John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mean Mom--Yep That's Me!

Mean Mom. I can't help but laugh at that. When I was little and took ballet class there was a mom who was overbearing and mean to her child. I didn't know her name and I was trying to tell my mom about something that happened and I couldn't think of her name so I called her "mean mom" and we both knew who I was talking about and we laughed and from then on...she was lovingly referred to as "Mean Mom".

This lady was named that because she screamed at her children just because. She put the down in front of others and she liked to embarrass them and not in the normal parent embarrassment real mean ways. I am sometimes not-so-lovingly referred to as a "mean mom" because of these reasons:

* I choose to be my children's parent...not their friend...and that means I am always there for them unconditionally.

* I make rules and consequences and I stick to them...  and that means that I also stick to promises

* I insist that church comes first...which means my children belong to the Lord and I am a praying momma!

* School work is next on the list. I tell them their only job in America at this point is to Love Jesus, be a good member of society, and a GOOD student. I make them do their homework and I call out questions for tests. I make them write spelling words that they already know just for extra practice...and that means that they are learning the value of their education and they get rewarded for a job well done!

* I have a chore chart. These chores don't earn money...they earn good work ethic. If they have an ugly attitude about helping our household then they get another chore... I always remind them that the Lord loves a cheerful giver and that they are giving their time and effort to our family so they need to do it cheerfully and that sometimes satisfaction in a job well done is its own reward...and that means that they aren't afraid to pitch in and I give pats on the back and hugs for that!

* I inspect bedrooms, dresser drawers, and closets. I don't allow trash to be piled up in or around their rooms...and that is teaching them self control and cleanliness.

* We don't eat until every one is seated at the dinner table and we say a blessing over our meal before we eat...and that is teaching honor and thankfulness.

* When they are wrong they are made to think about it and apologize to that person or write an apology letter...and that means that I am teaching them to forgive and be forgiven!

* I don't put up with back talking. I use my manners with my children. I say please and thank you and try not to have a smart attitude (although, I am human!) when things tend to flare up. If they don't show those courtesies back there are a variety of things that I choose from to remind them that it isn't acceptable...and that means that I am teaching respect by giving respect and accountabilty.

* We don't sleep in on Saturday and Sunday.We get up and help the community out and go to church. We go do things to help others and participate in Servolution at church...and that means I am teaching them to serve others.

* I expect them to help the elderly person in front of us at the grocery store or the person who just dropped something instead of just walking on past them...and that means that I am teaching them compassion and love.

I am sure that there are more reasons that they could come up with as to why I am "mean" sometimes. But if that is what a "mean mom" is ...then I will proudly wear that title!

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