John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

This year we decided that instead of spending (too) much money (like we always do) that we would only make gifts or spend very little on supplies to make them. I am very blessed to have my mom to share Mother's Day with so I knew right away what I wanted to do for her. She has a wall in her dining room dedicated to Mother's Day Projects from the kids. This year both boys painted her a picture. Kobe's was on blue paper and he wrote out Nana in black paint and made red polka dots around the edges. Samuel made a lot of different colored dots on his and did a few wild here and there strokes with a paint brush but it actually turned out very cute! We framed them in black wooden frames to match the others from years past. I bought a frame that says "Nana" on it and had a sweet poem around it about Nanas. I took a picture of the boys and put it into the frame as part of her gift. I also printed a picture of all three boys and framed it in the same black wooden frame and bought her a delicious smelling candle. I picked out the perfect card and so did the boys. We were very excited to give Nana her gifts and I took the time to write my own little messages throughout my mom's card from me to make it extra special and she seemed to love her goodies.

Saturday morning I woke up EARLY and got Kobe and Samuel up (Callum was at a friend's house) and we went with my parents, grandparents, and uncle to Mt. Hope to help with tornado clean up. It ended up being a long and very good day. I enjoyed helping but most of all I enjoyed spending time with my mom and grandmother. I think I will always remember that day with a good memory and a smile in my heart. My boys, my mom, my grandmother, and myself. It was a nice day. The men went out into the "field" as we stayed behind and helped cook and organize. We all fell asleep on the way home and once we got home everyone was ready to go wild. Except me, I was so tired! I had stayed up late the night before and woke up early and worked almost all day long and I needed more rest. So, John set up the hammock in the front of the side yard and I took a nice afternoon nap in the breezy afternoon between the trees! It was nice! Later that evening, we cooked dinner and got everything ready for church the next day.

Sunday morning was our turn to work in the nursery. John and I LOVE the babies at church. We had to get up early so we could everyone ready and out the door early since we had to be there a little early to help receive the children into the nursery. While I was getting ready, Kobe and Callum went out a picked some beautiful flowers for me (they assured me they did not come from a neighbor's yard!). They began to "lavish" me with gifts and sweet words. Callum put the flowers in a vase for me and he gave me a sweet little poem he wrote me. We joke with eachother that I am the "evil stepmother" and he is my "red headed stepchild". He wrote the sweetest little poem and made me cry! Kobe made me a sweet little heart shaped card and a tile with an "R" on it and drew hearts and smily faces around it that I am now using as a spoon rest on my stove top. Samuel planted me a beautiful pink flower and painted the pot and drew me a beautiful picture. John cooked me a great breakfast! It was a great morning. We then went to church. After church Kobe gave me a mason jar filled with ingredients for us to make Chocolate Chip Cookies together and Samuel had made me another card and a sweet flower magnet. After church, we went to The Rice Box and we had a great time just visiting with eachother. OF course, all this was on Sunday which means after that... DVR catch up time and naptime. As I was just settling in, my dad and mom came by with a beautiful planter with wild flowers in it from them and the boys. We had a wonderful time and I am so blessed to have my sweet boys (all of them) in my life.

Wild Flowers from a Wild Bunch!

The flowers Callum and Kobe picked for me!

From Samuel!

By Kobe

Written by Callum

From Samuel... it is a lot of boxes that he "wrapped" to make presents

Planted by Samuel

Made by Kobe

Some of my goodies!
From Kobe... I asked who I was obedient to and he said "the Bible"

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