John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thankful Thursday 7-7-2011

This week's Top Ten List is:

1. God. He provides… and in a *big* way!

2. Jesus. His is our Risen Lord!

3. Family. My guys literally make my whole day! I am so blessed to have them and to be able to share each and every day with them. I love making memories with them!

4. Parents. We are all so thankful for my parents. They are always there for us whether we need advice, to borrow tools, a break from the kids, or just to hang out.

5. Church. I am so thankful for our church family and pastors at Church of the Shoals. I adore each and every single person there. I am so happy this is where God chose to plant my family!

6. Friends. Good friends are hard to come by so when you find one… hang on to them!

7. Knowing your Kids Watch and Listen. I am thankful that my children watch and listen to us and repeat our behavior (most of the time—sometimes they act up, but hey, they are kids!) Kobe asked for a Facebook account. I said no. Then I decided that he could have one if we had dual control. Meaning, that he would know the username (and of course, I would too!) and I would know the password. That way it took both of us to be able to log on and I could check out any friend requests, messages, etc. He was trying to guess what I used as the password the other day in the car. He guessed “Jesus” and the “God”. Then he guessed our dog’s name and gave up. Samuel guessed Heaven. It meant a lot to me that Jesus,God, and Heaven were the first  things that came to their minds when he thought of me. Last night on the way home from church Samuel asked if I could have him a baby sister and if we could name her God!

8. New beginnings. I love the excitement of good changes on the horizon.

9. Answered Prayers. I have had a desire in my heart for quite some time now. I have prayed about it and daydreamed about it. I always thought the answer was “no”. But I LOVE “not now” because that means… it is in store for you. Just be obedient and listen and watch for your moment and claim it!

10. Thunderstorms. I love them for many reasons. But today, I LOVE them because it gets us out of doing yard work. Don’t tell the kids I said that… I always tell them to be cheerful helpers! I would have been a cheerful helper but I am more cheerful knowing that I don’t have to!

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