John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, June 20, 2011

It Takes Someone Special

When I first met John, watching him with Callum and Haley is one of the reasons I knew I wanted to be around him and possibly date him. When I began watching him with Kobe, that is when I knew I loved him. It really does take a special kind of man to come in when relationships have already been built and established and be a dad to a three year old child. John has always treated each child with love, consistency, and patience. Samuel is his little pal. Those two are the sweetest little duo. They love each other and always want to be around each other. Samuel is definitely a daddy’s boy. John works very hard to provide for our family and tries to show the children things and take time and care to teach them about all different areas in life. I am so proud that he is the father to our children and for the type of father he is to them. It takes a very special person to be called Dad.

Any man can be a father. It takes someone special to be a dad. ~Author Unknown

I have an amazing father as well. My dad has always showed me the important thing in life. He showed me that you have a good work ethic. You work hard. You do your best. You don’t lie. You don’t cheat. You don’t steal. You treat your momma with respect and love. You are there for the people you love when it is good and when it is hard. You are especially there for each other when it would be easier to walk away and when everyone else does… even if you are the only one left there…you stay! I have had a lot of times when I looked around and the only one there was my daddy. The day after Kobe was born is one example. I woke up that morning and looked to my right. Empty. Nothing there. An empty bassinet from the nursery. I panicked. I looked to my left. There was my dad. Sitting in the rocking chair holding Kobe and just “being” there. Sometimes, he had to love me by showing tough love and other times he loved me from a distance but he has always loved me and always swooped in to save the day even if he didn’t want to because he would have rather me learned a lesson. He is a great dad. He is a great poppa. My boys adore him. He takes time to show them things and teaches them how to do things and takes them fishing and hunting or just to look at the boats. I am blessed to have him as my dad and John as my children’s dad.

A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty. ~Author Unknown

With that said, here is how we spent Father’s Day this year:

I woke up a little early so that I could make homemade biscuits for sausage and biscuits. John is not a big fan of breakfast food and sausage biscuits are about all he likes in that department so I decided to make biscuits for breakfast. I ended up making biscuits, sausage, bacon, and eggs. While I was cooking John came through the dining room where the boys were sitting drawing and painting and I heard “Happy Father’s Day” from Kobe and “Happy Daddy’s Day” from Samuel! We had a yummy breakfast and then headed to church. After breakfast the children wanted to give John his gifts. Because John LOVES the outdoors the boys wanted to get him ALL camping stuff for Father’s Day this year. So, that is just what we did. They picked out a “Day Trip” first aid kit, some sort of set of utensils that has all kinds of tools on them (for sure a spoon, fork, and knife), a mess kit, and a knife (to fight off bears, of course according to Kobe and Sam). The card they picked out was super cute too! It was a camping scene with a little tent that actually “opened” up on the front and had a campfire and on the inside it said, “Dad You Have Made Me One Happy Camper!”. They each signed the card and drew a separate picture to put in with it as well. Samuel made John a little book about dads at school and a cup and bookmark and church. Kobe made him a card with coupons in inside at church. One of the coupons was good for a game of Modern Warfare and Black Ops for them to play together... I don't know if that is for John or Kobe.  Kobe picked out a wooden cruise ship and Samuel picked out an “Army” helicopter and they painted them for John. Haley made John a cute little puppy dog and colored it. Church was wonderful. After that we went to The Rice Box (of course!) for lunch and enjoyed time with my parents as well. While we waited the boys were really “playing it up” so I snapped some pictures. I wanted to get a few pictures of John with the kids and my dad with the kids… of course, it didn’t happen as planned. We always say we will get the picture after we eat so this time while we waited on our food I got a picture of the boys and my dad and right as I was getting ready to get the kids with John… the food came out! So, we said we would get it when we left. Samuel ended falling asleep in John’s lap so that didn’t happen. I always seem to FAIL when trying to get pictures. After lunch we went home and relaxed with John. It was a great day. I am glad that we were able to spend time with John and with my dad and honor them for the great fathers that they are.

"Small boys become big men through the influence of big men who care about small boys."

~ Author Unknown

Funny Brothers!

WILD brothers!

This is *SO* Samuel!

My favorite!

Same as above but the boys' wouldn't be serious and their facial expressions really crack me up in this picture!


My mom and the boys

My dad and the little guys

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