John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

35 List

I am inspired! My blog friend Kelly is making a list of the 40 things she wants to do before she is 40. Then as she does them she is going to cross them off of her list. I think this is a fun idea! As she stated in her blog, the 30 before 30 ship has sailed so I am doing 35 things I would like to do before I am 35.

1. Lose 60 pounds.
2. Establish a date night at least once a month with John and sticking to it. I will feel that I can cross that off when we have had six consecutive monthly dates.
3. Make a memory jar with the kids that we can read aloud with each other each year on New Year's Day.
4. Try to set aside a little money for myself. I rarely buy anything for myself. It is always for the kids or for our home. I mean like jewelry, purses, clothes, etc. I would like to see myself buy something personal for myself at least once every six weeks or so.
5. I want to celebrate our ten year anniversary in a big and special way. I am not sure exactly what or where but I want it to be really nice and just us. We never had a honeymoon so this is important to me.
6. Replace the shower walls.
7. Have a flower bed/garden. With pretty flowers and not bushes.
8. I want a bigger more organized closet. If I organized mine might seem bigger.
9. Get rid of things that I am just hanging on to. For no particular reason. (I started this past weekend! 6-16-2012)
10. Move. We need a house with more space.
11. Get out of debt. Completely. Working on it and just for fun's sake... we paid off two bills this month!
12. Learn more about my friends. Spend more time with them.
13. Make a monthly Girl's Night Out. We used to do this and we stuck to it but not so much anymore but it is so important. I really hope we can do it!
14. Take the boys on "mommy/son dates". I often take them places together but rarely just one on one.
15. Join a reading/cooking/craft club of some kind. Outside of church and the kid's sports ... I don't really have much to be involved in that is just for me.
16. Buy new bedroom furniture.
17. Take the kids to Disney World.
18. Go on a family cruise once more before Callum is out of high school. I don't know his plans yet but I figure that it will be hard to get him nailed down for a family vacation after graduation. (I will be 33)
19. I would like to see John and myself go on a long weekend trip to NY. We never go anywhere alone and I think it would be nice. We both love NY and want to go back.
20. Have a nice backyard set up. A new patio set and a fire pit.
21. Start saving my change in a Milk Jug. I read somewhere that if you fill a milk jug with pennies you would have about $200. Once that is full....just go buy myself something with half of it and make a fun family day with the rest.
22. Watch at least 3 music/light shows at Spring Park.
23. Take the kids to the park/playground at least once a week (weather permitting)
24. Finish Couch25k
25. Run/Jog a 5K
26. Have all new kitchen cookware. I have had mine for a good ten years and I would like to pick up a complete and matching set.
27. Compile all of the boys' artwork and school papers into some kind of binder/album for easier viewing and better storage.
28. Clean out my craft/supply hall closet. It is pitiful. I want to throw away and find a way to re-organize this messy place in my house.
29. Take the kids out to an ice cream place once a month during the summer months.
30. Read the entire Bible.
31. Replace the flooring in our home.
32. Go to Maine.
33. Go to an antique mall.
34. Paint a room (in my new house when I get it) lime green.
35. Take the boys to a baseball game.


  1. OMG when I saw Kelly's list, I immediately thought, "I GOTTA DO THIS!!!" I love yours so much. I'm such a list nut...if I make one, it's do or die until I cross everything off it, so I'm well on my way to making one for me too. I wish you all the best in crossing all 35 off of yours. :)

  2. This sounds like a great idea! I like #4 the most ;)
    New follower from blog hop


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