John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Friday, February 18, 2011

Two Words: Field Trip

The entire third grade at McBride Elementary went to the McWane Science Center in Birminham yesterday. They were to leave the school around 7:15 on a bus and go straight to the IMAX theater (but only the kids and the teachers because of lack of space) for a movie and then they could run around in the museum and meet for lunch and play a little longer before they got back on the bus that would bring them back home around 4:15 that afternoon.  It was orignially set for a day last month but due to the snow and ice the school was delayed that day and so the trip had to be rescheduled. I am so glad it had to be postponed. I wasn't planning on going with them the first time around. It was nearing the end of January and because of my line of work, I had plenty to do with tax documents and End of Year reporting. When it was moved, I didn't think much of it since I wasn't planning to be there the first time. One evening when I was cooking dinner Kobe came to me and asked if I would please go with him on his trip. Normally I wouldn't go to every single thing but because he asked me, I couldn't say no. I knew there would come  a day that he wouldn't want me to go, so I decided to cherish the time that he did. I decided that I would take Samuel and spend some time with him too. The night before I packed lunches and snacks and extra clothes for Sam and everything I thought we might need the following day. The next morning came very early with me getting up around 5:30 and leaving the house by 6:30. I decided to let John sleep in and take Callum to work out at the school on our way to leave for the field trip since we had to be there at 7:00. We picked up Nana, dropped off Callum, put the drinks in our cooler and Kobe's classmates' sack lunches in my car and headed off to Birmingham. We left before the buses and since they were going to the IMAX movie first and we couldn't go in we decided to stop for breakfast at Denny's. It was nice to have breakfast with my mom and Samuel and not have to feel rushed. Samuel ordered a baseball pancake and ate almost every bite of it... once we showed him how to "dunk" it in his syrup!

Once breakfast was over we headed on to the McWane Center. My mom and I got to chat about different things that we normally probably wouldn't be able to do so that was nice and much needed. Every girl needs some time to talk to their momma! Once we got there we quickly found out that the plans had changed and the kids were sent to play and would be attending the movie after lunch. I didn't care either way, except, I wish I had grabbed something in a drive thru because once I walked in Mrs. Perkins said that Kobe wouldn't go anywhere but on the level that you entered on because he was afraid he would miss me when I came in. So we immediately began playing and the boys ran all over that place! They both had a wonderful time! I took a few pictures, not as many as I would have liked but I was busy playing, chasing, and interacting with them. We all went to a "big boy lunch room" as Samuel called it and had lunch together. Sam was thrilled to sit in a cafeteria and eat with Kobe and his friends. It really surprised me how sweet and patient Kobe and his friends were with the three year old, tag-a-long little brother. Once lunch was over the third graders headed to the IMAX theater to watch a movie about the Ocean. Once we got our area cleaned up and left the cafeteria my mom and I took Samuel to the gift shop. We chose the perfect toy for him and he helped me pick one out for Kobe too. Once the movie was over, we were all so tired. Kobe wanted me to "check him out" and let him ride home with us. So, we left. As we walked out Kobe told me thank you for coming and how much fun he had. All through the day, Samuel kept running up to me and kissing me on my hand or my arm or my cheek telling me how much he loved me... that's his way of saying he is having a fun time! We made it home safe and sound and in plenty of time to pick Callum up and get home and take a little nap before it was time to eat dinner and go to church. We had a wonderful day. I enjoyed being with them and being able to watch them play and discover things. I can't wait until the next field trip!

                Thinking about being an Astronaut one day

                   Kobe, Austyn, and Taylor Kay in the "Cave"
                                   Just playing!
                                   Pretending to be the Weather Man/Woman
                                   What it would like on the TV as Weather People
                                 Taylor Kay, Kobe and Samuel looking in the aquarium
                                  Samuel in a giant fish's mouth!
                                 On TV!
                                 Sam and his baseball pancake
                                Proud to get to Dig for Dinosaur Bones!
                                The Baby Shark the kids got to "pet"

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