John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Dark Knight

Friday night Samuel and Kobe spent the night with my mom. They LOVE going to Nana’s because it normally involves some sort of spoiling. This weekend did not disappoint. Friday night they got their choice in dinner: McDonald's. Once they were to Nana and Poppa’s house they were allowed to pretty much do anything their little hearts desired. I probably don’t want to know everything they did but I do know that at some point Samuel found a Batman costume that Kobe wore once for Halloween. That night they watched The Dark Knight and I am sure that Samuel dreamed of bat mobiles, fighting off the “bad guys”, and of course, the Joker. The next day they got up and got their Saturday morning breakfast Nana and Poppa style… fast food sausage and biscuits…their favorite! Later when I talked to them they were on the way for ice cream and slushies. At this point, I began feeling bad for my mom because I KNEW that in a short while they would lose their little sweet minds due to sugar so John and I headed over to pick them up. As soon as we got there Samuel ran straight to John and asked if they could “talk inside the house”. John went in while I looked at all the Pokemon cards that Kobe acquired while with his Nana and heard about all the things they had been doing. Samuel and John came back out with the Batman costume that they had found earlier. My mom had told Sam he could take it home as long as we didn’t mind. Of course we didn’t mind. But, we had NO idea what we were getting ourselves into at that point.

The whole ride home was filled with the following: Can I put this costume on when we get home? Yes Sam. When will be home? In a minute, Sam. So as soon as we hit the living room he began getting undressed. We put him in his new costume and off to the bathroom he went. He wanted to watch it light up. The chest has the emblem of batman on it and it lights up. It really is a very cool costume. He wore that costume ALL day long except for the time that he fell asleep and I took it off of him because he was so hot inside of that costume. As soon as those little eyes popped open from his nap he wanted it right back on. He played like this making sound effects and jumping and darting all over the place and walking with his little chest puffed out! The costume also has built in muscles so he was flexing those as well.

Soon it was time for John to go pick up Haley from the airport and for us to go to the grocery store. Yep. You guessed it. Samuel was not there. Only Batman. We had been instructed earlier in the day that we were to no longer call Samuel by his name but only by Batman and he began referring to himself as Batman. Batman is hungry. Batman needs to potty. Batman wants a popsicle. And so on and so forth all day long. So, I took Batman to fight crime at our local Wal-Mart. Kobe wanted to DIE. He said he was so embarrassed to be walking into Wal-Mart with Sam dressed that way. He couldn’t believe I was really going to let him go in like that! I reminded him that there were a few times that I have taken him dressed as a Red Power Ranger with TWO swords. So that shut him up real quick!

Samuel is a good little actor! He walked all around with that chest puffed out hopped all around and “swooshing” his cape around and “Climbing buildings” that were really shelves that held 2 liter drinks. We had fun and Kobe and I shared a few laughs. The other patrons of Wal-Mart were just as amused. Samuel had several people come to him and say Hey Batman! Or I have always wanted to meet a SuperHero…and that made him REALLY get his acting skills going. He was SO funny! It was a great time and a cute little memory.

Later all I heard was: "Batman wants to watch a movie." "Batman wants popcorn and M&Ms" "Batman needs a drink"...Batman was beginning to get a little too needy and then, once Batman's every request had been fulfilled he walked over and climbed up in my lap and put his arms (with built in muscles) around my neck and said, "Batman loves his mommy with all of his heart!" and that is when I decided that Batman could stay.


Batman showing us his muscles

Batman got hot. He took off his costume but kept the cape and mask. He likes eating Cho Cho chicken from The Rice Box too.

Fighting crime at Wal-Mart

And yes, for those who were wondering...even Batman needs his rest.

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  1. I love that he wore his costume to Wal-Mart! So cute!!


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