John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, March 7, 2011

I am that Mom...

Yes, I am that Mom. I am that Mom who lets her little boys eat chocolate pudding cups and Doritos in their beds right before bed time. I am that Mom who lets them linger up well past their bedtimes just because... I am that Mom who can tune them out just long enough for them to have a really good time playing with toy guns in the house. I am that Mom who lets them dress themselves and wear character shirts and blinking shoes (that I said I would NEVER let them wear) out in public just because I know that they will never be this very age ever again in life. I am that Mom who watches the same movies over and over because I know that one day they will be grown up and not here for "Rainey Family Cinema Night". I am that Mom who still makes a HUGE deal out of the "concession stand" when I make popcorn and get the giant bags of M&Ms and other boxes of candy out and plays concession stand with my boys. I am that Mom who lets them help me make brownies and lick the bowl (even though their are raw eggs in there). I am that Mom who still longs for a hug and kiss each morning and each night (and luckily at this point I am still just cool enough to get them). I am that Mom who praises and disciplines my children at the appropriate times. I am that Mom who waits patiently while my three year old says our blessing each night at the dinner table and just as patiently as Kobe tells his stories of the day. I am that Mom that not only teaches my children about Jesus but shows them through my actions. I am that Mom who sometimes smothers them but with my heart in the right place. I am that Mom who cries when Kobe's team wins a game just because I am that proud of him and that happy for him. I am that Mom who cries just thinking of Samuel getting bigger everyday and hearing him sing songs to me. I am that Mom who feels so lucky each time I see one of their faces. I am that Mom who loves them unconditionally... I stick up for them and am on their side no matter what... even if I have to reprimand them later. I am that Mom who plans birthday parties and makes it special because that is the only day that is only their very own out of 365. I am that Mommy who never thought I would be able to be a good mom and now when I hear my kids tell me how much they love me it absolutely overwhelms my soul with joy and love. I imagine this must be a sliver of how Jesus feels for all of us. I feel as though I could just burst with love. When they tell me I am "the BESTEST" mommy ever... I wonder how I ever got so lucky to be that Mommy.

                       Sam's Chocolate Pudding face before bed
Up Close Chocolate Face
  Kobe and his favorite chips!


  1. I LOVE this post and I know your boys are so PROUD that you are THAT mommy...there should be more like you :)


Thank you for your sweet comment!