John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's Fall Ya'll

**Disclaimer! There is ALOT of information and picutres in this post!!**

MY favorite time of year. Fall. I LOVE the fall. It means cooler weather but still warm enough to play outside. It also means Fall decorating and pumpkins! We decided to welcome Fall this weekend with OPEN arms!

Friday night I went out with my mom and went shopping and to dinner. We had such a good time just chatting and riding around with eachother. We went to Hobby Lobby, Cracker Barrell, and Target. We had fun...just us two. We rarely get to do that so it is a treasured treat when we are able to get out by ourselves. When I got home I found a sleeping Kobe and John and a wide awake Sam. Sam was sitting by John watching Rambo. I was glad he was still awake so I could try on his new shoes but really glad because we got to snuggle...with no interruptions!

Saturday morning John got up early to take Samuel (a friend from church who spent the night after the away game the night before) to his cross country meet and then came back home and got ready to take Callum to the school to meet up for the band competition that they were going to at Vanderbilt all day Saturday (until 3 AM on Sunday!!). After that John and our neighbor, Wayne, met up with the youth and a couple of other adults to take the boys on a Fall Hike at Cane Creek that day. I woke up early to help get them moving and out of the door and then I was going to begin my Christmas shopping. My dad and I decided to pal around a little together that morning. We went and got breakfast and then began looking for the "most wanted" items on the kids' lists this year. We met back up with my mom and boys to have lunch and then my dad decided to take Kobe and Samuel to the hunting club. OH MY! They were so happy and excited. Samuel has never gotten to go but this dad said he was big enough so they took off. Samuel has not quit talking about it yet! He must have had a blast being the "little" big boy at hunting club this year. Kobe always likes time he gets to have with Poppa so I know it was a memorable day for him as well. I got lucky TWICE this weekend because once they were gone... it was just me and my mom left. We decided to ...go SHOPPING! We went and purchased the most wanted items for my children this year to make CERTAIN they get what thier little hearts desire! Callum and Kobe are the only two so far that have told me anything but they are (of course) BIG ticket items so I am happy to have their main gifts behind me. We went to Best Buy, Big Lots, the Halloween store (looking for some nerd glasses for Kobe's Halloweeen costume and of course found more!), and Wal-Mart. I had to get home to start cooking since we were watching the game at my house this week so I took off towards home. I couldn't help but stop at the Dollar General and look around (no treasures found there that day!) and then to K-Mart (two cute rugs!) before I got home. Once home, Kobe and Samuel were just getting back as well as John. Kobe had been saving his money up for sometime to buy a pair of shoes he has been wanting and finally had enough so I took him to get the shoes (eventhough my time was seriously CRUNCHED). It was nice having time with just him for an hour or so. We got back just in time for kick off and we ate Chili with all the fixings, pigs in a blanket, cocktail weenies, candy corn mix (my mom makes it and it is good!), brownies, cake, and chips and dip. Of course we watched the BAMA game. I even managed to decorate the outside for Fall!

Sunday morning came early but I was so glad! I love going to church! John got up early and got ready since he needed to be there early for Praise and Worship Team prayer and practice. We love watching John play the guitar while we worship! Samuel waves at him and says "Hey Daddy!" although I am unsure if John has ever been able to see him. We had a great time at church and recieved a great message from Pastor Bill. We have been attending a LIFE class at night and have been trying to find things to occupy a few hours in Florence instead of eating and driving home for a little while and going straight back. Last week the kids went with my parents and John and I went to lunch with a friend from church and then we went to the mall and just hung out together before evening class at church. Yesterday, we decided to pack a picnic and leave it in the church refrigerator and then after church go on a picnic. So, that is just what we did. We drove out to McGee Farm and had a picnic. After our picnic we played in the hay, fed the chickens and goats, and rode a hayride to the pumpkin patch and we each picked out our very own pumpkin. It was a great time! We took up just enough time to head straight back to church.

Our LIFE class at church is about freeing ourselves from our past and present problems (in a is SO much more than that!). I like the ring of "Free Fall" or "Fall of Freedom"! I really enjoyed the class and learned so much from it. It is such a blessing to have these kind of people to be around and learn from.

This was a great weekend and I hated to see it go!

One of the roads we drove down Sunday in between McGee Farm and evening church...beautiful!

Samuel playing in the hay

Sam liked the chickens!

The boys! Kobe, Sam, and Callum... all in FALL colors!
Kobe and Sam getting ready to jump off of the hay

Our favorite part of the farm... Mr. Billy Goat!

Feeding the goats

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE these three guys?
Handsome young man!
My front door hanging. "Give Thanks To The Lord"

My front porch. Buster just can't stand it if he doesn't run into my pictures! I especially love the floral arrangements I made!

Front Porch Swing area!

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