John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Saturday, April 30, 2011

This Month's Mumblings (and Proud Mommy Moments)--April

First off... WOW! The time is going by so very quickly this year.I can't believe I just typed April as the month in the title of this blog. So, with that said...let the Proud Mommy Moments and Cute Mumblings begin:

Proud Mommy Moment: Last Sunday in Church we were having normal praise and worship time when all of a sudden, Samuel must have heard something he liked because he threw his little hands up in the air and begin singing and waving his little hands around. Last night upon realizing that we (Kobe and myself) had "lost" the race home against John, Samuel, and the stop sign before our street Kobe looks at me and says, "Can we please just ride around for a little bit and that way they will think we went somewhere else and weren't really racing. I don't want them knowing they won!" On the way home from the park tonight, Kobe was making a face at Sam trying to be "tough" and Samuel said, "Quit making that don't scare nobody!" I told Samuel that he couldn't eat a whole Hot Pocket because if he did it meant he was getting too big. He then told me "Don't can still call me your baby!". John said well, what if we get another baby then what will you be...I said...well, we won't be getting another baby and Samuel said, "well, one day when you get big and married you will!" Both Kobe and Samuel have been begging me for a pet cat. I've told them no. I'm allergic. I've explained that cats make me sick and I can't have one. Kobe and Samuel came up with a sales pitch: If I let them get a cat they will keep it and the litterbox in their room and will never let it out...and they will clean the bathroom...still I'm allergic! Bless them, they don't understand! Tonight on the way home Kobe was using his phone and the ringtone that he uses for text messages went off and Samuel sais, "Kobe, who are you texting?" Kobe said, "Now what do you know about texting?" Ha! Technology.... Yesterday morning was John's birthday... Samuel told him this: Happy Birthday. I am glad you were "born-d" Samuel told me that he HATES when I wash his hair so John told him fine, he would let the hair fairy know and it could come get his hair while he slept. He said, Daddy, there is no such thing as a Hair Fairy. There is only ONE fairy and she doesn't want HAIR she wants TEETH!

ME: Kobe did you put on your deoderant?

Kobe: No, I am going to Nana's and I will be getting dirty and nasty anyway so I figure I shouldn't bother!

UHMMM... yeah, you should definately bother!

Upon realizing he was being taken to daycare this morning, a displeased Samuel said, "UGHHH I thought I was going to church!"

Today we had some bad storms and the power began to "blink". I asked Kobe if he saw the power flicker and he said, "No Mom. It didn't. I think you just blinked your eyes!"

Wednesday afternoon Samuel just kept telling me he wanted to pray for his friend at school. I heard him but didn't take the time to hear him out. Later that evening when we got home from church he said Mommy I need to pray for my friend at school. So I kneeled down beside him and this is what he said:
Dear Lord,
I want to pray for Briley at my school. He is mean sometimes and I want him to be nicer. I also want to pray about his boo boo on his knee from when he fell today. Thank you Lord for all you give us. We love you Jesus! Amen.

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