John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, December 26, 2011


I told John I wanted a puppy for Christmas. He said no. I sent him a few pictures of some potential dogs that I thought might win him over. The answer: NO! So, I let it go for a little while thinking he might come around. That following Saturday morning he woke up and asked me didn't we have somewhere we needed to go?? I said no. I was still a little ill over not getting my way, you see. He finally came around to telling me to get my stubborn self in the car and he took us to the local animal shelter. He said he had been praying about the dog situation and doing a little bit of research. He said a Pug would be perfect for our home. He said if we found a dog that really needed us to rescue it we would bring it home. So, you know me....every dog I saw... Oh this is it! No, this is it! We also made the mistake of taking Samuel with us. He was unimpressed. He didn't go crazy over anything. Sure, he thought they were cute but I figured he would want each and every dog he saw. We were on the last row and nearly to the last cage and I was beginning to think we were not getting a dog! Until, at the very last cage there sat a PUG. A sweet little Pug that had to be taken from its owner due to abuse and neglect. One of his eyes had been poked "out" (the eye is still there but doesn't look like the other one) and he had been left out in very extremely cold temperatures with no food, water, or shelter. The lady that worked there said he needed a home very soon. The way she said it was to let me know this dog would be put down soon if someone didn't take it. She led Samuel through the rows one last time and asked which puppy he wanted to take home. He led her right back to the very last cage and chose the little Pug. Of course, that dog came home with us. He is the sweetest little dog and we all love him very much...except Buster who is still a little apprehensive of the new guy! He is very loving and follows me every step I take and loves our boys. He is a great addition to our home.

Leviticus Buddy (thanks to Sam) Rainey---Levi for short

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