John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

This Month's Mumblings -- December

Sam is attending a new school since I began working. He loves it! He can't wait to go and he never wants to leave... which you would think might make me sad...but no... right the oppostie. It makes me *So* happy that he wants to go and that he loves it enough to want to stay. Of course, he wouldn't want me to leave again when I get there in the afternoon...he wants me to stay with him!

Sam's new school has chapel every day. I love hearing all of the songs he is learning in chapel. We have been working on getting him to go to sleep in his own bed. Normally, he just goes to sleep with us on the couch and then we put him in his bed but we figure it is time fo him to start getting used to laying down in his own big boy bed and going to sleep on his own. He finds VERY creative ways of getting out of that bed too! The other night after we had tucked him in and said all of our good nights and kissed and hugged and prayers and kissed and hugged and good night and cover me up... (you get the idea!) he very quietly snuck into the living room and very slowly climbed up on the couch beside me and told me that he wanted to sing me a song. I say ok... and he all of sudden got this spurt of energy and hopped down on the floor in front of me and formed himself into a little ball. He began singing: Tiny little daisy, what has the Father done for you? He sent the rain and the "shunsine" (the way he says sunshine!) too and that is how you grew and grew. At the end during the grew and grew part he jumps up and hold his arms up. It was the cutest thing ever! I believe he did four or five encore performances... at my request of course! Needless to say, after that, he was allowed to stay in the "libing" room with me.

Yesterday when I went to pick Sam up from daycare he told me "Something "bery" important happened to me today." I asked what it was and of course, he couldn't tell me. I would have to wait until we got home. When we got home and we were walking inside he was telling us "I got bited" "I got bited today"... John asked who was biting him at school and why did they bit him. He kept saying "NO! I got bited"...we finally figured out he meant he got invited  today. A friend invited him to a birthday party. But upon further investigation, the outside of the envelope, said "You are Invited!" and Samuel said that if they wanted him to come... they would need to send one to him with HIS own name on it! He said those letters did NOT spell Sam!

I ran across a cute little website called  Portable North Pole . I set up some cute little video messages from Santa and sent them to the boys. As Samuel watched his video he was so amazed and his eyes were as big as silver dollars the whole time. We tried asking him about it and trying to get him to tell us what he thought of what he was seeing and hearing. He just said, " I gotta go see Kobe." He went to he back of the house and we tuned our ears in to try and hear what he was going to say. He told Kobe, "Kobe! You better know that Santa is texting momma!". So, in comes Kobe. Of course, Santa had sent Kobe a little video too. Except, we decided to make him be on the "Naughty List" as a joke. He didn't find that very funny at all! He was really upset about it actually. He left the living room with Samuel taunting him about being naughty and stayed gone for some time. A while later he came back into the living room and said, "IF Sam is on Santa's nice list and I am on the naughty list... something HAS to be wrong with how he determines who goes on what list!". Poor baby! He had been thinking of it the whole time! I think I better have Santa send him a new video telling him he made it to the nice list!

One of our good friends, Brett Richardson, is the fore thought of a lot of conversations that happen because the boys really look up to him and love him and view him as their "uncle" So this happened the other night in my car:

Kobe: Today at school Brett and Cameron got into a fight.

Me: Oh no! That's not good. Did they get into trouble?
Kobe: Yeah, Cameron was punching Brett alot!
Me: I hope he is ok.
Kobe: He will be.

A long silence goes by...

Sam: I will beat him up!
Me: WHO??!!
Sam: Cameron.
Me: WHY?
Sam: Because I don't like people to hurt Mr. Brett! I love him!
Sam: Not Brielle's Daddy?
Kobe: NO! DUH?! Mr. Brett is an Army man. He would have CRUSHED him.
Both Boys: YEAH!** Hysterical laughter!**

Last night we went to see Santa. Kobe froze when he saw him and Sam acted terrified! I finally bribed Samuel with dinner anywhere he wanted if he would sit up on Santa's knee. He sat there but wasn't happy about it. Afterwards he announced that he was ready to go eat. I asked him where and he said "I am having a "Zack Attack".  Apparently, that means you want to go to Zaxby's!

When we were seeing Santa, Kobe got completely nervous. I couldn't figure out why... I mean he has been seeing Santa for TEN years now. So, I asked him. He told me that he got really nervous because when he saw Santa he knew that Santa knew he was on the Naughty List! I felt so bad because we signed up on Portable North Pole and asked Santa to send the boys a message. We indicated on Kobe's that it was for a naughty little boy who needed to mind his parents better with the intentions of playing a little joke on him. We meant to go back and resend him one with his name on the Nice List but just haven't gotten around to it!

On Christmas Eve... we told the boys to go get in the bed so that Santa could come... Sam said... UHHH If we have to all be asleep before he comes then he won't come until you guys go to bed so I will just stay with you until you go to bed! Already too smart for his own good!

The other day as we were all in the car the discussion came up about believing in things we can't see. As we were talking we brought up the fact that we can't see Jesus but we do believe in Him. Samuel quickly told us that he sees Jesus. So I asked him what did he look like. He said, " Mommy, he looks like, OH WOW!"

The other night we watched Spy Kids. All of you parents know that if a kid's channel shows a movie...don't worry you can catch it again... in the NEXT HOUR! They replay the same movies over and over. Well, this particular night was not any different. I told the boys that they had to begin getting ready for bed (trying to get them back into the routine of school) BUT I would let them turn on a TV show. So, naturally, Samuel turns on the TV and to our "surprise" Spy Kids was showing once again. I tucked them in and kissed them and told them their good nights and I love yous and went on about my very own nightly routine (getting the coffee maker ready, laundry, etc--you know all that fun stuff they think we do when they go to bed). In a few minutes Kobe is standing in front of me...MAD. This is how it went:

Kobe: Sam wants to watch Spy Kids and it is so stupid!

Me: well, he will be asleep soon just let him for a few minutes.
Kobe: fine but I'm sick of watching these two little 8 year olds.
Me: Kobe, you are only 9!
Kobe: I know but I just can't stand them. Even if they were 8 and three quarters they would still be on my nerves!

We were in Lifeway the other night and Samuel saw a snow globe (he loves these by the way!) that had a manger scene inside. He was very excited and picked it up. Kobe asked him who was in the snow globe and he said Mary, Joseph, and Baby Jesus. I was so thrilled to hear his sweet little voice say that. John was getting help finding a book and he and the sales associate walked up... so I decided... like any good mother... to show him off! I said, "Samuel, tell daddy (and of course that sales associate) who is in this snow globe. His reply: Moses, David, and some girl I don't know her name! I asked him again... EMPHASIZING that he had just told me and he knew... again, the same. Twice more... the same. On the way to the car... he tells us. I guess that is what I get for trying to make him do tricks!

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