John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday 7-21-11

My list this week:

1. God. Thankful for the little and big blessings He pours out on me daily.

2. Jesus. Just the pure mention of His name makes me tear up with an overwhelming feeling of love.

3. John. Poor guy! He didn't know what he was getting himself into but I am glad he figured it all out and we have fine tuned our schedules, ideas, faith, and marriage over these past five years. We are a work in progress and I know it will only get better...but right now I am really satisfied and happy with us! I am blessed with him!

4. My Babies. OK, I know that at some point I have to quit calling them my babies...but it isn't today so... My babies are my WORLD. I adore them. I feel a little disconnected from them this week because of the various camps (Callum has band camp and Kobe has basketball camp) and the fact that we aren't sitting down for dinner this week. One thing that made me proud though... Callum noticed it and did NOT like the fact that we haven't ALL sat down for dinner this week. He actually got VERY disappointed when he figured out that we weren't able to have family dinner time Monday night. I ate after we all got home (at 9:30 PM) John ate after work but before he went to see Callum at band camp and came to watch Kobe at basketball and Haley ate before John came home from work....Samuel... well, he ate a LOT of snacks and a Lunchable and several juice boxes at the two camps while waiting and wishing he had "a practice" to go to (his words, bless him!). This is how it has been ALL week. I am looking forward to getting our family dinner back!

5. My Parents. My parents always step up and in a BIG way. Whether it is help with work on our home/yard, advice, babysitting, or helping shuffle kids to and fro... they are always there and we are SO APPRECIATIVE. We love our Nana and Poppa (the kids find it funny when I call them my mom and dad and correct me..."NO! You mean Nana and Poppa).  I joke them and say well, they might be your grandparents...but they are MY parents!

6. Church of the Shoals. I absolutely adore my church. I love each and every person there. I LOVE our Pastors. I had a friend visit with me on Sunday. She said that she LOVED it and felt so welcome and will be coming back with me this Sunday! Her kids had such a great time as well. It is nice to be involved in a church family like that.

7. Being A Mercy Shower. OK, that is not shower like what you take in the mornings... that is show-er like I am showing you something. I took a test on what type of person I am during a church service a couple of weeks ago. We took these fun little tests to try and see what gifts the Lord has given us and where our talents could best be used. We got to pick our top three scoring areas to get literature to read up on to explain our results. I was a Mercy Shower, A Server, and A Shepherd. I am glad to be labeled as those things. I show mercy to those in need and try to help. I am willing to help others and I have a heart for the lost. Yeah... I will take those.

8. Perfect Melancholy. I got a perfect melancholy when it came to personality. At first, when I got that I couldn't believe it because that isn't really how I "see" myself. But, when I began to read over the traits it was me. Right on the money. A lot of people who have known me from years gone by still see me a little differently. I am glad to be a living testament that becoming a Christian and developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ changes you and every single thing about you...and for the better!

9. Leftovers and Salad. Thankfully, I made a huge pan of lasagna on Monday. John called and said he had a horrible day so I did what any wife would do: I made him his most favorite meal. Lasagna, garlic bread, and salad. It is a good thing I did that too. That pan of lasagna has pretty much fed my family this week with us all being so scattered with camps and church.

10. Friends. Real Ones. There is nothing on the planet like a friend who is willing to drop whatever they are doing and talk to you for two hours at 10:00 on a Friday night and have "girl time" from miles away.Nothing.

What are you thankful for this week? Count your blessings... you will forget your troubles that way!


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