John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, June 8, 2012

Five on Friday 06-08-2012--A Little Different Today

I don't necessarily care for the topic of Friday Five today so... instead... I am going to list five random things for today:

1. I started a diet 1 week ago. I have lost 3 pounds.
2. I am really looking forward to this weekend. Tonight I am going out with John to celebrate our anniversary. It isn't until next Sunday but this just happened to work out with sitters. I am really excited to go out ALONE with him. I am really excited to hopefully spend some fun moments with my little boys this weekend, too!
3. I went to bed super early last night (I think around 8:45 or 9:00) and I woke up at 3:45. I wasn't able to go back to sleep after laying there for about thirty minutes so I decided to get up for the day. It was really productive. I cleaned the bathroom, dusted, straightened up the kitchen,dusted, did a load of laundry, and still had time to shower and take my time getting ready for work. I wish I could do that more often!
4. I am really excited about Samuel's soccer game in the is my turn to take snacks! I love preparing things for the kids!
5. Yesterday after work we went to the park. Haley and Kobe were there waiting on me and Sam to arrive. I went home before I went to Sam's daycare to get him to change clothes so I can do my daily Couch25K while I was there. I grabbed Chief (Our Boxer) and headed out. Sam was so proud to show him off at his daycare to his friends and teachers. I got to the park and Kobe and Haley were equally excited to see him there. He is such a good dog. John ended up showing up too. He ended up watching the kids play in the splash pad and let me and Chief go jogging/walking around the little trail at our local park. I was really glad about that too. The kids weren't really thrilled about going to the trail with me and then playing in the water and I wasn't thrilled with leaving them there while I went to the trail. I came back and stood outside the fence with Chief (no pets allowed) and watched the kids play. John had bought them ice cream. I am so strong... I didn't get one and I didn't even ask for a bite!


  1. Ahhhh...I love when I I'm productive at home before I have to go to work. It totally does something good to my day. Happy (Early) Anniversary to you and your hubs. I hope you have a FABULOUS dinner!!

  2. Thanks! I wish I could do it everyday!!

  3. Congrats on the 3 pounds...thats awesome! Happy Anniversary!


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