John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

52 Home---Week 21

A small story to go with this week's picture. Lately, John has "gotten into" camping. I am not the biggest fan of the outdoors or no electricity or plumbing for that matter. However, because my guys love it, I have gone on TWO camping trips in the past couple of weeks. The first one was for one night and it was REALLY fun. We went to Cane Creek. We roasted hot dogs and made Smores, played UNO, took a small nature walk by moonlight,ate junk food, and slept in a tent. We were home and showered by lunch the next day. Trip #2. This past weekend. We went to Wheeler Park Camping Grounds (I think that is the name of it) and stayed Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Well, I came home Friday night and slept here because my allergeries were KILLING me. Saturday morning I got up and drove back out there and resumed the fun of our camping trip. We went out to dinner on Saturday night and to and auction. I got some good catfish and John scored a Coleman Camping Lantern. It is camo and pretty cute too! Then Sunday we got up and went fishing. The boys went Saturday morning too and caught over 40 fish between all of them. Sunday I went with them. They had so much fun. Each time Kobe and Sam would catch a fish they would kiss it for luck and throw it back in and tell it to "Now, go get your great great grandpa!". It was cute. Samuel had a blast running back and forth. Kobe learned to bait his own hook and Callum learned a lot too. He learned to bait his hook, cast his rod and reel and how to take the fish off of the hook and throw it back in. He had to put a new hook on once and so he learned how to do that as well. John had fun and learned some new stuff too. Samuel even learned how to put his little thumb in the fish's mouth and throw it back in! Late Sunday night everyone was getting restless so we came home around 11:00. The trip was cut short on both ends but I wouldn't trade the way it was for anything.

Okay, so I couldn't pick just one!

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  1. So cute! I'm glad you guys had a great time! I'm usually only good for camping one night. I like my bed...and air conditioning! :o)


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