John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Worth Remembering

**Today when Kobe got home from school I asked what he would like for an after school snack. He said cornbread and tomatoes! I guess he is from Alabama, huh?

**The other day Samuel and I had a little talk that went something like this:

ME: Sam, what would you like to drink with your breakfast?
Sam: I don't want breakfast. I want to watch Bambi.
Me: Well, you aren't watching Bambi until you have had your breakfast. SO, what do you want to drink?
At this point Samuel goes quiet. He won't answer me and he has his arms crossed up.
Me: Samuel, You aren't being very nice and if you do not answer me then I am going to call your daddy and tell him how ugly you are acting.
Sam: NO! Mommy, don't call Daddy! I am TRYING to be nice that's how come I am staying quiet!

**Sam recently got a fish. He named it Rainbow Fish. You had to say Fish after Rainbow because that was his last name. Then he changed it to Fish Stick Fish. 2 days later... Rainbow Fish Stick Fish was dead. I asked Samuel what he thought we should do. He said Pray to God for it to come back. So, he did. He says the fish swam a little longer (I am not sure because I wasn't there) and then he came and said he was LITERALLY (and yes, he used the word literally) dead. He asked if we should throw him away. I said no. He asked what we should do. I told him we should flush him down the toilet. I told him as soon as I was done with dinner I would help him. A few minutes later he comes back and says, "Well, it's done." I ask what is done. He tells me that the fish has been flushed. I immediately,in my mind's eye, see water spilled all over the house and a big mess waiting on me. I ask how he took in there. He says, " I reached down in the bowl and got him out with my hand carried him in there and flushed him!". Needless to say, we scrubbed our hands that evening!

**Today Kobe forgot his math book. He had a trying time studying for a test. He didn't get around to reading in his book. He was having a hard time with his practice uniform for football and he was just getting so flustered and frustrated. It was really cracking me up. I couldn't help it I started giggling. Kobe got even more ill after that. He finally yelled out, "You shouldn't laugh about a man having a day that just isn't his day of the week!".

**Yesterday we were driving down the road and this conversation took place between Kobe and his cousin, Braeden:

**Kobe: Why do you think it is always the dads who let us watch the good movies?
Braeden: No offense, Aunt Beth, but Kobe, I think it is because OUR moms are a little bit overprotective!

**What I didn't tell earlier about Rainbow Fish Stick Fish is that Samuel had been saving up for that pet! He saved up $4.62. When we went to purchase everything he had it in a bag and laid all up on the counter. Some of it was change. The lady at the cash register asked if I wanted to take his money and put it all on my debit card instead of just the remaining balance. Samuel yelled out, "NO! I have saved my whole life for this!"

**The other day we were watching a show about people who collect odd things. I looked at Kobe and said, "Kobe, I don't guess I really collect anything.". He said, "Mom, look around! You collect kids!".

**Recently Me, Sam, and Kobe were sharing an afternoon snack. I put Buster up so that we could enjoy it. He knocked the baby gate down and Sam looked at me and said, "And that.... is why I want a pet turtle!"

**One afternoon Sam told me he needed a snack. He comes back with a "new" snack he has never had before...cheese puffs. He thinks these are a new invention because its the first time I've ever bought them that he can remember. He then says, "They're good ain't they??" No denying he is from the South!

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