3. I was standing in the kitchen after dinner and baths preparing to cut up fruit and vegetables (I like to cut them and put them in bowls so that they are easily accessible to the kids) and Kobe came in to help me. He wanted to wash the grapes while I cut strawberries. As we were doing that he said you know mom, you are a good mom. I mean a great mom. In a few minutes Samuel came in to the kitchen and at that time I was preparing my lunch for the next day and when Kobe saw me making my self a salad with fruit and grilled chicken he asked me if I was trying to eat healthy. I said yes. And he said, "Well, mom you are pretty and you are not fat". Of course then Sam chimed in and confirmed the sweet affirmations that Kobe was giving me. You see? Me speaking affirmations over my kids isn't such a bad idea afterall, huh?

Unrelated reasons I am thankful:

This morning as Sam and I walked into the room at his preschool a little boy ran up to him and said, "Guess what?? MY daddy is picking me up today! I am going to spend the night with my daddy!". Sam just looked at him and said a less than enthusiastic 'OK'. I almost scolded him but I didn't. I knew he was tired and not fully "awake" just yet. Two more kids came in while I was standing there helping Sam with his breakfast and the little boy told them the same thing. He told them that he knew he was going to get to see his daddy today because his backpack was packed and hanging on his hook and his pillow and carseat were there. He was very, very excited. The next little boy that was greeted with this grand news replied and told him that he too was going to be spending the weekend with his dad. The little boy then ran to his mom and hugged her really tight and kissed her and told her how much he would miss her this weekend and how much he loved her. God really plucked a chord in my heart over this. I had to get on out of there because tears were really welling up. I got in the car and immediately called John. I thanked him for loving me and loving our family enough to make it work those years ago when we weren't sure it would. I couldn't imagine having to see my kids be split like that. I know that some are and it can work out but I am just thankful that mine don't. I am glad I didn't get on to Sam for being so abrupt with his friend at school. You see, I am thankful that he was so nonchalant about it...that means...that in his world seeing mommy and daddy every day and always spending the night with each parent is normal. It means that he didn't have to deal with these extra problems. I am really really thankful for a husband who cared enough to show up at our doorstep with a fabric covered three ring binder to ask me to please make sure more memories were written in that binder.

Also, on a much lighter note, I am very thankful that it is the weekend. I am so ready for some time with my family. Sam has a soccer game Saturday morning and Haley will be flying in for the summer Saturday morning. My dad was so sweet to bring us a grill (ours bit the dust) and so last night John and I sat down and decided on a menu for this next week. I am happy to say, he will be cooking most nights by way of grilling. I knew I liked having a grill!

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