John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, October 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday 9-29-11

Looks like I am getting good at running behind on my posts these days... but better late than never.

My Top Ten:

1. God. HE is all knowing and only works things together for our good. His love never fails!

2. Jesus. I was thinking the other day how in the past I used to be so quick to run grab the phone when something went wrong or someone hurt me or when something great the first thing I do is turn to my best friend Jesus.

3. John. As always, I am so thankful for all that he does. He is running on empty right now in the sleep department and also in the personal time department but I am so glad that he puts other things above himself. He is helping with a youth small group at church...centered guessed it: OUTDOORS! He took them on a hike Saturday morning and from what I can tell it was a great time. He is also playing with the Praise and Worship team at church and still finds time to help around the house with projects and hang out with our kids. He is a good man!

4. My boys. OH! MY BOYS! They are so busy but I like it that way. It keeps them busy and out of trouble. Callum is in the band and has games every Friday night and competitions every Saturday. We don't really get to see much of him these days with rehearsals and trips but he is 14...he probably loves it! He is doing pretty well in school and I am very proud of him!! I don't know how he does all he has to do and still he stays in a good mood! Kobe is playing football and he is busy most days of the week with that as well. LUCKILY, this year their games are at night time so we don't have to devote an entire Saturday to driving and waiting and watching a game (or two) and then driving back home. He has all 100s in his classes EXCEPT reading. It isn't his favorite but he still manages to pull an A so I can't complain. Samuel is still my little shadow. He is dying to have a "practice" to go to. He wants to do wrestling but isn't old enough to sign up I feel like with in the next year it will be guitar and/or wrestling.  These guys are such a sweet part of me and I love them so very much!

5. Parents. Please, someone tell me what we would do without our parents??? I still depend, learn, ask advice, and hang out with my parents pretty much daily! I hope our children remain as close to us as John and I are to our parents.

6. Church. I LOVE my church! I LOVE my Pastors. I LOVE my church family. Did I mention, I LOVE CHURCH!!!

7. Cooler Weather. I love having to grab a little jacket in the mornings. I love wanting some coffee on cooler mornings. I love that with cooler weather comes LOWER utility bills!!! For a couple of months we won't need air or heat... I LOVE this time of year!

8. Answered Prayers. I have tried to get a job at the University of North Alabama for YEARS! Years, I tell you! And, a couple of days ago I received a call telling me they wanted to offer me the job!! I got the job! I prayed so hard for this and I claimed it in the name of Jesus and just like he said, if I asked I would receive and I did! I am so excited about this new path.

9. Family/Friend Time. I love having time with everyone! I love being able to just hang out and talk. Saturday night we had everyone over for chili and I made some pigs in a blanket and cocktail weenies and we had some chips and dip and brownies and cake... and of course... Football!

10. Finding Out. I  am so happy that I am finally able to find out WHO I am. I have prayed for a long time that the Lord would show me who I am... I am a wife, mother, daughter, someone who loves to sing in the shower and the car (although I don't do it well), a person who loves helping out, someone who loves to keep babies in the nursery at church, someone who loves attending classes, someone who is there no matter what you need, someone who loves to decorate and use her artistic abilities. BUT most of all... I am a son (daughter) of God!

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