John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, May 27, 2011

Truly Honored

Wednesday, May 25th was Honor Day at Kobe’s school. He goes to school where I went to Middle School. The names and faces may have changed but when I walk up I am FLOODED with memories. In those halls is where I met the people I have grown to love and call true, life long friends. I love that my children go to the same schools I did growing up. I love that some of my old teachers are still teaching there. I love that I can share my memories with Kobe. He finds it so fascinating that I went to Middle School where he attends Elementary school. He thinks it is funny that it was once called Muscle Shoals Middle School and now that building is McBride Elementary. He thinks I am OLD because I remember all these things and can tell him stories about those hallways, teachers, and rooms. Maybe I am. That’s ok. I kind of like where I am right now, so if that’s old then so be it.

So, back to the original topic of this post, Wednesday was Honor Day. Kobe came home with a little slip of paper the night before and told me that he was receiving awards at school the next day and needed to dress up a little. So, he picked out a “collar” shirt as he calls them and khaki shorts. He looked so big and handsome the next morning and asked me to fix his hair. Now, I don't have much experience fixing hair other than my own and he doesn’t have much hair to fix. So I put some leave in conditioner on it and brushed it straight down and he was satisfied and so was I. As I was threatening telling him not to take off his Polo shirt and wear just the T Shirt that was underneath once he got into school and to make sure not to get dirty, he told me to make sure I brought a Kleenex because he knew I would cry. I asked why. He told me because I always do plus they would be presenting a sign language show to “What A Wonderful World” by NEIL Armstrong. I said I think you mean Louis Armstrong. It’s true, I DO cry. I cry over everything that has to do with my children. When they win, I cry because they are happy. When they lose, I cry because they are sad. When they get up in front of a group and do something I cry because I am proud. I just can’t help it. It is the kind of mom I am. One day, they will understand. Right now, they make fun of me… but one day I believe those tears will mean something to them. Ok, I am tearing up now so I have to get back on topic.

When the children began walking in, they were so sweet and cute! Kobe was actually sitting on the FRONT row. This is something that has NEVER happened. I have always been the parent having to twist my body and neck and block other’s view to try and see the tip of my child’s shoulder or the top of his head in a crowd. I was so happy it worked out that way so that I could actually see him. So, as all parents to kids his age do, I embarrassed him. I stood up and waved at him. I am joking. I didn’t embarrass him… I did stand up and wave at him but he smiled and waved back. I don’t know what he whispered to his friend sitting next to him after he waved back. Probably something along the lines of, “I don’t know WHO that lady is”. They sang a couple of songs and as promised, they signed the words to “What A Wonderful World”. Kobe knows this is one of my favorite songs so he was trying so hard to do it perfectly. I could tell by the look on his face he was doing his best and he would look at me to make sure I was watching. And of course, my eyes were fixed on him. I tried to watch other kids but my eyes kept being drawn back to him. After that, the children were called up by classes and then one by one to accept their awards. I watched my family and friend’s children accept awards and Kobe’s friends accept their awards. They were all so sweet and proud of themselves. Then it became Kobe’s turn.He went up and accepted the following awards: Honor Roll, Math Club, Spelling Bee Class Winner, Physical Fitness, and the Governor’s Physical Fitness award which awards children who are in the 70th percentile of other 3rd grade students. I knew I was going to cry. But, I didn’t. I just smiled. As he accepted his awards and then QUICKLY looked at me for approval and congratulations, all I could do was smile. After that, I have to admit that I didn’t really pay that much attention. I watched Kobe. I watched him open up his folder and look at his awards. I watched him give his friends five as they walked past him after receiving their awards. I watched him and realized that we have done a pretty good job. I began thinking about the words his classmates had written in a book the teacher had them make right before school let out. It was entitled “What’s So Special About Kobe?”. Each child was to write down two to three things that made another child special and then draw a picture of them to go with it. Then, Mrs. Perkins made these into books and gave them to the children to keep. It was such a sweet and thoughtful way to end the year. As I sat on Kobe’s bed the night before reading it, my eyes filled with tears. I was so proud of the things I was reading. The recurring theme was, Kobe is so funny, Kobe is the fastest kid in my class, Kobe is my friend. But the one that that meant the most to me was this: Kobe plays with me and no one else will. Now, that just about made my heart soar right out of my chest. That is the VERY type of thing I have been trying to instill in my children.As I sat there recalling these words I thought about what a good job we have done with our boys. I began thinking about how there ARE things in life that money can not buy. How money can’t buy a kid who is loved by others and loves others. I just began to feel so overwhelmed with love and thankfulness. I am so thankful for the child that Kobe is and the young man his is turning into. On a day that began out as an Honor Day for the children of McBride Elementary it turned out that I am the one who felt honored to be the mother to two amazing little boys. They absolutely warm my heart and I am truly proud to just be called one thing by them: Mom.

As they walked in and were preparing to begin the program

Afterwards, It was sunny but it is the only one I was able to get

Kobe accepting his awards

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  1. Your post almost made ME cry! I can relate to everything you said...I just don't say it as well. :o)

    Congrats to Kobe...and congrats to you, too!!


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