John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Basketball Birthday Jam

This year for Kobe's 9th birthday he decided he wanted a REAL basketball game party where he and his friends were the basketball stars! We decided to have it at the local recreation center where I could rent a party room and the gym for the game! I surprised him with some very authentic (looking) invitations and he supplied me with a guest list and menu. I only used black and orange to decorate and balloons. Kobe isn't much for a lot of decorating but he does love balloons and I chose stars...for basketball "stars" of course. I normally buy a Happy Birthday Banner that matches the theme of the party every year but this year I chose to make them just like the game signs fans bring to games. He invited 10 friends. His friends Nate, David, EJ,Jacob,Braeden and his cousin Maddie, brothers Callum and Samuel and friends Lori, John, and Izzy came. Along with myself,John, Nana, and Poppa, Grannie and PawPaw he had just enough people to make it fun and memorable! When we got there we had "basketball pre-game practice" and the boys went to the gym and practiced dribbling and shooting the ball. We then went into the Rec Center's party room and had snacks, drinks, cake, and opened presents. I made him a CD soundtrack for his party that we played while we ate and opened presents. It contained all the good basketball songs, to name a few: (They're Playing) Basketball by Lil Bow Bow (from Kobe's FAVORITE movie Like Mike), Let's Get it Started by Black Eyed Peas, and several more. We enjoyed his selections on our menu: wings, nachos (the kind from the basketball games and they needed to be in the little plastic trays), carrots, and celery and ranch dressing and of course, Orange Powerade. We then lit candles and sang Happy Birthday to him as he made his wish and blew out the candles. Today just happened to be my grandfather's birthday so we sang Happy Birthday to him as well. After that we opened gifts. Kobe got several really cool outside (sports) toys, Air Jordan outfits (from Nana),and money from everyone else. John and I got him a cell phone he has been begging for and I surprised him with something he has been about to drive me crazy for over the last few months. He wanted some Air Jordan basketball sandals. I have told him no and wouldn't let him spend his own money on them just because I have had them for a little while but I had to special order them because our stores didn't carry his size in them. After the gifts were opened we headed back to the gym for our "game". They had such a great time! Once the game was over, while we waited on parents to come pick up their children, we headed back to the party room for make your own ice cream sundaes.  I came up with some creative names for the menu items: Air Jordan Wings, Free Throw Nachos, Birthday "Jam" Cake, and Slam Dunk Sundaes. Even the Powerade bottles had basketballs and basketball nets on them...thanks to the Final Four! After the ice cream was finished each child left with a over the door basketball hoop and miniature basketball set, Orange Powerade, and balloon to take home. We had a great time and I am so happy Kobe loved his party. To top it all off, Kobe had a friend over to spend the night. Kobe and Nate have played everything they could get their hands on and now... they are having a UFC Party and I am even forgoing the "Family Dinner Table" tonight and letting them eat in the living room. It has been a GREAT day.

Ticket Invitation for Kobe's party

"Game Time Signs"

Game Time Sign

Game Time Sign

Party Room at the Rec Center

Kobe and some of his guests


Air Jordan Wings

Free Throw Nachos, with jalepenos, and the little plastic trays you get at games

We had vanilla, chocolate, strawberry ice cream, chocolate,carmel topping,sprinkles, nuts, and of course cherries to put on top!

Party favors!
Samuel didn't make it... not even through the first fight!

Callum---texting as always!

Kobe and Nate just hanging out! I told Kobe if he didn't have on yellow shirts they would be twins!

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