John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Next Stop: Fifth Grade

Today was Awards/Honor Day for Kobe. I have sat through these each year and I honestly enjoy them. That sounds weird to some parents, I know. I over hear parents saying they can't wait to be out of the gym, how uncomfortable the seating is, and how boring it is...but I really love it! I love seeing all the kids as they walk up to the front to be honored for their accomplishments for the year. As they walk in front of me I just ask the Lord to bless their life and it is really a fun and rewarding experience. I love seeing all the little girls all dressed up and their hair fixed just right. I especially love it when I spot Kobe and he spots me and we exchange a smile. This year, I stuck my hand up in the air and waved at him. Sam did too. He chuckled. I have misplaced my camera or I would have been able to get a picture of it...but since he was sitting so far away from me and all I have is my phone. I didn't even try!

The ceremony does get long but I think it is great to recognize the kids who accomplished goals during the year. This year Kobe got an award for mainting A/B Honor Roll all year long (only two Bs and they were 87 and 89 in Reading) and a Math Award. I am really proud of him for being able to keep his grades up this year. He has been involved in extra curricular activities at school and in sports. I hope he is always able to achieve his goals in life and at school. He is a very bright child (his teachers agree) and I know that God has AMAZING things planned for his life. While I wish he could stay little forever, I know that isn't possible so I will settle for him growing up as long as he keeps doing well! He is my little Kobe-Ko and I love him so much. I am very, very proud of him and I can't wait to see what the Lord has planned for his future.

Kobe, remember, always shoot for the moon. Even if you will land among the stars. You are my little shining star and I love you!

Kobe didn't slow down AT ALL for me to get a picture of him recieving his awards so it is a little blurry!

Kobe and his friend Brandon

Sam came to support Kobe. Well, that and I was running late and didn't have time to take him to daycare so he came with me!

Kobe and his friend Cameron

Kobe and EJ--EJ is one of the first friends Kobe made

Kobe and Luke--best friends. They met this year and its like they have known eachother forever!

Braeden and Kobe--Cousins! The first friends you make in life are cousins!

Kobe and Mrs. Byrd

Kobe, Braeden, and Ashlyn--Cousins!

Me and the boys!

Sam:This is the face of someone who is ready to go!

Jada and Kobe--This is the little girl that Kobe has said was his "girlfriend" all year long. So, I had to get a picture for makig fun and picking at him later the sake of memories. This is also the first little girl he wanted to buy a gift for.


  1. Awesome job, Kobe!! I know you're so proud of him, Sara Beth!

  2. Just getting around to catching up on my blog reading :) Congrats to both your baby boys! I love that you said if you couldnt keep him little you'd settle for him doing well. I'm going to keep that in mind every time I freak out about my babies getting so big! BTW I love seeing pictures of you on here. You look beautiful and like a very proud mommy <3


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