John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, August 19, 2011

Five On Friday 8-19-11

Here is this week's Five on Friday blog! If you would like to start your own Friday5 blog go HERE and get your weekly list and don't forget to link them in your blog and comment on theirs!! If you ever begin wondering or would just like to know "why" I do these blogs take a look at my explanation HERE. I Hope you all have a FABULOUS Friday!!!

This Week's Topic: Alarming

1.What was your most memorable alarm-clock failure? ** I FAIL at getting up in the mornings. I mean, I am the WORST! Worse than my children! I HAVE to hit snooze at least three times. So, once I accidentally hit “dismiss” and turned it off instead of snooze. When I woke up I had about FIVE minutes to get everyone ready and to school and work… needless to say… we were late that day! I have to admit that ever since then I have been much better!**

2.What item recently in the news do you find most alarming? ** I saw where some man dismembered a child’s body after killing him. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! Well, that and the two children I have read about who were killed in car accidents this week. Very Sad.**

3.Of car alarms, burglar alarms, and smoke alarms, which do you consider most effective or useful? **In my opinion, I say SMOKE alarms. I think they are all great to have and while I enjoy the protection each of them offer… there is something about knowing we will be awakened by the loud, shrill beeping noise that the smoke alarm gives off if we were to need to get out in case of fire!**

4.If the shoplifting alarm is tripped as you exit a store, what do you do? ** I would stop and let the associates check my receipt and bag. I have had it happen when a clothing tag wasn’t removed. I wasn’t upset… I knew I had paid and that everything was fine. I have, somehow, made it home with a clothing tag still on the clothes without an alarm sounding before.**

5.If you owned some kind of personality alarm to warn you upon first meeting someone of likely trouble in the relationship, what would be five qualities you’d set it to detect? ** A. A Deceitful Nature. B. Lazy. C. Lack of Goals and Perseverance. D. Lack of Persistence. E. Someone who likes to half way do something or “take the easy way out”.


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