John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

John, Sara Beth, Callum, Haley, Kobe, and Samuel

Monday, February 28, 2011

This Month's Mumblings--February 2011

I am going to start keeping a little log of the funny/cute things my children say and do in the hopes that one day when they are all grown up and away at college or married and moved away, I can always pull these books out and read some of these little things and laugh... and probably cry! So here are some little blog-worthy moments this month:

**I normally keep my radio on WAAY FM (our local Contemporary Christian Music Station) but the other day it ended up on a different radio station... A song that says, "Fly like a G 6" came on... Samuel wanted to sing along so he said "Fly like a Cheese Stick"! Funny!

**I am not proud to tell this story but because I am keeping this as a "record" for me and my boys, I will tell it. The other night Samuel and I went on our own to Wal-Mart for groceries. All through the store he asked for many things and I gave him every single one of them. The problem with giving Samuel everything he wants is that he begins to truly act like a little spoiled rotten br well, you get the picture. So, on the way out he began crying and SCREAMING like I was hurting him because I wouldn't dig into the bags and find one of the things he had gotten. I told him we would get it when we got home and began putting the groceries in my car. Not.Good.Enough. He screamed and cried the entire time I put the bags in my vehicle. He continued with the screaming out of the parking lot and down the road. I asked, begged, pleaded, and bargained for him to quit the screaming. He wouldn't. Finally, I did something I am not proud of, I said, "Samuel, Shut up!". The screaming stopped. Immediately. The screams quickly turned to crying and it was the saddest little cry ever. I asked what was wrong now. And he says, "Mommy, you said a bad word and it hurt my feelings. You have broke my heart saying bad words!". Bless him, I think this will make me think twice about saying that to any of them ever again. I can count on my ONE hand how many times I have said SHUT UP to any of them but sometimes I have slipped and said it. Now, I know why I don't talk to them like that. Poor Baby!

**I walked in on Kobe sitting at the dining room table and he was just daydreaming....
Me: Kobe, what are you doing?
Kobe: Thinking.
Me: About what?
Kobe: About what God has planned for my life...
WOW! Sweet.

**The other night Samuel got into trouble at the dinner table, again! He was sent to his room where we hoped he would become bored and decide it is better to eat with the family than by yourself once everyone else is done. He did come out, but not from boredom. He came out and had his Power Ranger cell phone in hand and was really dialing the numbers on it in a hurry. I told him to go put the phone away and get up to the table and eat his dinner. This is what happened:
 Samuel: I can't.
 Me: Why not?
Samuel: I have to make a phone call.
 Me: No, you don't. You are in trouble. Get up here and eat.
Samuel: I know I am. That's why I need to call my Nana!

**I let Kobe trade in the red button up shirt I had laid out for him to wear to his school Valentine's Day party for a much "cooler" shirt that he chose instead and he said, "Mom--- and that's why I love you! You are the best mom ever!" I really wanted him to wear the nicer shirt but it was worth him wearing the green "I Got Skills" shirt with a game controller on it just to hear those words!

**Me: Samuel, how do you know?
Samuel: Because, I am smart, like my Nana!

**Upon seeing his newly re-arranged and re-decorated room Kobe says, "Mom, I can't tell you in words how much I love my new room! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT!" How sweet...

**Upon realizing it was his first night to sleep in his big boy bed Samuel called me into his room to say, "Mommy, I need a sip." I go get a small drink of water and bring it back to him. He says, "Fank you (thank you) mommy, now can you turn the stars and flanets (planets) on?" His night light displays stars and plantes on the ceiling...

**This morning we told John good-bye and gave him hugs and kisses because he is going to be gone all week on a business trip and as we were leaving I began to cry. Samuel asked, "Mommy what's wrong, are you sad?" I said yes and he asked why. I told him it was because Daddy was going to be leaving today. He said, "Yes, we are going to miss Daddy too, but you have us. Don't worry, if someone tries to take Buster, I will go get your Buster Bean back, ok Mommy?!" I have no idea where that came from... I guess he was just trying to make me feel better. Then Kobe told me not to worry, he said that Chief will protect us and if not that he knows where John keeps the "weapons"... now I am worried! Bless them, they love thier momma and just want to take care of her!

**You know your kids don't want to go to sleep when you go in to tuck them in and check on them and they both say, "WAIT! We need to brush our teeth...again!" I don't think so. I am happy they brush their teeth before bed but once is enough. They will think of ANYTHING to get out of going to bed.

Biggest Milestone for Kobe this month: Kobe is beggining to become the protective/sweet older brother. He is not all the way there just yet but he is starting to go down that path. They still argue and fight but I can tell Kobe is trying so hard to make that maturity shift. He also met the criteria to be in the "Math Bug Club".

Biggest Milestone for Samuel this month: Sleeping in his big boy bed all night long. He is so proud of himself when he does and every morning asks me for a frize (prize) since he slept in his bed all night by himself.

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