John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Seek Shelter NOW!

It began early this morning. I begin hearing the dreaded tornado sirens around 3:45 this morning. I promptly woke John up because, after all, I am not going to be scared and awake by myself. Well, that and the fact I need him to read the radar to me! So we were awake and looking outside,watching the news, and deciding if we should wake the boys up or not. We didn't have to wake them. The sirens did that for us. Samuel was first then Kobe. We assured them that if we needed to seek shelter and get in our storm safe place that we would get them in plenty of time. We put them both back to bed. Callum slept through the whole thing. Samuel decided he could not sleep and ended up in our bed. I finally got back to sleep about the time it was time to be getting up for work and school. I got Kobe and Callum off to school and John took Samuel this morning. I arrived at work and started it like any other day. Around 10:30 it was mandatory that we get in our "safe room" at work. So we all gathered and waited it out. It was so nasty outside. It was downright scary looking. I prayed it would lift and be clear long enough for me to get the boys picked up from school and home safely. I got the email from my boss that basically said to go get my kids, go home, and be safe. She sent us all home because she wanted us to be safe instead of leaving right when the storm was supposed to be really bad. I checked Kobe and Callum out of school a few minutes early to beat the traffic and got Samuel picked up. We then came straight home and got our storm safe place stocked up and ready. We got pillows, blankets, our cell phones, snacks, the dogs, and of course I grabbed my purse! During all of this I found out that John was literally stuck in the middle of the storm on the highway. Literally standing in a field on the side of the highway leading home to us (where he is was trying to get as fast as possible) due to wrecks,storm damage, and power lines that were down. He was stuck for quite a while. Our sirens began to go off and the weather man was SHOUTING for us to SEEK SHELTER NOW!  The kids were worried about dad because I had told them what was going on with him and we prayed for him. We had been trying to send text messages and call but he had NO service. Samuel wasn't feeling well. The dogs were whining. I am scared of storms. It was almost too much and I began crying. Not the hysterical cry but the kind where I felt like I just wanted John home to protect us so I didn't have to be so strong and we could all be together. At that moment, the Lord whispered something to my heart. He told me this: "I am ALL the shelter you need." I began thinking of the song Strong Tower and praying and believing John would arrive safely and that my family would be protected. I prayed we would be kept as the apple of His eye and hidden under His protective wing. The storms were pretty bad. We only had a few limbs down in our back yard and side yard. We are very blessed. It could have been so much worse. It was worse for some. The state of Alabama had several fatalities due to this line of storms and a tremendous amount of damage. People lost all they had today. I hope we can all realize how important it is to always be ready. We never know what can happen. I am so thankful that the Lord may not have calmed the storm outside of my home but He calmed the storm inside of me today.

Some of our pillows and blankets

Some of our snacks

More pillows and blankets and that is Samuel's Leo the Lion that he made take cover too!

Chief and Buster needed in too!

Making the best of a scary situation

This big baby was scared!

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