John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, March 19, 2012

It's Official!

We wanted to throw a little party for Kobe since the adoption is finally OFFICIAL. I decided to go with the title "It's Official" and use referee shirts as the invitations. I am so lucky to have such a nifty best friend, Lori. She is so creative and is good with technology so I always get her to make the invitations for our parties! This is the invitation for our Adoption Celebration:

I wanted it to be a surprise and I was able to pull it off. I got everything I could together on Friday night. I made a banner (thank you Pinterest!) that said "It's Official" and also one that had the letters of our last name on it and I put a picture of John and Kobe on each letter. I decorated with sports things and used the red, black, and white color scheme. It turned out so cute. I stayed up until well after midnight trying to get everything hung up and put in just the right place.

Saturday morning I got up extra early to go to Servolution. It was great! Our church does an outreach to our city each month and this particular day we went to Carver Heights and handed out lunch, clothes, and had live music and put on a basketball tournament for the kids that live in the area. One of the most touching moments was when a guy from our church (Brett) was putting up some new nets on the basketball goals and one of the boys asked what he was doing and when told him the little boy asked if he was going to take the nets back with him when we left. Brett told him that we were going to leave them there for them to enjoy. He got so excited and started running around and telling everyone that they were getting new nets. I cried. These kids don't expect anyone to do much for them and that was so exciting to see. I ended up having to leave earlier than I wanted to so I could get some things done for Kobe's party. I love participating in Servolution!

I left and picked up a few things and made it to my mom's house and had just enough time to complete my to-do list before our friends and family began arriving. My uncle Lee, aunt Carrie, and their granddaughter came in from Atlanta, some lifelong friends of my family, Linda and Cecil came from McKenzie, TN and PawPaw Bruce and Diane came. We had over 65 friends and family members come to join us in celebrating this very special time in our lives. We served Kobe's favorite menu items: Chicken Tenders, fresh fruit tray, fresh vegetable tray, chicken salad and grapes (thanks to Susan Blasingame), pimento cheese, spicy sausage white cheese dip, a bean dip (that Linda made and served with Bugles and it was delicious!), peanuts, and of course Sour Patch Kids. The cake was in the shape of a referee jersey and had a whistle on it. You will just have to imagine how adorable cute it was because I forgot to get a picture. I remembered AFTER I started cutting it. Most of the time when you get ready to cut cake you sing Happy Birthday but we didn't do that... I had Maddie blow a whistle to signal that it was time to come to that area of the house and then she lead us in the following cheer: Give me an "R" (we said R) Give me an "A" (we said A) Give me an "I" (we said I) Give me a "N" (we said N) Give me an "E" (we said E) Give me a "Y" (we said Y) What do ya got? RAINEY! Say it again : RAINEY! She even made little posters with the letters to hold up...she had arm motions too...SO SWEET AND CUTE! I am so glad she did that for us. It was probably my favorite part of the party aside from getting to talk with some great family and friends.

The kids played basketball outside until about 10:30 and then we decided we better get home and get kids bathed since we had to be at church early the next morning. We had Kobe dedicated at church on Sunday as a whole family. t was so nice and sweet. Pastor Bill spoke so nicely and perfectly about our family and gave Kobe a Bible with his new name on it and he and Pastor Deanna wrote the sweetest message inside. They got him an Extreme Sports Bible and he has already shown interest in reading it! It was a very special weekend filled with some very special people and events. You will have to take my word on some of these things because as you all know...I do not do well at getting pictures, however my aunt did take quite a few pictures and so when I get those I will post some here.  We are so blessed!

Food Table

Sign on the Plates and napkin table

Dedication at church

John Callum, Diane, PawPaw Bruce, Kobe and Samuel

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