John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hair, Compliments, and Sam-isms

Yesterday when I left work I went to get my hair cut FINALLY. I love it and I think Susan (at Loxx in Muscle Shoals) did a great job and I love spending time with her so it was an enjoyable couple of hours. The main point is not in the hair cut or the stylist but what happened when I got home. I left the salon and went to pick up Kobe and Samuel so that we could have dinner with my mom and then go to Target to get a  birthday gift for a friend's birthday party this weekend. When I pulled into the driveway, Samuel came running out and said, “Mommy, me and daddy fixed your… Mommy? did you get your hair cut? I LOVE your new hair cut! And mommy… me and daddy fixed your door!”. I thought it strange that he said that about my hair because I put it up in a ponytail when I left to save time of washing and styling and so that Susan could get home to her own babies but I took that compliment. I picked him up and loved him and kissed him and told him Thank You. Then Kobe came running out, “Mom, did you just get back from getting your haircut?” I said yes. “Well, I LOVE it!”. uhm… that is awful strange. So, as we are on the way to my mom’s Samuel is telling me about using a hammer and screwdriver to fix our glass door on the front of the house (it blew off the hinges during the last round of storms and wouldn’t shut properly) and then he said, “And, then on our way out Daddy reminded us to tell you how pretty your hair looked.” OK, that explained it. I knew something was weird. But, I was so grateful that John was teaching our boys to remember to compliment. He reminds the boys after almost each and every meal I cook to tell me Thank You and that it was a great meal. Even if I KNOW it wasn’t they still tell me. I know that their wives will be thankful for their dad telling them, teaching them, and showing them how to compliment. Love those guys!

Within the past few days I have received several compliments about what good little boys I have. There are many different contributing factors to that. I won’t take all the credit. They have had great grandparents, great Pastors, great Sunday School teachers, great teachers at school, and some great role models. But, as they say, it does all start at home so to hear those words really made me proud. John and I have made our share of mistakes in life but we do one thing really well: raise good kids.

Last night we went to eat dinner with my mom. She made chicken casserole, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, and garlic buttered rolls. She also cut up a couple of fresh, ripe tomatoes. We all ate very well and it was so delicious. I wish there had been leftovers so I could have had more! I believe Kobe ate his weight in tomatoes after he ate his plate of food at dinner. That child LOVES fresh vegetables and fruit but a good ripe tomato is his favorite. He makes me laugh because he reminds me of a little old man. He tells me he wants a big cold glass of milk and a cut up tomato with every meal during the summer. He is so funny. He loves cut up tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh pineapple, oranges, and strawberries. He also loves green bell pepper just cut up…not cooked! I wish I had his eating habits!

After dinner I needed to run to Target. My Uncle Greg ended up having dinner with us and since he wasn't able to come to Samuel’s birthday party he gave him some money for his birthday. Well, that meant the money needed to be spent RIGHT THEN. Kobe is a saver. He will save his money until he gets enough to buy EXACTLY what he wants. Not Samuel. If he has a dollar he wants to go shopping and asks me for some to put with it so he can get what he wants! At least Sam gets it honestly, he gets it from his momma! So, Samuel decided he had to be in on this trip to Target. Kobe decided he would wait about spending his report card money because he wasn’t exactly sure what he wanted to buy yet and opted to stay at my mom’s and watch basketball and get ice cream with my dad. So, off we went. With money in hand, Samuel took off for the toy section. We walked up and down every “boy toy” isle and looked at all toys…TWICE. My mom joked him and told him to save enough to buy her a Barbie too. He said, “Nana, boy’s money-s (he put an s on the end) can’t buy girl’s toys!” That tickled me and partly because I could just see John’s proud face if he had heard it. Finally, he made his FINAL selection and we went to the check out. He bought an add-on to the Batman “castle” that he got for his birthday from my mom. It is the Joker’s “house”. Trying to be as interested as I could I asked, “Samuel tell me all about this toy!” He said, “It is the Joker’s house. You know, the bad guy. The one from The Dark Knight!”. I should have known he would throw that in since that is his favorite movie. That movie still has scary moments to me but he LOVES it… even chooses it as a “bedtime movie”. He also got a pair of camo flip flops. So, with his prizes in hand we left. He  helped “load” them into the back of our SUV and we headed home. It was getting late and he knew it so he quickly began trying to stay awake by asking me if he could play with that toy when we got home. It was going on 10:00 and I still needed to get Kobe picked up and drop my mom off so I put it off on John. I told him he would have to ask his daddy when we got home. We got Kobe (barely!) in the car. He was so tired he could barely walk. He was asleep in the car before the door even shut. On the way home I learned the following (Sam-isms):

Samuel: Mom, I wish it would snow again.

Me: Yeah, me too. That was a really fun day.

Samuel: Yeah, it was but I mean because it is so hot. I want some cold!

Samuel: Mommy, I wish we didn’t have to go home.

Me: Well, I am sorry but we do. Plus, it is late. Everything is closed.


Me: Samuel, you are my sweet baby and I am happy you were so sweet and good tonight.

Samuel: I am not a baby anymore. I am four.

Me: Well, I thought you told me I could always call you my baby.

Samuel: (after a few moments of silence and thought) Yeah, you can always call me your baby…UNLESS I am at hunting with my poppa and Greg. Then you call me Big boy!

And finally, I learned that Saturday is his favorite day.

Samuel: Mom, do we go to school tomorrow?

Me: Yes. It is Friday.

Samuel: Well, do we go to school on Saturday?

Me: Nope.

Samuel: Do you have to go to work on Saturday?

Me: Nope. We get to spend time together and fun ALL day on Saturdays.

Samuel: Then, Saturday is my “Fravorite” day.

Me: Mine too!

As we pulled into the driveway his little eyes were so heavy. Kobe was fast asleep. I figured it would be a pretty much done deal of a day. Not so. Kobe got just enough sleep to get an energy burst and when Samuel asked John if he could play his new “Joker House” John said yes. John said he would normally say no but with it being such a cool toy they could play, mainly because John wanted to play too. So, Kobe finished watching the game, Sam and John played and I got stuff ready for the next day.

It was a great day.

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