John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Day Sunday! --A Story of Reunion and Restoration

This past weekend was the best weekend! We had a great couple of days together.

Saturday morning we got up bright and early because Kobe's basketball team made it to the regional tournament and so we had a game that day. The team ended up winning the game and so we were coming back the next day to finish out the tournament.

We left from the game and headed to Huntsville. We went to Bridge Street and shopped around and just hung out together. We ate dinner and then we took the boys to a Huntsville Havoc hockey game. None of the boys had ever been to a hockey game so they were thrilled. They enjoyed the game. Several times throughout the night I asked if they were ready to go and they each were very definite in their answers: NO!

The next morning we got up for church and when we got there Kobe met his Aunt Vonn and cousin Keyshawn for the first time. He seemed to instantly "Click" with both of them and even sat in between them in church! He leaned over when the kids normally leave to go to Children's Church and asked if he could please just sit there. OF course, I let him. After church we went to McDonald's Playplace (Samuel has been DYING to go to the new one) for lunch to let the kids play and just catch up. Kobe immediately asked if he could ride with Aunt Vonn...of course I let him. When we got there, Kobe had another surprise. He got to meet his brothers, Kameron and Karter for the first time. At first, Kameron was a little shy around Kobe but we understood. NOT Karter...he took right up with Kobe and they played and Karter would come up and ask us to each hold him. He was the cutest little boy. He reminded me so much of Kobe. It made me tear up a little because he really looked like Kobe did at age 3. Kameron was so cute. He was walking around with the best manners ever... we would ask him something and he would say, "No, thank you!". It was so sweet. Seeing them play together was such a blessing. One I never thought I would ever see. God can really show out when He wants to. He can restore and renew in a way that we could never imagine! So grateful for a God who love us! All of us really got along well and had a great time hanging out and chatting. The only thing is we wish Harry, Aunt Vonn's fiance lived a little closer! As we said our good-byes Samuel informed us all that he wanted to pretend that Karter and Kameron were his brothers too! We all agreed that we thought that was a great idea. They all hugged and by this time Kameron had really warmed up to Kobe. They each hugged and told each other that they loved one another. I can't wait until we see those precious faces again. I know John and I, as well as the boys, are anxiously awaiting our next visit. Kobe got Keyshawn's number and I had Vonn's so he was happy that he would be able to chat with them some through out the week. As we walked out to the car Kobe looked at me and said, "Before you even ask me...yes I had fun, yes I like them, and yes I want to see them again..and soon!". Beth (Kameron and Karter's mom) later told me that Kameron told her that he thought Kobe was cute and that they were now best friends! I just think that it is so precious how these boys have never met yet they already love eachother. We are so blessed to have each of them placed back into our lives. When God takes away He gives back so much more...and better!

HaHa! I don't think they were ready!

Samuel being...well, Sam!

I don't think they were ready...AGAIN! Nevertheless, they got the picture in front of the horse at PF Changs that they wanted!

In the Ourdoors store...he is ready for a hike!

Karter, Kobe, and Kameron

Aunt Vonn, Kobe, and Cousin Keyshawn

Karter, Kobe, Keyshawn, and Kameron (they are all so happy!)

Aunt Vonn and Kobe

Kobe and Kameron

Kobe and Karter
From there we went to the rest of the basketball tournament. Kobe's team won the first game but lost the second. They still earned themselves a spot at the Finals this coming weekend. He is very excited about this because he gets to play at UNA. As soon as we headed out to the car he couldn't wait until we got home because he wanted to text Vonn and Keyshawn.  We came home to John inviting my parents to stay over for a delicious spaghetti, salad, and cheesy bread dinner with Butterfinger cake for dessert. We had a great weekend with our family and I look forward to many more weekends spent with them all. We are so thankful and so blessed!

Kobe waiting on the second game to start on Sunday night

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