John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

52 Home---Week 50

Looks like someone named Sam was doing more than playing video games on my phone on the way to church last week!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Hand Picked

Last Wednesday night, Pastor Steve talked about adoption. 
Sure, he talked about being adopted into God's family. He reminded us of how he chose us and welcomes us into His royal family and makes us sons and daughters. He talked about how in the Bible when you were adopted you were treated as if you had always been in that family. You were given equal rights and equal responsibility. There were NO step-children...just children. They were immediately treated as if they had always been there. We listened as he talked about how special it is to be adopted. 

When you are born into a family, you are just kind of placed there. BUT when you are adopted you are chosen, hand picked

That got me to thinking about Kobe's "official" Rainey day. Of how I have always prayed against a root of rejection being set up inside of him. I have prayed that he would never feel abandoned or not wanted. I knew that the odds were that he would.  I have read articles and stories and books. I have heard women share of how they felt abandoned by one parent or the other and it  left them searching. Searching for love. Love in a bottle of pills... of alcohol. Love in a man. Love in addiction. I have seen friends try even in their adult age to make that parent that they didn't have a relationship with proud and happy. I have prayed so hard against all of these things for all of these years. I have cried over statements that I would hear from Kobe's own mouth. My heart has shattered when I witness him with hurt feelings. 

After that sermon, after watching a video about adoption and how it changed these kids lives... I have decided that instead of praying against all of these negative things... I am going to begin to pray FOR something. I am going to begin to pray that he feels...hand picked. Because, he was. Sure, he was born into my family, but John picked him...out of all the little boys in the whole world... John chose to make official what he was already been practicing through his actions everyday and became his "official" dad and gave him his new last name {Have I ever mentioned how much I really, really love this man?}. That name meant so much to me...but to gave him a sense of belonging

What an ultimate expression of God's love ... adoption. I know how my heart feels when I think of God accepting me, as I am, into His family and so I know that is how these children must feel. Pastor Steve ended it with a line from the video we watched: Unconditional love transforms lives. Yes, it does. It gives us a sense of belonging. That we are needed. That it just wouldn't be the same without us. We are vital to the everyday functions of the family (be it home or church). We are a part of something. 
Unconditional love. What a beautiful thing.
It transforms lives.


This morning on the way to school Samuel noticed frost on the ground. He began singing Frosty the Snowman. He asked if he could please get out and build a snowman. I told him that we couldn't because there wasn't any snow. He said, "Well, if they wanted me to use snow to build a snowman they should have named him "Snowy" the snowman...NOT "Frosty" the snowman! 

Monday, December 10, 2012

A Down Home Christmas

Last night at church the kids presented their Christmas musical, A Down Home Christmas. The little ones did their songs first and then the older kids got up and put on a little play. All of the kids did a great job! I failed to get any pictures from the actual play but afterwards we had goodies in the family life center and the kids were wired. We took advantage and got some pictures.

Kobe, my grandmother, my grandfather, Sam

This was actually Kobe praying this was the last picture and I am uncertain of Sam's face but this one makes me laugh!

Me and my sweet boys!

Me, my dad, Kobe, and Sam (a moving target!)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Hunting We Will Go

This past weekend John took the boys to the hunting camp to meet up with my dad for some afternoon hunting on Saturday. They all got dressed in their camo and packed a few snacks and were ready to hit the road. Sam told me before he left that he was going to shoot a deer and bring it back to me for me to cook it for his supper! HA! 

I had a girl's Christmas party to go to that evening so I knew I wouldn't see them until late. They were supposed to be home shortly after dark so I left a little note about what was for dinner and headed off to the party.

I had a great time getting to see and hug some sweet, dear friends. We ate, talked, and laughed for a few hours and then it was time to head home. It was almost 9:00. When we (me and my mom) got into the car I found out that both of the boys had shot a deer and that they were on their way to the processor's house to drop the deer off. They wanted us to know that they had killed a deer but how it happened would have to wait... they just wanted us to get them something to eat and meet them back at my house with dinner. 

We picked up some food and when we got home they were there waiting. We heard tales of how they saw it, shot it, tracked it, and brought it out of the woods. This was Kobe's first solo kill {John was with him but he let him do everything himself} so that was a pretty big deal. All four guys were just so excited. 

Hunting is hard work! Sam asleep in my dad's lap in their shooting house.

Sam and their deer

Kobe and his deer

Kobe, Sam, Poppa, and deer

I guess John must have been taking the pictures because he isn't in any of them! I meant to get a picture of them before they left that morning but of course, I forgot! I will do better next time!

I bet I know two little boys who will be ready for a hunting trip again this Saturday!

52 Home--Week 49

This is a picture of our church, Faith Church. I love the trees and gigantic ornaments!

52 Home--Week 48

The boys went hunting with my dad and John. Sam and my dad were in a shooting house together and killed the deer on the right and then about 15 minutes later Kobe and John killed the deer on the left. This was also Kobe's first solo kill. He was pretty proud!

52 Home--Week 47

IF you are paying attention...this says Week 47. My last entry was Week 44. I don't know how I got off in the numbering and weeks...but it happens. So instead of trying to figure out where it went wrong I am going to pick up with the correct week.

At the Tuscumbia Christmas Parade 2012.
 {Excuse my hair that is obviously tucked down in my jacket}

Christmas Around the World

Last night was Samuel's school Christmas program.  It was held in Norton Auditorium  here at UNA. I used to dance in dance recitals and programs at Norton and now I attend work meetings there and so I loved the fact that Samuel would be singing on that HUGE stage! 

The program was entitled "Christmas Around the World".  Santa, an elf, and three little girls who  waited up on Santa to come, "visited" several different countries. Each grade (K-6) represented a different country. They were as follows:

Kindergarten--United States
First Grade--Mexico
Second Grade--Israel and the Jewish Nation
Third Grade--Germany
Fourth Grade--Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, and Norway)
Fifth Grade--Southern Europe (France, Italy, and Spain)
Sixth Grade--Great Britain (England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales)

Each child was supposed to dress like someone you would find in the country that their class was assigned. They sang traditional songs from each country and talked about what they did during Christmas time there. They were all so precious. They all smiled and participated and were genuinely enjoying putting on a show for their parents and other family members. 

We were lucky! We got the United States. I say lucky because it is obviously the easiest to dress for because we already have most things we would need. I have to say, not only are the children at Kilby talented, but so are their parents. The costumes and outfits were wonderful! 

There were several soloists and at one point I leaned over and whispered to John, "This isn't your run of the mill cat killing contest that you usually hear at kid's programs". Seriously. These kids sang so beautifully. One little girl just brought tears to my eyes. I am certain her mother was so proud. As all of us were of all of our children.

Some children had speaking parts...Samuel was one of them! We rehearsed it over and over and over. When it was his turn, without any hesitation, he popped right up to his place and spoke loudly and clearly into the microphone and told us all, "My favorite Christmas tradition is leaving milk and cookies for Santa". I was so proud. I was that mom. Yep, I was a clapping, smiling, waving, crazy lady! My heart soared that he could get up in front of that whole room and speak so clearly that we  could all understand him and that he had the confidence to do so. Way to go, Sam! I am so proud of that little boy!

During the last song, We Wish You a Merry Christmas, the audience was asked to we did! Samuel must really love that song. We could literally hear his little voice over others. When it came to the part about bringing some figgy pudding... he made up his own words. He began singing (loudly) "Oh bring us piggy pudding!" "Oh bring us some piggy pudding"! Too cute. 

They took a bow and headed off the stage. I could NOT wait to get to my little cutie pie. 

After the play we went to Ricebox with my parents for dinner. We had to cut that short though because we promised Sam a trip to the Dollar Tree with THREE WHOLE DOLLARS. We went in and he made his special purchases and on home we went. 

It was a great, fun evening. I had a great time watching him and all the other kids. Mrs. McCalister, the music teacher, did a GREAT job teaching our kids and you could tell by the look on her face how much she really loves them and what she does. It was very enjoyable and I look forward to more programs with Kilby for years to come.

Before the play

During the finale number with all the kids from Kilby. Beau int he sweater and antlers is Samuel's "best friend" in Kindergarten.

Singing loud and proud!


We thought he was going to do the splits but he just jumped around a little instead.

Samuel during his speaking part

Monday, November 26, 2012

We Gathered Together...Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a nice Thanksgiving break this past week.

Sam and I went out to lunch on Tuesday to kick off our Thanksgiving break and met my friend Mona and her little girl, Mikayla there. We went to Trowbridge's downtown and had milkshakes and sandwiches. We love that little place! It is the place that I KNOW will bring an instant smile across the faces of my kids if they are having a bad day. It is so cute and fun.

After that we went to pick up Callum and Kobe and when we got home PawPaw Bruce and Diane were waiting for us in the driveway. The boys were pleasantly say the least. They spent time playing football and showing off in the front yard and then it got chilly and we had to go inside.
As soon as John got home we went straight to church to help package and hand out boxes for Thanksgiving. The outreach project was called Nourishing Hope. I just love that title, don't you? We were responsible for taking two boxes into the community. We did and we chatted with the families and played with their kids and prayed and we cried when we left. We were just overcome with gratitude that we were able to serve these families. I am so thankful to be involved in a church that loves helping others and reaching out into our community.
{borrowed this picture from my Pastor's Facebook page} This was the set up in the gym of the church. How awesome is is that all of these people came together to serve others?? Go Faith Church!
We ate a late dinner that night and ended up staying up later than we should. I told Callum and Kobe that they didn't have to go to school on Wednesday unless they just wanted to. Of course, Callum quickly let us know he was taking FULL advantage of that offer but Kobe said he wanted to go on and go. Weird. Like I said, I stayed up WAY too late and couldn't stand the thought of setting my alarm so I didn't. I decided in my head (I am not sure if this is right or wrong but it is what I did) that I would just tell Kobe that I didn't set my alarm the next morning when he asked me why I didn't get him up for school. Well, at 7:10 AM  ( the time we leave for school) he was tapping me on my shoulder and said, "I am dressed, have all my stuff together, my coat and toboggan are on, I have brushed my hair and my teeth. Will you take me to school?". What could I say to that? So, of course I got up and took him to school. I came back home and got started on housework while the other two slept most of the morning.
Later in the day I took Callum to get his driver's permit. He was just a little proud of himself.
Once we got groceries and headed home it was time for him to get on the road with John and PawPaw Bruce to get to the airport to catch a flight to visit his mom for the Thanksgiving holiday.
He missed it. Yep, his flight. He missed his flight. So back home they came for the night and went out at 3:30 the next morning to catch the next available flight.
We started Thanksgiving morning off by me turning on the parade and making "Turkey Pancakes" for breakfast. Well, once the pancakes were gone... so were the kids. They had ZERO interest in watching the parade so John and I promptly started watching an episode of Criminal Minds. It is our "go to" show on the DVR.

Excuse the mouth... and the nose... and the eyes... I did the best I could! What matters is the boys LOVED them!

We had a late lunch at my parents house on Thanksgiving Day. It was delicious and my mom did a great job with everything. I brought a few side dishes and John made his deviled eggs. After lunch the boys went out to rake leaves into a pile and play in them. John and I followed. They would hide in the leaves and come tell me that they had lost the other one and want me to look for them. They always ended up jumping out of the leaf pile as I was walking by or standing there. Then they just played! They were filthy afterwards! They loved it!

Just being silly!

John, Sam, and favorite picture of the day

What was really going on...

Me and the boys!

I love them looking at each other!

His "sweet" face!


 My parents always go to a "Christmas Auction" on Thanksgiving night and this year was no different. They invited my in-laws to go and they were all taking off together. I love that they get along so well so that we can ALL be together for the holidays. They ended up taking our kids with them so that John and I could have a date night. We went to the movies and watched Red Dawn and then rode around laughing at people that were camped out (literally in tents! I couldn't believe it!) for Black Friday sales.
We went to bed soon after that because we did plan to hit one store up on Friday morning bright and early. We went to Best Buy where I got a new cell phone for FREE (which I really needed!) and then next door to Lifeway to buy some Bibles for our kids. After that we went to eat breakfast together...just the two of us before going to pick up the kids. When we got married we already had three kids between us and so we never really had those lazy mornings of going out for breakfast or hanging out after a movie. It was really nice to see how couples are when they first get together before having kids. I really, really enjoyed my time with John and I hope we can do it more often.

After Black Friday EARLY morning shopping... excuse the no make up from me in this picture.


Friday night we curled up on our cozy couch and watch Brave with the kids and just hung out.
Saturday morning John and the boys got up and got dressed to go meet Poppa (my dad) at the hunting camp. I had the whole day to myself! I couldn't believe it! What did I Do? OH... exactly what I wanted to do! I took my time about getting my day started. I laid on the couch with my comfy cozy blanket that my mom made me last year and sipped hot apple cider while watching old episodes of Criminal Minds. I got caught up on some other things that were on the DVR as well with NO interruptions. I ate leftover pizza for lunch and then I got down to business. I put up all the Christmas trees and decorated the house. I wanted to surprise the boys when they got home. I usually decorate the tree in the boys' room with sports ornaments but this year I decided to do a "Batman" theme. I used the Batman Helicopter as the tree topper and the Batmobile and Batman and Joker throughout the tree. I used our large Batman toys at the base of the tree to make it look like Gotham City. It turned out so cute and the boys LOVE it. I put Callum's tree up as well. His is a small tree that fits on his desk but that is just what he wants and so he was so pleased. I got the wreaths on the windows outside when the phone rang...
It was Kobe and he was calling on behalf of the Rainey boys wanting to know what was for dinner! Since Callum was still at his mom's house I decided to have a Hot Dog Bar. Callum HATES hot dogs but I LOVE Them. I grilled some hot dogs and put out chili, cheese, kraut, relish, ketchup, and mustard. I made some tater tots and a couple of kinds of  cookies. Dinner was ready right when they walked in. We ended up having a little picnic dinner in the living room and watched Home Alone. We all just laughed and laughed.

Sunday morning John got up bright and early and went to church. He was playing in the band for both services. I hate I had to miss it but I got to go pick up Callum from the airport. My dad agreed to ride along with me and I really enjoyed having that time with just my dad since the boys decided to stay with their Nana. We stopped for breakfast on the way and made it to the airport in plenty of time. We got Callum and we decided to stop for lunch at Steak and Shake and stopped at Academy Sports and just browsed around. We had a great time.
It was so nice to have us all back under the same roof last night.
None of us wanted to get up this morning but we were all very thankful to have someplace to go this morning and I can't wait to get back home to see my guys!
I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving holiday as well!


52 Home--Week 44

I took Callum to get his Driver's Permit on Wednesday before he flew to visit his mom's house for Thanksgiving Holiday. He was trying not to smile too much!

52 Home--Week 43

The boys' football trophies this year. They are very proud of these. Kobe's is on the left and Samuel's is on the right .

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday 10--Random Acts of Kindness

Anyone who really knows me that this post is right up my alley! 

I just sat down with my family on Saturday night and we wrote out our plans for our annual Random Acts of Kindness marathon that starts on Thanksgiving and ends on Christmas. Sure, we do kind things for people all throughout the year but this is when we really amp it up. There are a lot of hurting people out there and the holidays can be tough! I am linking up with Lena B today and I am going to list my favorite Random Acts of Kindness


I want to mention a few of my favorite memories of my boys displaying a heart for doing kind things for others. 

* Once we were leaving our local Wal-Mart. As we left, there was a huge truck collecting canned goods/groceries and Callum asked if we could just give them all that we had just bought and go get more later. Of course, we could. That made me so happy that he initiated that act of kindness.

*Once an older gentleman was in front of us in line at Wal-Mart (again!) and he was in a wheelchair. He was doing his best to reach his items and before I could get to him to help him, Kobe jumped in front of me and began placing his items on the counter and then helped with getting the bags back into the basket.

*Once we were walking out the door of...(yep! You guessed it) Wal-Mart (we spend a lot of time there, huh?) and there was an older gentleman who had a huge bag of change. He dropped it. Coins went everywhere. He looked so frazzled. Without a word, Sam went straight to helping this man pick up all of those coins. We all pitched in but Sam started it. 

Now...on to my favorite Random Acts of Kindess:

1. Some people are not fortunate enough to have the holidays off. Thanksgiving dinners are often missing family members because they have to work. We live near a large intersection with several gas stations. We always bake cookies and take them to the gas station attendants that could not get off for the night and are working on Thanksgiving.

2. Take a basket of goodies and put it on your neighbors porch.

3. Pay for the person behind you in the drive thru.

4. Speak a word of encouragement to your waitress or waiter and leave them a good tip!

5. Be overly kind to the cashier checking your out at the store.

6. Take goodies to an older couple who may not can get out and about.

7. Smile at someone you don't know.

8. Compliment a stranger.

9. Bless your policeman and firefighters with a basket of goodies.

10. Let people in front of you in traffic, let a pedestrian (or two, or three, or four!) walk in front of you, let someone go before you in the line at ...Wal-Mart of course!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Not the food... but the Attitude!

This past Wednesday night at church Pastor Steve talked about how Thanksgiving isn't about the is about the attitude.

 I read through last year's Thanksgiving post {HEREand was reminded how true that statement really is.
 I made Thanksgiving about something more than just being thankful and being with my family and I know I learned my lesson on that. I am so grateful that God taught me that lesson last year and that Pastor Steve reminded me of it this year.  Sometimes we just get so caught up that we can't see the really important stuff.
What really matters is that your family is together. Be thankful for all the blessings you have. Stop looking at what you don't have and look at what you do have. Reach out to help others. 
This year Faith Church is putting together and delivering Thanksgiving meals to families in our area. The best part? We get to put these boxes in our vehicles and drive to these people's homes and deliver food to them and show them the love of Christ and pray for them. How awesome is that? The program is called Nourishing Hope. I love it! I am beyond thrilled to be able to participate in this type of outreach. Remember...there are people who wish they had your troubles to worry about. We are blessed and it is time for us to start being a blessing to others instead of always being the ones who want to be blessed! It is time to care for the least of these. It is time to show the love of Christ in a tangible way. It is time to get Kingdom minded. It is past time to be about our Father's business.
You may be sitting there thinking... I don't have anything to offer. Yes you do. You have a friendly smile. Sometimes a smile is enough to boost someone's entire day. You have hands that can hold a door open for someone or a mouth to speak life into someone. My kids and I always bake cookies and take them to the gas station attendants that are having to work. Something so simple...yet so big to someone else. It doesn't matter what you do...just do something for someone else.
I challenge you (along with myself) to make this Thanksgiving not about the food...but about having the right attitude (thanks Pastor Steve for the phrase!). Let's be thankful and mindful of our heart and our attitude and be a blessing to others!

Recap of the Weekend

This past weekend John went to serve at the North Alabama Men's Encounter. I can't put into words how extremely proud I am to be called his wife. How proud I am that he chooses to give that weekend every few months to God and to these hurting men. Men who need someone to listen, to help, to encourage. John is that man for some. I can't express how truly honored I am that God chose me as his wife.

He left on Friday and came back on Sunday night. We missed him for sure but that didn't stop us from having fun!

Friday night Kobe decided to go with a friend to the high school football game and Callum wanted a night to just play video games. That left me and Sam. So we went to take John to their departure point and this time it was at Faith Church. We also decided that afterwards we would go with my mom on a few errands. We ended up leaving there heading straight for something to eat. We were all starving once we saw John and my dad off for the weekend. We let Sam decide. He chose CiCi's Pizza. It wasn't that bad and he had fun instead of crying for his daddy so it worked. After that we went and picked up a few Christmas gifts and then I headed to get Kobe from my cousin, Michelle. Exhausted doesn't really begin to describe how I felt. I had arranged to meet Michelle at the gas station across the street from the football stadium so that I could try and stay out of the main part of the traffic. While we were sitting there I told Sam that I was so ready to just go home and get my comfy cozies (what we call pajamas at our house) on and relax. He looked at me and in his own very sleepy voice said, "Mommy, just lean your head back and take a little rest. I will stay up and I will tell you when Kobe is here. I will protect us while you sleep". Is that not the sweetest baby ever? I am glad I didn't really take him up on his offer because, I looked back there and he was fast asleep. He was such a sweet, good boy. Of course, I never sleep very well when John isn't home and so I stayed up doing laundry, cleaning, and working on a Christmas order of  door hanger canvases pretty late.

Saturday morning came EARLY. I am not sure what time I went to bed but I was up bright and early on Saturday. I got up and started picking up, organizing, and working on canvases. I woke Kobe up so he could get a shower because he was heading out to play paint ball with some boys from his football team. I got Kobe sent off and mom picked me and Sam up and we headed out for the day. We went to our local flea market and a couple of fabric stores. Sam saw where this day was headed and pleaded for us to go home. I told him that I would take him anywhere he wanted to go for lunch. Anywhere. He said, "then take me home!". HA! We ended up at McDonald's play place and we ate and he played while me and my mom talked. After that we went to the mall and got some Christmas shopping out of the way and that is where I met up with Kobe after paintball. We hit a few more stores after we left the mall and the kids had just HAD it. They were tired, hungry, and ill. I still had ONE more stop I HAD to make. I NEEDED to pick up some yellow paint so that I could finish one of the paintings in the order I was desperately trying to complete and so my mom just dropped me off at the front door and I ran in while everyone else sat in the car. When I got back in Sam and Kobe both told me that they had a surprise for me. We then pulled up to Buffalo Wild Wings. Really, that was for them. They love wings. They love UFC. They love eating. So it was a win all the way around. We had a fun time just hanging out together but after dinner...we were all ready to go home and go to sleep!

Sunday morning came with the sound of coughing! Kobe was just barking ... it sounded terrible. I consulted some friends about what I should do (via Facebook) and then got on the phone with our pharmacist and determined that an over the counter medication would likely help and we stopped by on our way to church and picked it up. We went to church and had a great time. Afterwards we went home to have lunch. In no time at all it was time to head back to church for the Men's Encounter homecoming celebration. I really love that part. It is when I get to hear of all the great things that happened over the weekend. The things that God had revealed, healed, and the way He touched each one of those men. It is an awesome time. I was so grateful it was housed at our church and loved that we did praise and worship first. It was truly a great night! 

We left and John drove our car straight to Rice Box. We ate dinner and got home late but it was worth it to have that family time together after John being gone and to not have to wash any dishes! I was pretty proud of myself. I didn't nap at all yesterday and got so much accomplished! 

This week is a super short week since the schools will be out for Thanksgiving. I am so blessed to be able to spend this time with my family. John is going to be off some too and that has never happened so I am really thrilled about it! I can't wait to just hang out and make no plans. I am really excited because John is in charge of the deviled eggs this year and he makes the best deviled eggs...ever! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday 10-- If I Won the Lottery

Today is Tuesday and I am linking up with Lena B. at Lena B, actually and participating in the Tuesday Ten of the week: First Ten Things You Would DO or BUY If You Won the Lottery.

{Assuming we are completely out of debt and since our children's college is taken care of...}

1. Give to my church and missions!

Complete water project in Uganda
The Water Project

2. Take care of any of my parent's or my in-law's needs.

3. Take everyone on a huge, unforgettable family vacation.

lug7s.gif - 6.9 K
Web Clip Art

4. Take a trip to every single place I have ever wanted to visit with John (just us).  To Boston, To Maine,  To NYC at Christmas time, to Ireland, to Vietnam, to Italy, and to Thailand. I have a whole board dedicated to this very topic HERE on Pinterest.

NYC at Christmas

5. Buy a HUGE house (with a guest house John could turn into a "Man Cave").

6. Adopt as many orphans from different countries as my new house could hold!

7. Buy some land to plant a beautiful flower garden/field.

8. Buy every single stick of peppermint chap stick I could find so I would never run out!

click on image to close window

9. Buy any wish list items that my family desired.

Infinity Knot Ring
One of my wish list can see my board on Pinterest HERE

10. IF I had any left over (I mean, I realize I would have to win A LOT of money to do these things!) I would put it in savings...for a Rainey Day, of course!

Go link up and tell us what you would do!

52 Home--Week 42

This morning I took my boys with me as I always do to vote. I remember very vividly and fondly my parents taking me with them to the polls to vote. They always tried to go together as a couple to vote so I just tagged along with them both. It made a pretty big impact on me and I wanted to share it with my boys just like they shared it with me.

I love that my boys are proud to wear their "I Voted" stickers to school. Dr. Webb (the Chair in the department I work for) went over with her clinical teaching students and saw Samuel. She said Sam walked right up to her and said "Look, we match!" and showed her his "I Voted" sticker!

I hope my boys look back and remember me taking them to the our designated voting place and sitting them at the table with me and explaining how the ballot works and what a privilege it is to have the right to vote! Then of course, I let them take turns putting the ballot in the machine. Since it was Sam's first year as a "big boy" he did the honors.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Just one of those days...

        Have you ever had "one of those days"? I did the other day. A friend of mine emailed me about something that was going on and in an attempt to make her laugh and feel better, I shared my "fun" day I had been having. By the end of it... I found myself literally laughing out loud. It is true laughter is the best medicine!

      Psalms 126:2 Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The LORD hath done great things for them.

This was my Tuesday:

        Woke up late
      Walked into the living room to find 120 pounds of dog on my    couch L!
    Yelled at the dog then he followed me around whining because I yelled at him…no joke!
      Couldn’t get Kobe up for ANYTHING. I was on the brink of    resorting to water in the face!
      Sam was a little stickler and didn’t want to get dressed or anything else #almostaboutotloseitatthispoint
      Sam has grown since the last time he wore the jeans I laid out for him #changeclothes #runningevenlater
 Changed pants and sent him to brush his teeth and hair
     Came out with toothpaste all over his shirt #changeclothesagain
     Can’t seem to find his toboggan with FOUR pairs of eyes looking
     Get his milk poured for the car and I DROPPED the stupid gallon of milk on my toes. It busted and milk went everywhere. #reallylate
     Cleaned it up. Handed Sam his honey bun and milk. Found the toboggan. Got his coat on. #finallyoutthedoor
      Tried to cheer myself up when I got in the car by turning on my favorite radio station #nothingbuttalking
  Drop Kobe off. #1down2togo
      Get almost to the high school when Samuel says, “I don’t have my honeybun and milk.” I say, “well, that is just fabulous!” #nobreakfast #helaiditdownwhenhegrabbedhistoboggan
      Get Callum to run in and buy Sam a biscuit and milk from the  cafeteria #probablyjuststartedsomethingIwillwishIhadn’t
      Callum grabs his backpack and runs into the school #2down1togo
      I am leaving the high school parking lot at the time I am normally   pulling up at Kilby L #canwesaylate?
      Get almost to KIlby and I hear, “I don’t have my backpack.” #luckilyitwashidingundermycoat
       Drop Sam off #justmetogo
       Finally get to UNA and have to drive in to the parking deck for   parking because faculty is taken up by now #scary
     Park on the SEVENTH floor
       Get into my office and have a MOUND of things that need to be      handled right away

      But at least the day is winding down and I am on the home stretch   #seesbubblebathandearlybedtimeinfuture

     This seriously made me laugh after I typed it all out. I mean, these  problems are so SMALL compared to some people's problems. I  think it sometimes helps to write down your "problems" and then  read over them... you will probably laugh! And... just for the record  my day got MUCH better and it ended fantastically!

I     thought this was a good "Just for Laughs" post!

Sleepy Head

Sam is my little sleepy head in the mornings! He is so hard to get up and get going. That is "Bear Bear" that he is cuddled up with. I hate waking him up when he looks so sweet ... and is being so quiet!


October? Where have you gone? I can't believe how fast time is flying by...and passing me by. Those who read my posts know that I get in these little "moods" where I just feel like time is ticking WAY too fast for my liking! This is one of those times. There could be several things that are attributing to this like:

* I knew from past experience that once the little boy hits Kindergarten he is never the same. Just so you know, it is no different with the second little boy. In fact, it isn't easier. In fact, it is harder. Much harder. I guess it probably has to do with the fact that he is my last little boy to enter Kindergarten. The last one who will return my kisses and hugs and "I love yous" in the drop off line. The last one to wear the cute little character toboggans. The last one to look SO little walking in to the BIG school. I am so proud of him for all that he is learning. He recieved all "S's" on his report card and he earned himself a Pawsitive Paws Reward at this month's recognition ceremony. Pawsitive Paws is a program that Sam's school does to reward positive behavior. If a teacher, librarian, counselor, or art/music teacher witnesses a student doing something positive they give them a pawsitive paw and once a month they host a little ceremony to give them an "award" and they get to have ice cream or an equally fun treat. I signed up to help pass out popsicles at the one that Samuel was recognized at so I got to see him get his little Pawsitive Paw. He got his when he was overheard by his teacher telling a little boy who had been struggling with something "You are SO smart" when he got the answer right. I know that some people think it is crazy that I edify my children every night. I sometimes do it throughout the day but without fail each and everyday I speak life into them and obviously it is working because they are doing it for others! I tell them they are smart, a good friend, loving, a good brother, a good son, etc. I am very proud of all he is learning and all that he is beginning to achieve but I would be lying if I said I didn't have tears in my eyes RIGHT NOW thinking about him slipping away a little and becoming more of a big boy. I am so proud of him and I am truly honored that God saw fit to let me be his earthly parent. 

* I have always celebrated Halloween with the boys and dressed them up and took them trick or treating. When it was just me and Kobe I would take off of work a little early and go pick him up and take him to get a happy meal from McDonalds (in that little plastic pumpkin bucket) and we would go to my parent's house and get dressed in costume and go out trick or treating. Once Samuel came along we included him in on our little tradition too. Well, this year that didn't really happen. We took Sam to the Fall Festival (and took him to get a happy meal in the Halloween bucket!) at his school and we all participated in the Trunk or Treat at church but this year was different because...Sam is the only one who wanted to dress up. The other two thought they were too big this year. That kind of made me feel sad. I know they all have to grow up but it hurts. Kind of a lot. Especially since every time I look at Kobe I see him as my sweet curly headed 3 year old baby boy. Still to this day. He is almost taller than I am and I am very proud of him but I really wish it would just slow down. He is running with the track team and wrapping up football and gearing up for basketball. He made the honor roll and he made the Math Olympiad team... he loves others and is a good friend and a good big brother. I feel blessed that he calls me mom.

* Tomorrow we are taking Callum to Preview Day at the university that I work for. It is a given that he will likely go to this university if he chooses to go to a four year college (and I hope he does). I won't lie... I bribed him a little. I told him that if he would come to this college I would buy his lunch every single day and he could live at home and I would do his laundry and make sure he always had food. Maybe that will work! He was featured in the school's newsletter yesterday for completing a project in Carpentry class. The little playhouse his group built was displayed for a month at our local shopping mall and will now be set up on auction and all proceeds go to a great local charity. I am proud of him. That took effort and dedication...not to mention several smashed fingers in the process! He is becoming more and more mature and responsible and I really do depend on him...maybe more than I should sometimes. He is doing pretty well in school and is beginning to have "plans" more than I would like but I am so glad to see him getting out there and taking root and becoming a friend to others. I am thankful he has come to live with us and I hate thinking that I only have two more years. Unless, of course, all my bribing works and I can keep him here through college! If nothing else, I will be one of the YOUNGEST moms at Preview Day tomorrow...I guess  that can "keep me going" a little! HAHA! I know he will be successful and I am so thankful for him.


Funny things I want to remember:

  • The other day Sam said he was lucky because he had two good big brothers. That day Callum had run into the high school cafeteria to buy Sam a sausage biscuit and milk since he forgot his breakfast at home. Kobe had given him his Mountain Dew he bought at the store and the rest of his potato soup. After he was remembering all of these things in our car as we drove down the road Kobe said, "Man, you are lucky to have such a great set of good brothers! No fair! You have two. I only have one!". 
  • I walked in to find Samuel playing in his room the other day with his Batman toys (I love seeing them still be little!) and he was just singing "Hallelujah, Jesus you are Lord" over and over and he was making up the tune as he went. It melted my heart.
  • Sam is in a phase right now of telling jokes. He got in the car after school the other day and said, "Mom, if there was another band like One Direction what would they be called?" I said I didn't know and he said, "Two Directions!". That seriously cracked me up.
  • Last night as I was putting pajamas on Samuel he was telling me how we need to love everyone. Even bad people. Even mean people. Because Jesus said so. He has watched The Passion of the Christ before and was asking to watch it again. I can barely watch it though because it is upsetting but it is a good reminder. He began to tell me how sad it made him when Mary is cleaning up Jesus' blood. Bless him!
  • The boys had a choice on Wednesday night (Halloween night) to either go to the Fall Festival at my parent's church or to go to our church to Royal Rangers. Sam chose to go with my parents and Kobe chose Royal Rangers. He said, "Mom! I just can't bear to miss Royal Rangers!" Those guys that are over that program are so special to host these little boys each week!
  • The other night was very, very cold and Kobe had a football game. He asked me if they would really play in the cold weather and I answered that they would. He said, "GOOD! This is REAL football weather. Cold weather makes the hits hurt more! I can't wait to bring the pain." He cracks me up!
  • My mom sent me a picture of Sam at the harvest festival at their church. I noticed something draped across his chest and couldn't figure out what it was. I asked him what he was wearing. He said, "OH! My poppa let me use his hunting purse to put my candy in!" He was supposed to carry a little camo backpack (He was an Army man) to put his candy in but he left it at home so my dad let him use his camo binocular case but Sam was calling it a purse!


I love seeing what God is doing in my family and in our lives. I am so grateful and so thankful all throughout the year but especially at this time when it is in the forefront of our minds with Thanksgiving right around the corner.