John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ahoy, Matey!

This year Samuel had his first "real" party. In years past, we have stayed with our family parties at home or a family only outing. For Samuel's first party we just did a little dinner and cake at home. For Sam's second birthday we had pizza, Cheetos, Sponge Bob Cake and played in the slip and slide at home and last year we went to a Monster Truck Show for his third birthday. So, this year I decided to do a "real" party since he was getting old enough to have friends from school.

We went back and forth A LOT on what the theme would be and finally he decided on PIRATES! He wanted it at the Splash Pad near our home at Gattman Park. I decided since this was his FIRST party I would put a lot of little extras and hand make some of the things so that it would be sort of special.

First things first. An invitation I picked out an adorable design and my friend Lori set them up and printed them out for me and they turned out so adorable!

Then I had to decide on a menu. Since the party was outside I chose to rent the pavilion for later in the afternoon so it might not be SO hot and chose 5:30 as a starting time for the party. Once I decided on that I decided it would be close to dinner time and chose to ask Samuel if he would rather have pizza,chicken, or hot dogs. He chose hot dogs. Well, he is four. And, he is a child who loves cold weenies. So I wasn't really shocked. Samuel LOVES the little bags of individual chips. I always buy the big bag of individual bags that have a variety chips for the boys to have here at home so I decided to buy two of the boxes and then I put them in cute navy blue tubs on the food table at the party. We had Goldfish, pineapple, and animal crackers (regular and chocolate) and mini marshmallows. SO our menu and menu tags read something like this:

Sea Dogs (Hot Dogs)
Yo-Ho Potato Chips
Fruit on a Sword (the children got to use toothpick swords to eat their pineapple)
Buried "Gold" Fish Treasure (Goldfish crackers in a large bowl with a small bowl scoop to dip it out)
Pirate Mix (Regular and Chocolate Animal Crackers with mini marshmallows)

I chose to go with bright RED tablecloths and ROYAL BLUE and BABY BLUE plates and napkins to match the invitations. I sprinkled pirate confetti with shapes of treasure chests and palm trees along the food table and golden pirate's coins too. I set up the Sea Dogs first and then the children (and parents) chose which Yo Ho Potato chips they wanted and then on to the fruit, goldfish, and pirate mix.

When our guests first arrived everyone played in the water at the Splash Pad while we awaited every one's arrival.My dad grilled our hot dogs while the kids played. Once we felt confident that all were there we called for everyone to come on to the pavilion to enjoy dinner...Pirate Style!

I put a basket of "How to Chose Your Very Own Pirate Name" game printables on each table so each child could pick their own pirate name while he/she ate. Once we ate we decided to go ahead and have the cake and sing Happy Birthday so the kids could play without interruption for the rest of the time.

This year I did not go with a traditional cake nor did I do a cupcake cake. I ordered cupcakes with red icing and royal blue icing and made cupcake picks that would match our theme to put in them myself. I bought 3-D stickers at Hobby Lobby and bought the longer,nicer toothpicks and made them at home. They turned out better than I could have imagined! They were absolutely adorable. Some were pirate ships, pirates, treasure maps, pirate ship flags, and even some gold coins.

We sang Happy Birthday, which Samuel really enjoyed, and then he blew all of his candles out (which were pirate candles too!). Then it was time for cupcakes and ice cream! Once everyone was satisfied and finished with their goodies they took off for more playtime. The splash pad was open until 8:00 and so I let all of the parents know that there was no rush and that there were plenty of drinks (water, apple juice boxes, Hi C Orange Lavaburst juice boxes, and Capri Suns) for everyone until they were ready to leave and I left the snacks out just in case the kids needed a little snack.

Samuel had already spotted his big boy bike that John and I had bought for him but he honestly didn't seem that interested in opening gifts. I decided that we might just skip on opening gifts until we got home. But, then just as those words came out of my mouth he decided he wanted to open presents. Some kids came from playing to watch and some stayed to play in the water (I don't blame them!). He got LOTS of cool and great gifts! My mom bought him the Batman "castle" he has been wanting and he got a few accessories from friends that went with it and a host of other cool toys that he has played with every single day.

Our guests begin to leave...but NOT without a "Pirate's Loot Bag". I made these from the cutest little black and white striped loot bags and we filled them with bubbles, gummies, Whales crackers, and pirate stickers. I also made little Thank You tags that read: We hope you had a swashbucklin' good time. Thanks for coming---Samuel. They were so cute and the bags were a hit. John also got plenty of knobby balls to go around and handed them out as favors when they first got there to have something to play with in the water.

Well Shiver Me Timbers and Sharpen My Sword, Samuel Rainey is turning 4!

These are the 3D stickers I bought to put onto long toothpicks to make cupcake picks for Sam's party. They turned out so cute and looked so adorable in the cupcakes.

Pirate Candles we used for Samuel's cupcakes!

"Major Trouble" bicycle Samuel got from me and John for his birthday party

He also asked me for one of these handy dandy water balloon pumpers

The Batman "Castle" he has been asking for since Christmas! I wasn't sure he was old enough to handle this back at Christmas time but believe me, he certainly is old enough to know what to do with all of this!

The designs I used on the "Thank You" tags on the loot bags. I did some with pirate flags and others with Pirate Ships on red and blue card stock with the wording: We Hope You Had a Swashbucklin' Good Time. Thanks for Coming---Samuel

The Chart I chose to put out for children to pick their very own Pirate Name:

Here is the chart, so you can pick your pirate name too.

Long.......... John.......... Kidd

Black......... Eye............ Bart

Evil............ Beard........ Bonny

Hook.......... Leg........... Jack

Captain...... Calico....... Bob

Peg............. Skull......... Ned

Big.............. Bandit...... Sam

Stub........... Boot.......... Bruce

Blind.......... Tooth........ Willy

One............ Patch........ Sam

Blue........... Lips........... Henry

Limp.......... Wreck....... Joe

You pick one name from each column and that is your Pirate name. Ex: Blue Patch Sam

My Sweet FOUR year old Sam!

The "Knobby Balls" were a hit!

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