John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, June 18, 2012

My Dad

My daddy:

He is a good daddy. I remember always wanting to go with him when he went somewhere. Normally it was just to go "loafing" as he called it but I didn't care... I just wanted to go. I remember going to Uncle Charlie's Flea Market. Back then, I couldn't stand I see why he loved it! I remember that anytime he ever went anywhere...even just to the store for milk... he always brought me back something. There was a store near to our house called "Loves". Whenever my mom would send him there for milk or for anything else... I KNEW what I was getting : A Mr. Goodbar! My favorite candy bar! 

Growing up my dad was hard on me. Or at least I always thought he was. I always had the earliest curfew of everyone, the strictest rules, and I better NOT bring home a bad report card. I have always looked up to my daddy. I have always depended on my daddy. If anything ever happened that I didn't know how to fix or something wasn't fair or right ... I always went straight to my dad. I knew he could and would handle whatever the problem was. And I still feel that way! He always stood beside me and stood up for me. That is what I think of when I think of my dad. I think of all the times that he stuck his neck out for me to defend me or stand up for me. (The funny things is, now that I am a parent,  that is something I see that my boys love about me...they know that I am on their side anytime, anyplace. I may wear their rear ends out when we leave for whatever they did wrong...but best believe ... I am on their side and I am gong to defend them when it counts and when it matters. In my opinion, a child needs to know that they have someone ALWAYS pulling for them and in their corner. Ok, enough of the side note) If ever I needed him growing up he was only a phone call and a few minutes away. I always wanted my dad to come to the school just to eat lunch with me. He rarely did. It was normally my mom that always came. But once in high school (I am sure there were other times but I just have this one sticking out in my mind) he came. I was so proud that he did. When I got up to him he apologized that he couldn't change before he came and was in his work clothes. I didn't care... I just remember loving that he was there. Now, that I can look back I am so thankful for a hard working dad. Sure, he wore a uniform and not a suit. Sure, his hands were calloused, cut, and often times bleeding, and dirty from working all day but those are the hands that sacrificed for me so that I could have anything and everything I wanted and needed. My dad was always the sole provider for our family and I appreciate it so much more now that I am a parent. Especially when I think of all the years of dance lessons, piano lessons, violin lessons, dresses for proms and school dances, recital uniforms, three cars, insurance payments, and I mean this list could go on and on... because now that I am a parent I know how hard John and I have to work and how much we sacrifice for our kids to do these things and participate. I wish so badly that I knew then what I know now instead of being a little spoiled rotten brat. Sure, I said thank you and I meant it but I wasn't grateful like I am now. 

Now that I am a parent I know what all goes on "behind the scenes" and I am so thankful. When I was growing up I always felt like we were rich. I always had what I needed and pretty much anything I wanted.  I mean, I guess my parents did OK but one thing that I am glad they did is that they never discussed finances around me. John and I do the same with our kids. We do let them save their money to buy things and earn money and sometimes we are very honest and just say "You know, with Christmas/band/basketball/soccer/football/camp (etc.) we are going to have to wait on that for week or two." I don't make them feel badly about it but with four kids we sometimes do have to take turns on stuff. I remember my dad teaching me this lesson. I wanted a new stereo and speakers to put in my bedroom. He took me to Wal-Mart to pick out what I would like to have. I picked it out then he took me to lay-a-way where he let me put it until I could pay for it in full. I worked hard (well, probably not that hard) and earned money and I eventually got that stereo. I still have it. I take pride in it because I bought it with my own money. First thing I ever bought. He could have bought it for me but the lesson he taught me was worth so much more.

He never missed a dance recital or a play that I was involved with. He never missed anything that I recall. Always there front and center and afterwards...he always had flowers for me. As I have gotten older the flowers still come. My dad never forgets to send me flowers for Valentine's Day. Always, Always I can depend and look forward to flowers from my dad on that day. 

He can be tough when he needs to be and gentle too. He has recently had a bird nest in the middle of his business' parking lot and he has put up orange cones to make people aware of it and also built a little "fence" once the baby bird was born. He has taken care of these little birds and named them Faith and Joy. The boys love going by to see the birds as much as possible. You can go HERE...TO HIS WEBSITE to check out pictures and stories of the birds. 

We haven't always been really close and that's OK. That just isn't my dad's way. I know my dad loves me and is always there for me. There was a time that I thought we would never speak again but luckily, a father/daughter dinner date changed all of that (To Casa Mexicana) and became a Wednesday night tradition. It came just in the nick of time too...because a couple months later I became a mom. I remember the day I became a mom. My dad NEVER left that hallway. He popped in my room all day long to check on me. He wanted me to have space (and to be quite honest was probably a little uncomfortable that I was in the hospital to have a baby) but he wanted me to know he was there. And I did. The next morning I woke up to my his work uniform... holding Kobe beside my bed. He had brought me breakfast and I think that was an excuse to hold Kobe. My dad says that God used Kobe to change him and feels like Kobe is  his "second chance" at having a son since my parents suffered the loss of a child...a son. Those two are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together.They always have been. For a while, my dad was dad to me and to Kobe. I was young and didn't know what to do and Kobe needed a male in his life. So, once again, my dad stepped up to the plate. He helped me with Kobe in every way. Physically, emotionally, and financially all while doing the same for me. I remember many nights that I would call and  my dad would come to let me rest or take a shower or just give me someone to talk to. Eventually, he would tell me to go to bed and rest and he would sit up all night in his work uniform and tend to Kobe so I could tend to myself a little and then he would go to work when it was time the next morning.I remember feeling lucky that he would come to take care of Kobe...but really...he was taking care of both of us. 

Over the years my daddy has written me letters. I have each one of them tucked away in a special place all together and sometimes when I need to feel encouraged... I pull them out and re-read them. Sometimes I will stumble across one I had forgotten about. These are probably my most favorite gifts I have ever gotten from my daddy.

I know my dad loved helping me out but I know he loved it more when I got married and he could go to being just a papa to Kobe instead of having to help parent him too. Now he can fully enjoy all the benefits of being Papa. Plus, we added three to his list! He takes them fishing, camping, hunting, and "loafing" around in his truck. The love going with him and I love their relationship with him. Samuel especially like riding in Papa's truck and going to Papa's house. They know that Papa Promises are NEVER broken NO.Matter.What. They know that what Papa says...Papa does. This may mean a treat or a pop on that tail. He is a good dad, a good father in law to my husband, and a good Papa. We are so blessed to have him. 

He always goes above and beyond to make sure we are happy. He is very, very special to us and we love him so much. 

Thank you Daddy...for everything.

I made this for my dad and framed it in a thick black frame for Father's Day.
Courtesy Positively Splendid

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