John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Month's Mumblings--February 2012

This conversation happened as Kobe was searching through his ipod to try and find a song for him and Samuel to dance listen to:

Sam: Kobe, can we listen to that baby, baby, baby song?
Kobe: NO, Sam. If I listen to Justin Beiber it will ruin my appetite for the next few days!

Last night I was so productive! I finished up the kid's teachers Valentines Day gifts, microwaved cooked dinner, gave Samuel his bath and got pajamas on, bathed both dogs, blow dried their hair and brushed them... and then it dawned on me that I was supposed to wait for a text from Coach Gargis as to when to pick Kobe up at the school after basketball. I ran  to my phone and it said "we will be ready in 20 minutes". The message was sent at 7:15 and it was now 7:32. I had not had ONE bite to eat but I had fed Callum and Sam while I bathed the dogs. Sam had a small little piece of BBQ sandwich laying on his plate. I was starving! I asked him if I could have that little bite if I would fix him another one when we got home. He said, "Mommy we arent' supposed to eat or drink after other people BUT I guess its ok since I did live in your stomach!" True enough. I ate the BBQ!

As Samuel and I walked outside to let the dogs out he asked me a question that perplexed me. He is smart. I don't know how he comes up with stuff like this at four: "Mommy, when we open the door the dogs run out into the dark. Why can they see in the dark but us people can't?" Good question.

Samuel has been really fond of picking flowers for me lately and this is how he explained it to me upon the last delivery of buttercups:
Sam: Mom, you know God decided to leave little flowers all around so that little boys would always have something to give to their mommies. But what can we give our dads?
Me: Dads like flowers too.
Sam: Not my dad. My dad likes man things. He doesn't want girl flowers. I guess that is why God left sticks and rocks laying everywhere.

The other day I went to pick the boys up from my mom. This happened:

Kobe: Mom, Sam ate a worm.
Me: For real??
Kobe: Yep!
Me: Sam, where did you find the worm?
Sam: Uhhmmm....where do you think?? In the dirt!

Kobe: I don't have any homework today. Mrs. Goins said that tonight we are to get our parents to do our homework so that we can see who as the smartest parents in the class. (very.long.pause) JUST KIDDING!

It is almost March! The kids are learning so much and Samuel is really putting things together so well and recognizing his letters and he writes his name now. I have always called him Samuel. I was surprised the other day when he asked me to just start calling him "SAM". I asked why. He told me it is because it is easier to write just SAM. So, I said ok.  Kobe is almost in the FIFTH grade. He is on the Honor Roll and I am proud of him for the extracurricular activities that he is involved with. That doesn't seem quite real but my sweet little boy will turn 10 in a few weeks. He is the sweetest boy and still longs so much for our attention and approval. I would say I am a pretty lucky mommy!

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