John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, February 24, 2012

Five on Friday 2-24-2012 (Anniversaries)

Here is this week's Five on Friday blog! If you would like to start your own Friday5 blog go HERE and get your weekly list and don't forget to link them in your blog and comment on theirs!! If you ever begin wondering or would just like to know "why" I do these blogs take a look at my explanation HERE. I Hope you all have a FABULOUS Friday!!!

This Week's Topic: Anniversaries

1.What significant anniversary will you be celebrating sometime this year? **John and I will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary in June.**

2. In your life, what is today the one-month anniversary of? **That is a great question... I guess when I started trying to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water a day.**

3. What is today the one-week anniversary of? **One week since I started trying to keep better personal finance records.**

4. Sometimes the traditional wedding anniversary gifts seem a bit staid. If you had your way, what would be the right gift themes for the five years’ worth of wedding anniversaries? **Five Years deserves a trip somewhere!**

5. Among your friends, who’s been married the longest? **I would have to say ... My cousin Ashley and her husband Jeff.**

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