John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thankful Thursday 5-17-2012

This Week's Winners Are (drum roll please) :

1. God. Always. Always on my side. He wants me to succeed! He has my best interest at heart.

2. Jesus. We are eachother's biggest fan! He is at the right hand of God the Father just rooting for me all day long and I am just thanking him and praising Him all day long!

3. John. He is a staple on the list because he is my favorite. He is always making me laugh, telling me I am beautiful (especially when I don't feel it), giving me good advice (that I wish I would listen to more!), and being my partner in life. Love Him!

4. My Kids. Kobe is going into Fifith grade. Excuse me??? Is that EVEN possible?? I don't think so. But somehow, some way it is ... they are growing up right before my eyes. Even typing that makes my eyes sting and my throat get lumpy. Samuel... OH MY! That precious boy is going to Kindergarten. That can't be possible... he is my baby. My last one.. Oh time...please slow down!

5.My Parents. They are awesome. I am very lucky to call them Mom and Dad. I am sure the kids would agree that they are the best Nana and Poppa ever.

6. My Friends. There was a time that I didn't feel as if I had anyone in this world. I felt as if I was doing this whole life thing "alone". I had John...and I love him for always being there...but a girl needs girl time and girl friends! Moms need friends too! They have always been there but now our friendships are surfacing to be even deeper and more than I thought they were and it feels so good to have someone to share this life with!

7. My Job. Have I mentioned that I love love love my job?? No... I haven't, have I?? I mean, the Lord showed up and showed out... I love the freedom I have to be available for my kids when they want and need me and still get my job done and hear praises and ecouragement from my boss ( I hate calling her that!) . It is pretty awesome!

8. Pandora. I love my Sara Bareilles and Jesus Culture stations! Oh and I am really going to show my age here: I am loving this Dub-Step channel. I wish you could see my kids dancing around the house to this! It is great! Currently I am listening to Sara Bareilles. I just love the music on this channel. IF you haven't ever listened to this channel...give it a try!

9. Movie Nights. I love Rainey Family Cinema Night. You can read about it HERE. It is Samuel's turn to pick out a movie and tonight on the big screen: Bolt!

10. Planning Parties. I love planning and putting together little parties for my kids. It is so much fun! Kobe LOVED his laser tag party and Samuel is super excited about his upcoming Batman party at Forest Jumps.


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  1. Hi Sara Beth! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! - yep, I think you'll be just as in Heaven as I am watching t-ball. :) I joined your friend list, so I'm now following your blog. I can't wait to see how the soccer game goes. :)


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