John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Surviving Las Vegas

John left out Monday morning to go to Vegas for a business trip. I was proud for him to get to go. He has always wanted to see Vegas and since his company was paying for it... it was ideal! I knew I would miss him but I was also secretly excited about having the house and kids to myself for a couple of days. That is, until Monday morning came. I cried all morning just thinking of him leaving. I suddenly decided this wasn't such a great idea as I had thought before. He would leave before I got off from work so as we left the house that morning... that was it for a few days. I cried and cried. He walked us out to the car that morning and the boys took turns telling him bye and sharing bye-bye hugs and kisses. Once he buckled Samuel into his car seat, it was my turn. I stood outside and as soon as I hugged him I started crying again. I knew it was going to be hard to know that I wouldn't see him for a few days and I knew that I would miss him while he was away. We allowed our hug and kiss to last a little longer than a normal morning but then the inevitable came... I had to get the kids to school on time! So, I left. I was still crying when I got into the car. Kobe said that I shouldn't worry because he would be "there for me" and then Callum said if anyone tried to come in the house he would have a baseball bat handy and that Chief would be here and then Samuel asked me why I was sad and crying and asked if it is because I was going to miss Daddy when he got on the airplane... I began to cry even more... I had to hurry up and "get over it" but I just couldn't. So, I dried my tears and put on my happy Mommy face but I was so sad. Monday was likely the WORST day at work ever! I was on the verge of tears all day long both because of work stress and just knowing John was gone. As soon as I was in my car headed to pick up the boys that afternoon, I called John and cried to him the whole way home. He had to go because his plane was boarding and so by the time I got home I was mentally,emotionally, and physically exhausted. I couldn't seem to turn my mood around. I went through the motions of homework, cooking dinner, eating dinner, cleaning up dinner, bath time, and bedtime but I was so happy when I could finally get some rest. John ended up calling me twice that night so it made me feel a little better but I already wanted his trip to be OVER! I decided Monday night that Tuesday HAD to be a better day and that I was going to claim all the blessings God had in store for me and just go with it! Tuesday did prove to be a better day at work. It was hectic but it went much better. By the time I got off from work I was already tired because I don't sleep that well when John is gone. I got the kids picked up, ran and picked up some things that Kobe and Samuel needed to take to parties that their classes at school were having and then to pick up some cheese dip to go with our tacos I was making for dinner. We got home and the kids played and did homework while I cooked. They were the best! They were being so good and sweet and I was so thankful that they were helping and behaving themselves. After dinner we just hung out for a little while and got bath time and studying out of the way pretty early in the evening so I was so happy to see a little bit of relaxation in my near future. BUT that is when Kobe began telling me he was feeling dizzy and feeling like he was going to pass out. I checked his temperature and it was over 103 degrees and he was very lethargic. He asked me if he could go to bed. So I put him to bed and gave him some medicine. I went in about an hour later to check on him and could not seem to get him to wake up or become alert at all. I checked his temperature and it was still pretty high and he was acting so strange. I decided to call our pediatrician because he was worrying me so much. Only when I went to use my phone as I was touching the phone icon... my phone's screen went completely out. I had no way to call anyone. I began to feel panic welling up inside me. Not only did I need to call a doctor but I have become so dependent on my phone that I felt like I was completely out of control of the situation. Which I was. There wasn't much I could do. I used Callum's cell phone to call my mom to come over. I partly wanted her to come to help me decide what to do about Kobe and partly because I knew she make me feel calm. She and my Dad arrived just minutes later and helped me get everything in order and under control. At that point I called the boys' doctor. The pediatrician told me exactly what to do and what results I should see and in what time frame I should see them... if not... we were to go to the Emergency Room. We all worked to get Kobe awake and alert and more medicine in him and it worked! I was so thankful I didn't have to go through going to the ER too. Finally, I had all my priorities taken care of so I began dealing with my cell phone problem. To make a VERY long story short, I had an old phone here that I could switch my number to so that I would have a phone available in case we were to need one and Verizon is sending me a new phone that should arrive tomorrow. Believe me, it didn't happen that quickly... it took over an hour or more on the phone dealing with everything but nevertheless... it got fixed. I am so reliant on my phone and all that it can "do" and I am DYING to get my phone tomorrow... using this old phone is so frustrating! I went ahead and asked my mom to keep Kobe so I could go ahead and go to work and so I felt like everything was taken care and that I could finally rest. John called and I got to talk to him for a little bit so I was all set to lay down and get some rest. I don't think I have ever been so glad to lay down and go to sleep. This morning, I set my alarm clock early so I would have time to get everyone dropped off and myself to work on time. I got up and quietly moved around the house getting myself, the kids stuff, and the house ready for our departure for the day. I always wait until the very last minute to get Samuel up because he is always so tired and never wants to get out of bed in the mornings so I try to let him sleep as late as I possibly can. I got every single thing done including taking my stuff for the day, Kobe's stuff for the day, and the party stuff (for the classroom parties) to my car and then it was time to wake Samuel. As I picked my sweet boy up, I realized he had a high fever as well. I quickly put everyone in the car and took the crazy straws to Kobe's school and ran them in while Callum stayed in the (locked) car with Kobe and Samuel so I didn't have to get them out. I then ran the chips over to Samuel's daycare and took them into his teacher. I couldn't not take them because the other kids were still going to be there and I didn't want them to do without what I signed up to bring just because Samuel was going to be gone. Kobe's party isn't actually until Friday but they needed everything turned in today so that they would know what they needed to buy so I hated for them to go buy things I had already purchased. Once that was taken care of I took Callum to school and then I drove to my mom's house to let her know that Kobe and Samuel would be staying home with me since she was expecting me to drop Kobe off to her. We came home and I spent the day with two sick kids. They both began feeling much better by lunchtime and so the day actually took a turn for the better. We popped popcorn and ate M&Ms while we watched Like Mike. I didn't want my children to be sick and they actually ended up not feeling as bad as they started out feeling. I really needed a little "break" and I feel like that was God's way of giving me one. At first, because it wasn't "packaged" the way I might expect I didn't see it that way but after thinking and praying about it, I believe God wanted to give me a little breather today! I am so thankful for that blessing! Tonight we decided to order pizza. I guess it is OK to say out loud that John does a lot more than I give him credit for and I am flat worn out. I can NOT wait until he gets here. I am so ready to see his face and so are the boys. I may have felt like I had a bad couple of days but I can definitely say that I am stronger because of it. Normally I would have run straight to John and asked him to fix it.... and he would have. This way I learned to "fix it" myself and yes, I even survived Las Vegas!

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