John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, December 9, 2011

Experiencing Santa Claus

Last night I went on a date. With two guys! They were really handsome and very polite. They were dressed so nicely and I was very proud to be their date. Their names were Kobe and Samuel! These two boys know how to treat a lady!

First, we went to Hobby Lobby (my choice, obviously). This wasn't their favorite stop of the night but I have to say that they were very well behaved and allowed me to look at everything I wanted to and I was very pleased.

Next, we made a straight shot to the mall. This was their choice. You may think that is odd for my two boys to choose the mall as a date destination...but... that is where Santa Claus lives for a few hours a day during Christmas! We entered through the back entrance and while we were making our way to the front of Santa's Village the boys were trying to get sneak peeks of him. Samuel, of course, had to touch anything that he saw and pick up everything that wasn't nailed down. I think I shared in a previous post Samuel's new found love for "wood crackers". He has found that he really admires Nut Crackers and at the entrance to Santa's Village there a several larger than life sized Nut Crackers. He was so excited. He saluted them and spoke to them and walked behind them to see if they were "real". I don't know if you know this... I didn't until Samuel enlightened me, that you can tell if they are real by checking to see if they have a handle to use to open their mouths... YEP they had one ... they were real! He asked to bring it home for his collection (my mother started him his very own Nut Cracker collection this year)...he was very disappointed with my answer. Finally, it was our turn to see Santa! The kids had been excited about this all day long so it really shocked me that they both "choked" the minute they saw him. Neither of them would go near Santa. Finally, probably out of embarrassment, Kobe went forward and sat on Santa's knee. Even seeing his big brother upon Santa's knee did not give Samuel the needed persuasion to hop up on the knee of the big fat guy in the red suit.But, finally with some gentle coaxing bribery he went and sat upon Old St. Nick’s knee. Kobe got so nervous once he saw him he couldn’t even tell him what he wanted for Christmas!  I bribed him by telling him that if he would go up there for a picture with Kobe that we would go anywhere he chose for dinner. Once he got up there he would barely speak and when it came time for pictures… he was ready to get off of that man’s knee! The lady couldn’t get him to smile for anything… not even a sucker! Poor Santa… I know he was ready for a quick return to the North Pole. We tried bribing Samuel to smile but it just wouldn't work. The lady asked if I wanted to go ahead and get the picture taken. I said yes, of course. I figured it could be our "Santa" picture. You know, the one that most all families have of an unhappy child to document how funny they looked! In true "A Christmas Story" style, at the very last minute, Kobe finally managed to tell a couple of things he wanted to find under the tree on Christmas morning. Samuel managed to mutter "Batman" but nothing else. I told Sam to tell him that we would have cookies and milk waiting for him on Christmas Eve and to find out his favorite kind. All Sam would say is "Cookies" and then a quite "Milk". Santa wished them a Merry Christmas and lowered them off of his knees. They both happily took their suckers and candy canes and moved (quickly) on their way. As we were walking off Kobe threw his hands up in the air and told us that he had indeed forgotten to tell him a few very important things. Samuel kept looking back in horror like Santa might hop the fence of candy canes and come after him. Once we were safely away Samuel began to talk about how much he loved Santa and how cool he was... yeah... OK Sam!

We continued on and went to the Collector's store to look at sports cards and action figures. Then onto Finishline to look at shoes and finally Samuel said he was really hungry and ready to go. I asked where he wanted to go and he said he was having a "Zack Attack!" and I asked what that was... apparently that means he wants to go to Zaxby's. So on to eat chicken we went. We enjoyed being a little silly at dinner and singing along with the songs that were playing and just chatting and having fun.

We then headed to Kirkland's and Lifeway Christian Book Store. The boys went straight to the back to watch the movie they were playing while I looked for what I needed. I wanted to make them get up and come on but they were being so sweet just sitting there that I hated to make them move! We made our final purchases and headed home.

We apparently passed by an obvious landmark in Samuel's eyes because he blurted out that we were going to church. So, we turned and headed towards church. John was there practicing with the Praise and Worship band so we snuck inside to hear a little before we headed home. They were singing my most favorite Christmas song ever. O Come Emmanuel. We sat and listened for a few minutes but it was past bedtime and time to head home. We drove home and sang Christmas songs. Each of them ended up falling asleep in the backseat. I looked in my rear view at them and at that very moment... all was right with my world.

My dates!

Sam isn't so happy and Kobe is a little nervous!

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